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    so it's my third week on this paleo diet.

    random thoughts..

    i've been really happy i haven't felt too fatigued
    i remember the first week i got so tired just walking up the stairs or walking a few blocks

    i dropped a few pounds.. hovering around 120 now from usually 125.

    i've just discovered the deliciousness of toasted sesame seed oil (i don't think this is strictly paleo), so i might try olive oil next time
    it tastes delicious mixed with raspberry vinegar on salads, esp with some sliced tuna

    i still did dairy the first few weeks but haven't had milk in the past few days,
    except i've been having lots and lots of almond milk..
    i think im going to 2 32 oz cartons a day..
    man that stuff is delicious

    also need to cut back on splenda
    i just bought truvia from whole foods the other day, and a can of xylitol too
    but im trying to wean off sweets in general and substituting my sweet tooth with these things is just perpetuating my cravings..

    i discovered dagoba chocolate about a week ago and bought their unsweetened chocolate/cacao powder. i've been eating spoonfuls mixed with truvia and xylitol all day. its terrible. i need to stop.

    anyway feeling prettty healthy on this diet so far,
    still a little fatigued though

    age: 18
    weight: 120
    height: 5' 4"

    i've noticed ive been sleeping a lot better
    maybe its just because its nearing the end of the school year so i've been less stressed,
    but ive been sleeping through the whole night without waking
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