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Starting to deevolve physically, evolve mentally

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    :/ I would say bump your caloric intake up. I know, it's harder than it sounds on many levels, but after that initial hump, it may be what you need to start dropping weight. Your activity levels seem to dictate that much.


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      Thanks for the advice. I have, over the past three years, tried bumping my caloric intake more than several times - Over longer periods of time, and on intermittent days. I've tried slight increases in calories and more drastic increases in calories (like "cheat days"). I gain weight from it, always. Unfortunately that is not the answer for me. It sucks. I have the metabolism of a humpback whale, I suppose. I can eat 1400-1500 but only on days when I'm really active.

      I'm still at 139 now. Not really unhappy about that. I've lost 2lbs in the 3 weeks I've been primal, but I can gain/lose 2lbs in a day. I'm not counting that as a success until it's 5lbs or more.

      I had some fruit salad (with lots of berries, catered to work!) for breakfast with my coffee
      Lunch is salad with grilled chicken and homemade vinaigrette
      Dinner: Those wild turkeys outside are looking pretty meaty


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        I've cut out alcohol almost entirely... In these three and a half weeks I've only had a small glass of red wine. I want to yell at this remaining fat on my stomach and thighs that I really am trying as hard as I can, I'm as motivated as I could possibly be, I don't cheat, I don't binge, I'm willing to try anything (except starve myself again). There's no good reason I can see to still be stuck with a body I'm not happy with.

        My lowest weight 2 years ago was 134... Five pounds under my current weight. I'm not skinny-fat, I lift pretty heavy and I punch like a dude. I just hate the idea of giving myself excuses for looking and feeling the way I do. I deserve abs and thighs like a champion!

        Yesterday for dinner I had three chicken sausages with salsa and roasted brussels sprouts. Lots of water all day. After kickboxing (in 87 degree weather, "bikram kickboxing" if you will) I got a fruit smoothie (just fruit and ice) and while it didn't make me feel so great, it definitely loosened my intestines which I needed. Sorry for TMI.

        139.4 today. No loss whatsoever. I hate this. I'm flipping the scale upside down for the next week (girl time, more TMI) and going to punch some shit.


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          I'm flipping the scale upside down for the next week (girl time, more TMI) and going to punch some shit.
          Good call


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            Scale is still upside down! I don't need that stress right now.

            I am aching in my abs, shoulders, and neck. I'm not sure why but it could have been from muay thai Wednesday night. I did a lot of crunches afterward for some stupid reason and I tend to strain my neck. Ow.
            Dinner last night was beef marinated in lime juice and a couple of pieces of dried apricot. Lunch was larb gai chicken (minced chicken in lettuce wraps). Went to Stew Leonard's (anyone else have one?) last night and it was so sad. They really do have some fantastic baked goods - They take up about half of the store - And I couldn't get any. I think that once I am happier and more settled into primal, I will get their homemade dark-chocolate-covered rice cakes once every few months, just so I don't hate my life. They are heaven.

            Today I had some dairy for the first time in a while (2% greek yogurt) and fresh raspberries for breakfast. Gave some raspberries to my bearded dragon (it's a lizard, not a euphemism) who enjoys them even more than I do. I wish I had time to make some bacon or something in the morning.
            For lunch I found some pre-roasted beets (LOVE BEETS) and I will go hunting for some meat to go with it. I saw a poor raccoon lying on the side of the road that shouldn't go to waste.
            Dinner will probably end up being a stir-fry. I have lots of good produce to use.
            PSYCHED to do lots of bike riding this weekend!! I love my new bike!!


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              Did ok over the weekend except for eating two "things" of dark chocolate. Whatever. I had to. Nature made me do it. We went to a BBQ on Saturday and I was afraid I'd be tempted to eat a burger, but they made kebabs!! Hooray for meat on a stick!! I did have a couple of beers but my indulgence in alcohol is very rare.

              Still not weighing myself. Yesterday I made some muffins with almond flour and they were great!! It's amazing how many people I meet in my daily life who are either gluten-free or giving primal a try. The muffin recipe was from a friend who is trying the gluten-free thing.

              The man and I biked about 30 miles this weekend and got lots of sun! Got my nice "base-burn" early this year. This coming weekend I'm going to visit my bro in Atlanta and we're going to do a lot of river rafting. Grok says play, I say yay!

              We just got a Whole Foods that opened up around the corner from the house - Literally a 90 second walk. It has a café and breakfast bar and salad bar and hot dinner entrées. This is going to be either really awesome, or really bad. I can feel the money leaking out of my wallet just thinking about it. At least they have some great primal snacks and a lot of the cafeteria-type entrées are primal (ingredients clearly labeled). This is heaven for someone like me who has about twenty seconds to eat before they have to be out the door.

              I love biking from my house down to the beach!!


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                Looking good! And I commiserate with the Whole Foods situation. A local equivalent opened up here in town, and it makes it so easy to swing by there after work/classes to pick something easy up.


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                  You look great! I am so jealous of your Whole Foods right around the corner. I wish I had one within walking distance but I know what you mean about the cash!


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                    I guess convenience isn't always a good thing... There's a reason they call it "whole paycheck"

                    Forgot to log what I ate today...
                    Breakfast: BACON and coffee
                    Lunch: I'm at a class all week so I had a choice at ... Panera. I opted for a thai chicken salad with no wonton chips on it. WHY DO WE NEED CHIPS ON SALAD. Also had a slice of cheese. 'Cause I wanted it.
                    Snack: Larabar and a Trader Joe's fiber bar to stay awake
                    Dinner: Smoothie with frozen mangoes and strawberries, little more than half a can of "whole" coconut milk, and some protein powder. Had a good muay thai training session and a protein smoothie feels really good afterward.


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                      Breakfast... Turkey bacon and I tried some potatoes fried in olive oil. It sat heavily in my stomach but didn't make me feel bloated.
                      Lunch was a salad with chicken on it and a larabar (I'm boring at lunch but I don't have much of a choice this week)
                      Dinner I had some saag paneer and chicken thighs in green curry coconut sauce
                      I've been eating these damn dried apricots all day and I can't stop

                      Biked a little more than 10 miles today just before sundown (55 minutes). It was really nice out!


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                        Still 138. But I looked at my stomach in the mirror this morning and I was pleased.
                        I've been eating turkey bacon every morning with some whole milk greek yogurt. Yesterday I had one of those dumb Bolthouse Farms protein smoothies which I immediately regretted.
                        Lunch = BAS with some protein. My BAS today is mixed greens and herbs, balsamic vinegar/EVOO, grape tomatoes, "raw" artichoke hearts, roasted beets (beets are so awesome), chopped red pepper, and tuna. I had about the same thing for dinner last night. Chocolate larabar for me if class drains my energy too much.
                        Dinner, who knows, I'll put something together after muay thai. I still have some chicken jalapeno sausage and salsa...

                        I am a "part time professional" classical singer and I have been rehearsing for a recital. Singing really does take a lot of energy.
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                          This sucks out loud.
                          Flew down to Atlanta for the weekend to visit my brother/SIL/baby nephew and the rest of my family came with us. I realized this weekend just how much BREAD my family eats. Everything has bread. I was hoping to stay mostly primal, and I did the first day (at the restaurant when I ordered a steak salad) but the last day and a half was all bread. Biscuits, bread, donuts, chips, sandwiches. I didn't eat all of them but I can't fast for an entire weekend so my last 24 hours contained a lot more bread than I wanted. I'm not feeling so hot emotionally and I'm wearing my "fat pants" to work (they fit better than I want them to). I feel like I did a complete reset. I'm not weighing myself because really, it doesn't matter. I feel crappy enough as it is.

                          So yeah. It feels like starting over. I'm really angry at myself. It makes me wonder why I bother, if more than a month of primal is completely undone by one day of gluten-eating.

                          I'm back into it today, because that's all I can do. Have a full fat yogurt for breakfast, a BAS for lunch, and probably just meat for dinner. I want someone to kick my ass at muay thai tonight.
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                            Well thanks to the scale, I'm back at 140. I really hope that is water weight. I am still feeling puffy.

                            Yesterday I was really hungry so I ate a Larabar I had with me and an apple. Pre-training was a half-size protein smoothie with the rest (1/3 can) of the coconut milk, a couple frozen berries, and half a scoop of whey protein. Had a really good time kickboxing (gave and took a few more bruises) and right afterward went on an 8.6 mile bike ride with the dude. "Dinner" was a bowl of sliced beets, four walnuts, and five dried apricots. I eat a lot of miscellaneous stuff when I don't have time to cook. This is Brok (my primal name for myself) in scavenger mode. I didn't eat any meat yesterday, which was weird. I did eat a lot of meat over the weekend though.

                            Today I brought in another full fat greek yogurt, and another salad for lunch. I found some lemon/roasted garlic dressing made with olive oil and no added sugar. Probably more muay thai tonight and chowing down on some pure, unadulterated meat right afterward.


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                              I'm still waiting for my weight to come back down. But it's only been two days. I wish I felt differently on this stupid "diet". It's something I want to be able to commit to for life but when you see and feel absolutely NO results, your perception is just "I'm limiting myself for no good reason". Yeah I know there are factors I can't see or feel, but it's not motivating to try to convince myself that I'm doing this for reasons I don't directly experience.

                              Last night was the most boring muay thai training ever. It was like a cardio kickboxing class. Afterward for dinner I ate 1/4 a small roasted chicken, 6 asparagus spears, a couple pieces of tofu (yeah yeah I know), and about 1/2 cup of spinach cooked in butter.

                              Nutrients for yesterday:
                              1400 calories
                              100g fat
                              70g carbs
                              120g protein

                              Scale says 139.4. Nothing has changed since CW living, including the fucking yo-yo scale.


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                                Scale: 140. So, no weight lost in over a month of primal. I'm starting to think that maybe I should just accept the way things are and stop striving for perfection. My body isn't horrible. I'm strong. I have great arms. I am incredibly, insanely busy and still have time to be active and eat primal.

                                I may not feel differently but I'm also not feeling badly, either. I'm not craving carbs. I had one tiny bite of bread this morning and I thought, "what's so great about that?" I spit it out. My spinach salad with steak was so much better.

                                Going full primal (no cheating) is not going to be easy and I'm not sure what I want to get out of it, maybe just the challenge alone. Going to Iceland a week from tomorrow! And I convinced the Whole Foods nearby to build a bike rack for me. Maybe that means I'm spending too much money there?