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    It's been about a week and a half now. I am feeling good. I have a confession to make though... Saturday I had to go to a baby shower 2.5 hours away, and I was starving by the time I got there. I was hoping for a plate of veggies or even fruit, but no. Nothing but baked goods. I had a slice of cheesecake and a cupcake even though I wasn't craving it, I was just starving, and I felt horribly guilty afterward. Physically, I actually felt fine. Made up for it on Sunday with a breakfast of melon and bacon, and boyfriend made primalized chili for dinner. I brought in a BAS for lunch today... Spinach and lots of green peppers with balsamic.

    CW is 138.


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      Still at 138, which is fine.
      Yesterday I ate a lot of goodness!
      Breakfast: Larabar
      Lunch: Grilled chicken with steamed vegetables
      Snack: Beef jerky, only about 1oz
      Dinner: Thai grilled beef over salad, marinated in lime juice.... So good

      I finally got to come back to the exercise world last night which was great. My muay thai partner was a man about 100lbs heavier than I who apparently thought we were engaging in a swimsuit competition rather than a sparring match, so he kept asking if I was alright, if he hurt me, if I wanted to keep going... So I did the only thing I could do. I crushed him. I would rather spar with people who intend to land a hit, not people who are afraid of hurting me. I haven't really been hurt yet. Jammed toes, bruises, that's not really "hurt".

      I'm over my cold. I have a feeling that the primal lifestyle is responsible for healing as quickly as I did.


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        Okay. I may have over-eaten yesterday, without really wanting to. I ate a larabar... a Greek yogurt AND a small thing of cottage cheese (why did I do this???), some jerky, grilled chicken over salad, a green papaya salad (peanuts painstakingly removed), another larabar, some awesome manchego cheese. The dairy has me inflamed. Normally I'm fine with dairy but yesterday was a lot and I think I learned my lesson.

        Today I resolve to do better. I'm eating my cultured coconut milk instead of yogurt (at $2 each, without the $.26 discount, they're not cheap but they are good). I put together a salad of mixed greens and one whole pepper (half red half green), balsamic dressing, and some yellowfin tuna packed in olive oil to go on it for protein. For dinner I'm making curried meatballs (thanks, Everyday Paleo!) with some fresh fiddleheads I found.

        I wonder if I'm doing this right. I do feel slightly less poofy (except for today after my inexplicable dairy binge), but I'm still not eating enough protein and fat. It's inconvenient but not really emotionally difficult not to eat grains. I thought I was going to finish off the rest of my bread for sandwiches, but I didn't really feel like it. I haven't eaten any grain or glutenous products in two weeks and it's fine.

        One thing that pissed me off yesterday was going to lunch with two female coworkers. Both quite thin. One of them said she wanted a burger, and the other responded "oooh you go girl, go for it, if I ate that I would be SO full and it's so bad for you" so she ended up getting a smaller sandwich instead. Women are really awful to one another, always commenting on one another's eating habits. You know what, I'd rather eat the burger (WITH BUN) than feel guilted into eating something else. Stupid typical chicks.


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          I should read nutrition info more carefully BEFORE purchasing. "So Delicious" cultured coconut milk contains 20g of carbohydrates, 6g fat, only 1g protein. It tastes really good and it does have live cultures in it but I'm not sure I can justify the carb count.


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            Just wanted to mention that I started off my weight loss journey in late January. It took a while before I began losing.

            I stopped all grains, sugar and most processed food but included an entire grapefruit every day with an oz. of almonds. My stomach is definitely the place where I have lost the most weight since that time. I normally would lose it in my bust, so this primal eating does take fat off in different places.

            I'm not as active as you but do loads of gardening when the weather breaks here in Michigan. Once I began the gardening, weight came off much easier. I'm still not eating any grains but have begun including small portions of white, sweet potatoes and brown rice. I continue to take off one-half a pound a week which is nice and slow. Sometimes I have eaten over 100 carbs but most of the time I keep the carbs lower. Never stayed under 50 as suggested in the book. Glad I didn't have to.

            Good luck with your journey. Pam
            Female back to the basics: 5-2017
            CW: 2017: 150
            GW: 130 a dream, I know
            Muscle soreness surrounding Neck, Thyroid and Rosacea issues.


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              Thanks Pam! Thanks for sharing your story. Would you mind if I added you as a friend? Men and women have VERY different methods and results here and it's nice to get female input. Congrats on the success you're seeing!


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                Hey Secretlobster...another successful woman here. I've only been primal for 4 weeks and EVERYTHING is better. I eat dairy and nuts mostly because I'm interested in sustainability with this way of eating. I have noticed that a spoonful of coconut oil completely staves off hunger. I'm not experiencing any cravings what-so-ever, but I've heard through the forum that it helps with those.

                I overcame disordered eating in my 20s and have no desire to go back. (I'm 43 now) So I purposely don't get caught up in counting, weighing or measuring...anything.

                I have noticed a HUGE change in my body. And in my strength. Since going primal, I've perfected a handstand pushup, I've gone from one dead weight pullup to 10 and I can hold my one arm handstand for like 9 minutes. I also have NO ARTHRITIS PAIN!!!! I feel like my body is 20 again.

                Just wanted to share some encouragement!!!! Btw: you replied on one of my posts that testosterone is responsible for bursts of anger...are we getting more testosterone from primal?
                This isn't what I wanted to be when I grew up; a potty trainer.
                I wanted to be a pirate. Well. You know how that goes.


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                  About 2.5 weeks in... Still 139#. Not sure how I feel about that yet.
                  Last night we tried out a new Indian place which was AWESOME. Tandoori is always great. I had tandoori chicken thighs marinated in yogurt, saffron and coriander with sauteed vegetables (definitely tasted like ghee) and a sweet potato patty.
                  Breakfast today was five slices of turkey bacon, which I honestly prefer to pork bacon because it's meatier, a mango, and some raspberries that I shared with my bearded dragon (who loves them). I love saturday morning breakfasts. Haven't been eating much fruit but we got mangoes in our fruit bowl at work and this one was perfectly ripe.
                  Lunch will be a power smoothie, dinner is in NYC after a play and I'm going to try to find a steakhouse. Going out for drinks much later, so I might just have one beer and be the DD for the night.


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                    I "cheated" last night for the first time and had 3 rolls of sushi. I haven't had any glutenous food since I started, I've been really good about eating and have been shooting for 100% every day except yesterday's dinner.
                    I'm back up to 140 pounds this morning, from 138 three days ago.
                    I don't feel any different at all being primal, except I rarely do #2. I eat 1200-1400 calories a day. Why am I gaining weight back? It's not muscle.
                    I'm quitting if I don't see any results in the next two weeks. I've never eaten really badly (avoid processed foods) but it's possible that no-grains high-fat is not the lifestyle for me. I had higher hopes and was really committed.


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                      Hi secretlobster.

                      I hope that you had a chance to read Mark's book in depth. It is an easy read and will assist you with some of your choices. At first I was eating mostly meat and green vegetables and carefully stayed under 100 carbs daily; some days more some less but rarely under the proposed 50. I began IFing using breakfast as the meal I skipped and that has worked out just fine for me. I've never done an entire 24 hours.

                      I eat an entire grapefruit and an ounce of almonds almost every day. I usually have a BA salad for lunch. Dinner consists of meat, green vegetables, lots of them. I normally have not been snacking and rarely feel hungry. If I do feel the hunger, I reach for almonds and more fruit which I seem to pair together often.

                      Don't give up. Dairy is something I don't do much now and there were times that I gained weight. At that point I realized I had added not only dairy but more starch and fruit and dark chocolate. I do strictly eat only one-half a sweet potato and one-half cup of rice when I do eat it. But those two items are only eaten once or twice a week. Oh, and alcohol. I have had times where I've undertaken more than usual at a party or something. I have tried tequila which is NOT grain based but drinking shots just isn't that social.

                      Hope you find your "sweet" zone soon.
                      Female back to the basics: 5-2017
                      CW: 2017: 150
                      GW: 130 a dream, I know
                      Muscle soreness surrounding Neck, Thyroid and Rosacea issues.


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                        Thanks Pam. I did read the book before I started about three weeks ago. Like you, IF for me would probably be skipping breakfast. Not feeling overly hungry myself, nor have I been eating much fruit. No candy at all so far. I'm going to have to find my zone otherwise I'm going to be very discouraged... I am trying as hard as I can and as committed as I can possibly be. Even opted out of alcohol yesterday. I'm glad you found your stride, I guess it takes some time. I'll give it another week or two with the way I'm currently eating but if I continue to gain then something will have to change.

                        I wish I felt differently enough to know what I'm doing right, if anything, and what I'm doing wrong. I don't feel a physical change yet at all. The only thing that has changed is the fact that I'm not as hungry, which is great, but I don't eat a lot anyway.

                        I lost weight 2-3 years ago but it was by eating less than 1200 calories a day. If I go over 1300, I seem to gain. Sucks...


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                          You may want to try increasing the amount of carbs you intake (legasp,lehorror!). You sound like a fairly active female, and from my observations with other athletic women, they do better with higher carbs. Also, higher fat is kind of debated as to how stringently you need it (also, varies from person to person as to what is high fat). My partner, who naturally tends towards low carbs, leaned out considerably during a period of higher carbs (primarly from sweet potatoes). Likewise, she's not into adding in the additional fat (maybe a teaspoon of coconut oil with her eggs in the morning) and still buys the leaner cuts of meat.

                          I'm starting a stint to see how I fare with higher carbs with my activity levels (rugby/Brazilian jiu jitsu). I'll keep you informed if you like!


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                            Yeah I will try not getting too crazy about keeping carbs at a minimum. A lot of people have recommended about a tablespoon of coconut oil for appetite/skin clearing/fat content. Seems like an easy thing to try. I'd love to see how well you do on a higher carb diet!

                            It has been three weeks since I've eaten gluten and I'm still not feeling different. I overate yesterday. Not by much, but if I don't eat less than 1300 calories I get bloated and disgusting. My stomach area looks awful. We went on a 9-10 mile bike ride last night and a 1.5 mile walk and I still feel bloated. I ate some dark chocolate after dinner which was the first time in a while I had eaten candy... Last night I made curried meatballs from the Everyday Paleo website, and cooked up some fiddlehead ferns, and they were delicious. It was still worth it, I think. Realistically, I probably need to give myself time to digest food before I get angry at myself for eating. Having had an ED, the feeling of being "full" is very difficult emotionally. But I gain weight so easily and I am so afraid of stepping on the scale. I feel heavy.

                            Breakfast was a larabar and 5 pieces of turkey bacon
                            Lunch will be some kind of salad with chicken on it
                            Dinner, we got some steak and vegetables and will be grilling them despite the rain


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                              Hey you,

                              I'm sort of in the same place as you are, in terms of the scale moving slightly up and then moving slightly down and then moving up again. At this point, a "gain" of two pounds is so frustrating, especially since my simple goal at the beginning of this month was to merely lose .5-2.0 pounds. Really don't think it's asking for too much to lose .5 of a pound in a week. I'm not opposed to slow but steady weight loss but it's hard to "lose" and "gain" in such a way to zero out any progress.

                              I'm going to stay with it, though. This type of clean eating has worked for me in the past, and I know that going back to WW isn't going to help me. This type of eating is sustainable for me, as long as I don't treat it like a diet (not cutting out fruit or dark chocolate or nuts or dairy), and I know this diet is tastier and healthier than the way I was eating before. I'm going to work on consistency in my eating and being more consistent in my exercise.



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                                Yeah. The feeling of going nowhere on the scale is really difficult to deal with. People (including myself) may say not to look at the scale but when your measurements are the same, you don't feel different, and your clothes don't fit any more loosely, how do you know if you're doing anything RIGHT?
                                I know lots of people who have lost weight on WW and put it right back on as soon as they weren't counting points anymore. The fallacy of WW, as we all know, is attributing weight loss solely to quantity of food eaten, and offers no insights into good nutrition or sustainable health. It's basically an easy way for people to count calories who are too lazy to count calories (no offense). Eating like crap, only less, is not the answer.

                                Today I had a coconut "yogurt" and a Trader Joe's apricot fiber bar for breakfast.\
                                Lunch, which I had no time to make since I had to take the chinchilla to the vet, was a chicken curry over salad, also from TJ's
                                Dinner, who knows...
                                Probably will do some kickboxing later

                                This weekend was not great. As I have said, I overate. I overate PRIMALLY (with the exception of some delicious cheese) but I still probably ate close to 2000 calories on Sunday and Monday. Is it any consolation to myself that I rode my bike for about 20 miles between those days and did some kickboxing Friday night? Not really. I still felt awful. Steak kabobs last night were so good though.

                                I'm really, REALLY down about the fact that I have to eat like a tiny bird in order to lose weight/fat. It's fucking unfair.