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  • Primal Challenge Journal (Rispah)

    So, I've decided to start going Primal... well, at least kind of. It's harder when you're still young and living under your parent's roof. I'm going to try, though - the ideas presented in this blog make sense to me, so I figured I'd give it a go.

    I know, that doesn't sound very committed. I WILL do this, though. I don't have any weight goals in mind - I'm one of those incredibly lucky people that everyone hates because I can eat anything I want to and still manage to fit into those size three jeans. However, I eventually realized that getting huge amounts of calories a day from chips, chocolate and other junk (no pop - I avoided that at least!) wouldn't do my body any favours in the long run. I decided to research getting healthy, and here I am. My parents are supportive (to a point - I haven't told my mom about the whole dairy thing yet - she's a doctor, she'd hit the roof - but they accept the whole no-grain deal) but say they are going to be making sides of rice, bread, etc. for themselves, so my willpower will be tested.

    So, this week my goals are to eat Primal 2/3rds of my meals, move slowly three times, HIIT once and sprint once. Big goals, I know, but go big or go home <insert sarcasm here>.

    I&#39;ll probably just blab on like this most days. Posting this here is very important - it forces me to commit to this. Anyway, attempting to go Primal as a teenager - who hates veggies. Officially starting tomorrow, as I need to make a recipe list for groceries.

    So you just read through all of this to hear me say that tomorrow&#39;s my first REAL post. Ha.

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    Okay, so here it goes...

    DAY 1

    Breakfast: 3 eggs, scrambled with salsa.

    Lunch: leftover zucchini pizza and spicy salmon cakes, which aren&#39;t exactly primal, but I had to eat the leftovers before making anything different (parents&#39; words), so I guess this will have to count as one of my non-Primal meals.

    Dinner: steak and a veggie-mushroom stir-fry made by my dad.

    I did have 2 yogurt tubes as snacks (since they were going bad soon and, again, my parents said I had to eat them) as well as a banana. Still, though, I think I did pretty well.

    WOD: I did some yardwork (raking leaves and splitting/hauling wood) for about 2 hours and rode (a horse) for another hour and a bit. I&#39;m going to classify today&#39;s &#39;workout&#39; as &#39;moving slowly&#39;. I&#39;m really not sure what to classify riding as, though, and I ride basically every day... I&#39;ll probably just keep classifying it as moving slowly... thoughts?

    Anyway, I&#39;m tired and going to bed... it&#39;s kind of weird to be going to bed at 9, but not really, as we just started Daylight Savings Time so it feels like my regular bedtime (10). Good night!


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      Breakfast: a bowl of nuts and berries.

      Lunch: some delicious italian sausage meatballs, made from a recipe on this site (thank you Shalon, whoever you are - they were delicious).

      Dinner: tomato soup.

      WOD: I did 6x 20s-sprints with 1-minute walk breaks during a walk with my dog. The strange thing was, I normally jog the Monday walk, but this time I got it done in about the same time... I was breathing harder after, too. Plus I went out and did agility with him, so I think that qualifies as my sprints. I&#39;m going to be doing an HIIT on Wednesday (aka tomorrow) and hope to get my other two &#39;move slowly&#39; workouts in somewhere.

      Random Thoughts: Getting up at 5 am isn&#39;t actually as hard as I thought it would be. Motivating myself to actually work out at 5 a.m. tomorrow might be a different story :P We&#39;ll see how it goes...

      another part of the PB is eliminating stressors... does that mean I shouldn&#39;t go to school any more???? :P


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        Love the comment about not going to school... ;-)

        Sounds like you&#39;re making a good start there. I too have trouble going to bed early enough - I normally get up at 5.15am, so an early night should be what I do. Getting into a routine helps.


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          welcome to the &#39;getting up at 5:00am in the morning&#39; club! I&#39;ve been doing it for about half a year now and it gets really easy, even in the dark dark mornings.

          I grok, therefore I am.


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            DAY 3

            Breakfast: concoction*

            Lunch: tomato soup and Italian sausage meatballs.

            Dinner: spinach frittata (compliments of Mark&#39;s 10 Quick Recipes thing, though it did take over 15 min to make... I enjoyed it, but I think next time I&#39;ll substitute some of my own veggies/fruits into it :P).

            Snacks: a couple handfulls of nuts.

            WOD: Not much of anything, unfortunately. I had a riding lesson and was kind of looking forward to getting my butt worked off, but I mentioned to my coach I was having some trouble with something (no need to go into details, you probably wouldn&#39;t understand anyway) and she hopped on and rode him. I didn&#39;t mind since I can totally feel the difference after, but it meant that I only actually rode for about 10 minutes and spent the rest of the time watching+learning. So no real workout.

            Random Thoughts: Thanks guys it&#39;s not actually TOO hard to get out of bed at 5 a.m. because I started doing it when Daylight Savings started, so it feels like my normal wake-up time of 6 a.m. (I have an early bus). However, I&#39;m still suffering from it-takes-an-hour-to-really-wake-up&#39; syndrome, so I&#39;m hoping that tomorrow&#39;s HIIT workout will help with that :P I&#39;ve decided I&#39;m doing the ZAP workout ( outside (my neighbours may think I&#39;m insane - I just hope none of them are watching at 5 am, or that it&#39;s too dark to see me!). However, I&#39;m doing it in 30s-intervals, mainly because I don&#39;t think my fitness level is nearly as good as hers .

            I&#39;ll write tomorrow (if I&#39;m not dead from HIIT, judging from comments etc. on it, it sounds hard!!)

            p.s. I feel honoured and privileged to be part of the upstanding, exclusive &#39;getting up at 5:00am in the morning&#39; club ;P

            *concoction is made by mixing 1.5 cups of apple juice (or cran juice, but usually apple, now with no sugar added of course) with a banana, a carrot (new addition, i&#39;m trying to eat more veggies, and you literally can&#39;t even taste it!) and 2 cups of frozen berries of your choice (you dont&#39; need to add EXACTLY 2 cups. Seriously. No one is going to shoot you if you&#39;re a little off). You could add fresh berries + ice for the cold factor, but frozen is more efficient and cheaper . The types of berries varies depending on my mood that day - I don&#39;t recommend strawberries, though, as the seeds are killer.

            K, good night for REAL this time :P


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              Yesterday (DAY 4, wednesday)

              Breakfast: leftover concoction.

              Lunch: tomato soup, meatballs.

              Dinner: almond chicken (recipe again courtesy of this site), pomegranate, and one spinach frittata muffin.

              Snacks: apple, grapes, nuts.

              WOD: HIIT (ZAP workout, 30s intervals). It went pretty well I was originally worried that I had gone too easy on myself because it didn&#39;t seem as hard as I&#39;d imagined it, but about 15min after my legs and abs REALLY started aching, so I think I did well :P I think I&#39;ll try making my own workout next time, though it was fun

              Random Thoughts: lol, i just sat here for like 10 mins with no idea what to write, my brain isn&#39;t working today :P


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                Yesterday (DAY 5, thursday)

                Breakfast: 3 eggs w/salsa, scrambled.

                Lunch: leftover spinich fritatta and an apple.

                Dinner: last of the tomato soup, half a pomegranate and some leftover almond chicken.

                snacks: banana, nuts.

                WOD: riding lesson, jumping.

                Random Thoughts: so, i feel guilty just writing this, but I know I&#39;m going to fall off the bandwagon a bit this weekend. I slept in a bit this morning because I&#39;m doing a charity event tonight... like a 24-hour-famine, I collect pledges, but unlike a 24-hour-famine, instead of not eating, I&#39;m not sleeping for 24 hours. It&#39;s a school thing and they&#39;re providing dinner and breakfast, which I can be 99% sure won&#39;t be Primal. The next day, I&#39;m going to the Royal in Toronto (I know, I&#39;ll probably fall asleep during the late-night show :P) and they probably won&#39;t have much Primal foods there either - so that&#39;s three meals (Fri dinner, Sat breakfast and Sat dinner) that I&#39;m 99% sure won&#39;t be Primal plus snacks . I know my goal was to eat 2/3rds of my meals Primal this week, and I&#39;ve definitely surpassed that, but I&#39;m still worried about what the effects could be of such a &#39;binge&#39;...

                I probably won&#39;t write until Sunday, any spare time I have before the Royal on Sat will be spent catching up on sleep :P


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                  Sorry, I didn&#39;t post for so long...

                  WEEK 1 REVIEW

                  goals: eat Primal 2/3rds of meals, move slowly 3x, HIIT once, sprint once.

                  I&#39;m happy to say I achieved all of them

                  This week I&#39;m sick, so my goals will be mainly food-oriented and less exercise-oriented as I&#39;m not sure I&#39;ll be up to it.

                  GOALS: Eat Primal 3/4ths of the time, eat more veggies (I noticed a lack of them last time... I don&#39;t like veggies that much :S) - hm, let&#39;s say have at least 50% of meals containing some vegetable.

                  Week so far:


                  Breakfast/Lunch (slept in, ate at around 10): scrambled eggs with salsa.

                  Dinner: steak and fried veggies (cooked by dad).

                  WOD: Rode for a bit, but was exhausted and sick so it doesn&#39;t really count as anything since I didn&#39;t do much...


                  Breakfast: nuts and berries

                  Lunch: scrambled eggs, nothing added (I stayed home sick so I was able to make this).

                  Dinner: chicken with some herbs and some steamed carrots with dill and honey.

                  WOD: nothing... I did do agility with my dog for a bit... but mainly a rest day since I was sick.


                  Breakfast: nuts and berries.

                  Lunch: leftovers - 1/2 chicken breast and steamed carrots and an apple.

                  Dinner: leftovers - 1 full chicken breast and steamed carrots.

                  WOD: Riding lesson.

                  Random Thoughts: No time to think! AGH! HOMEWORK OVERLOAD!!!!!!


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                    i&#39;m back


                    Breakfast: eggs

                    Lunch: leftovers

                    Dinner: sweet and sour chicken and stirfried veggies.

                    WOD: sprints (6 x 20seconds, 1 min walk break)


                    Breakfast: eggs

                    Lunch: leftovers

                    Dinner: leftovers (with some cream sauce made by my dad - is that officially primal or not?)

                    WOD: nothing


                    Breakfast: concoction

                    Lunch: leftovers

                    Dinner: hamburger patties and macadamia salsa.

                    WOD: riding


                    Breakfast: 3 eggs, scrambled.

                    Lunch: 4 eggs with salsa, scrambled.

                    Dinner: I&#39;ll be having some chicken and veggies

                    WOD: riding, 25-min walk with Dash.

                    RANDOM THOUGHTS: 1) sprints are very good for stuffed noses.

                    2) this week was kind of boring, meal-wise... I"m going to add more variety next week

                    3) I made all my goals! YAY!

                    4) I haven&#39;t been experiencing the drastic energy changes most people are talking about... idk if it&#39;s still because I"m getting off a high-carb diet, if I haven&#39;t pushed myself enough (eaten/worked out &#39;primal&#39; enough) or if it&#39;s just because I&#39;m a teenager who, though her diet left a lot to be desired, already did a lot of physical activity and was at a healthy weight... so I was already at a good energy level and it&#39;s not as drastic of a change? I did notice this cold didn&#39;t effect me as much as most do, though.

                    5) In order to fix the above, I&#39;m going to push myself really hard Primal-wise next week...

                    GOALS FOR NEXT WEEK

                    1) Eat 90% of meals Primal

                    2) Do all the recommended Primal workouts - Move Slowly/Play 4x, Sprint 2x, HIIT 1x, Weight Lifting 2x.

                    3) Find a stressor in life (one that you can remove... aka NOT SCHOOL)

                    4) get adequate sleep (8 hours/day minimum).

                    Okay, so now the REAL challenge starts...