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    On a five minute break from rehearsals. Had my cod liver oil this morning with an Americano. Would love to get to the point of being able to IF by skipping breakfast most mornings. I used to do the whole IF thing back in the day.

    I'm irritated with my weight sticking in the 140-142 range. Yesterday it was 140.8 and today it was 141.8. I'm thinking about continuing to weigh daily so that I don't go into denial if I start gaining but to relax about the numbers for now. If I continue to eat primal, I will continue to progress, even if it's slow progress, right?


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      You say you are at rehearsals... can I ask what for? I am a classical singer so the word "rehearsal" perks my ears up


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        Secret, wish my rehearsal was for something exciting, lol. I'm in marketing for a nutritional supplement firm. Our executives are going to a convention in Bogota in a few weeks. My team and I write scripts and do production (as well as create all kinds of other marketing collateral.) I love being backstage and helping run the show from the back, but they also sometimes dress me up and send me out on stage to be "Vanna"...walking execs to proper place on stage, etc.

        Had a great rib eye for dinner, along with a few roasted potatoes, which I roasted in a combo of butter and coconut oil and cayenne pepper. Haven't decided if it's the right thing for me to eat rice and potatoes yet or kind of confused when I started reading about The Perfect Health Diet, which resonated with me like PB. For now, I'm keeping them in at my dinner meal. Desert was blueberries in a little cream.

        My boyfriend is practicing this way of eating this week. We live an hour apart, so we don't eat all of our meals together. I was happy when he sent a text to tell me that he was eating steak and grapes for dinner...I don't know when the last time was that he ate a piece of fruit!..he's going to lose just cutting out the corn chips, hamburger helper, the milk duds, and the full sugar drinks. He also noticed that eating a huge lunch from Wendy's (bun, fries, and full sugar drink included) made him feel really fatigued. These are the small steps to progress!!


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          Good morning. Only took half my seroquel last night and wound up with nightmares...great. Wish I could remember more about this nightmare, but all I really remember is waking up with my heart pounding. So fun. I've been waking up every morning with my eyelids swollen...I have eliminated make up that includes gluten and only wear my contacts on Friday nights, so I really wonder what is causing this to happen.

          Bought some yogurt made from almond milk to try...hated it. Also bought an organic orange to see if the taste was better than a regular tasted awful. So, all that stuff is in the garbage, and my breakfast wound up being a small package of almonds and walnuts and an Americano. I do have my yummy salad lined up for lunch...


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            Have you tried yogurt from coconut milk? Much better than the almond stuff


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              I was actually at the store looking for yogurt made from coconut milk...but the stores I checked don't carry it. I think I'm going to need to drive up to Whole Foods this weekend as I really want to check it out.


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                I am craving sushi for breakfast. I wonder why? If I wasn't at work, I'd be tempted to leave and go out for a sushi breakfast. Weird.

                I am sitting here with my Americano, dealing with work stress.

                The good news about today is that the sun is shining, and I can see blue skies. Didn't weigh myself today--just wasn't up for it.


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                  Decided I was starving and ate my chicken and bacon (which I brought for lunch) for breakfast.


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                    Okay, so here's my weird day. Ate chicken and bacon for breakfast. Then decided to go get sushi for lunch. I really wasn't hungry, so I ate four pieces and didn't want the rest. Came home and made coconut flour pancakes for dinner. Did kettle bells and then went on an hour walk with my daughter.


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                      Oh yay, my weight is back up again. Just love getting on the scale and seeing 142.2. Last Thursday, my scale said 140.3. Why does it seem like it's so much easier for the number to go up than down? Had two hard boiled eggs and a piece of string cheese for breakfast, plus a small container of pineapple and an Americano. Have my chicken/bacon salad ready for lunch.

                      Had nightmares all last night, and the girls next door woke me up again about 11PM, after I'd already fallen into a deep seroquel induced sleep. Can't remember a single nightmare, but it was not a good night for peaceful sleep.

                      I'm reading The Power right now. It's the book that follows The Secret. I still haven't figured out how to be realistic and optimistic at the same time. Like, I had nightmares all last night. That's just true. Do I need to pretend that I didn't? Or do I need to make up something silly like, "I'm so grateful for the lack of sleep I got due to nightmares last night?" Oops. Let me try again. "I'm so grateful that my psyche is giving me nightmares so that I can find the courage to deal with my past?"

                      In a horribly crabby mood. I mean, I love kittens.


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                        I still love kittens. And it's Friday, hooray!

                        I had coconut oil for breakfast, and I'm drinking an iced Americano. It's so cold in my office that my fingernails are turning blue, so I've got a space heater turned up to 80 in an attempt to compensate.

                        I am craving high fat food right now. Like literally, right now. Eating my lunch early again, it's my bacon and chicken for my salad. I WISH I had scrambled eggs, too. Next week, I'm axing fruit and yogurt from my breakfast menu and going straight for a breakfast casserole. I don't have time to cook breakfast every AM, but the breakfast casserole keeps well in the fridge, and I can have it sliced up and ready to go--which makes it just as convenient as yogurt and fruit.

                        Last night, I did kettlebells and then my daughter and I spent about three hours cleaning our bedrooms and bathrooms. I'm always amazed at how much junk we accumulate. I didn't realize that I had kitty litter under my bathroom kitty died in December , and I thought I'd taken care of all of those items. Anyway, it was very nice to fall asleep in a nice clean bedroom. Really wish I had the funds to hire a housekeeper for just a couple hours a week. I feel so much better when my house is cleaner, house is low on my list of single mom priorities.

                        More nightmares all night long. I wish I could remember them. The only nightmare I remember from this week is one where I'm in the basement locker room of a huge gym. Many of my nightmares involve me being in a sub level floor and there's usually flooding involved.


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                          BTW, I didn't get on the scale today. Just didn't have it in me to see the number.


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                            My boss took us out for Thai food today, which was good since I had my bacon and chicken for breakfast. I think it was a pretty primal meal--lots of coconut milk, chicken, beef, and vegetables. I skipped the rice and had one potato in a curry.


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                              Here's a glance at my weekend so far:

                              Friday night: my boyfriend brought me steak and salad and a baked potato before we went out to see a play. I was pretty stressed from work and just had some steak and wine.

                              Saturday: we made fajitas, and I didn't eat the tortillas. I took my boyfriend to the grocery store and we went up and down every aisle, where I explained what is on and off plan. I also showed him how to read labels. This is going to help him a lot! We also went to a local fruit stand, and I bought grapes, apples, oranges, limes, lemons, avocado, blueberries, raw almonds, and more. Very nice little find. Should be able locally source all my groceries this cool is that???!!!

                              Sunday: he made us bacon and eggs for breakfast. For dinner, I had a bacon hamburger, lettuce-wrapped, and some steamed broccoli. He had a cobb salad with grilled chicken, bacon, avocado, etc. We also took my daughter to the zoo, which was three hours of walking around in cold rainy temps...but was still fun. I'm proud of him for not letting me talk him into nachos at the zoo...I was getting really hungry, and I would have gone for zoo food. But he wanted to end his first day on plan. Nice to have someone doing this with me.

                              Tomorrow, he's bringing me my organic meats, and I'm making dinner. Haven't decided what yet.


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                                Happy Memorial Day! Getting ready to walk to the coffee shop with my daughter for an iced Americano, even though the weather continues to be horrid. My furnace is running today. It's that lovely time of the month, so I'm not getting on the scale until it's done. My goal was to see 139.9 or lower on the scale today, but it's not happening. So, I'm going to set that for my goal at the end of June. See if I can get myself back on track to lose .5 pound per week in June.