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BreeKN into Primal Life...The Journal of ME!

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  • BreeKN into Primal Life...The Journal of ME!

    I've been stalking this thread far too long. I started my own diet/lifestyle revolution January 1, 2011. It has been the only New Year's Resolution I have NOT broken or completely abandoned. Amazing. Anyway, I come from a history of weight ups and downs and all arounds and that big ole journey landed me here, Primal Blueprint is IT for me. No more yo-yo's and no more crying while putting on my jeans. No more stomach issues and no more hating my body.

    In December 2010 I bought the Paleo Diet by Loren Cordain and read it like it was some sort of bible. I then went looking for some online support and searched for Paleo/Primal living on my Google search engine...and Bada bing bada boom...I landed on Mark's Daily Apple sometime in January, went out the next day and bought the book and it has revolutionized my life. After almost 5 months Primal I have lost 10pounds and I am hovering about 5 to 10 pounds away from my goal. NOT TOO BAD! It could be worse!

    At my heaviest, 4 years ago, I weighted 148 lbs. I'm 5'1 and come from a rather short family. Let's just say I wasn't happy with my body. I felt gigantic, I looked mushy and I was pretty embarrassed with about my body. My weight fluctuated so much and there were days that I just couldn't figure it out. I was a mess! So I looked for a solution...I didn't want to let my weight get out of control like so many people in my family. I needed to be healthy and fit. I grew up going to the gym with my mom and I learned how to workout and eat healthy then. It had just gotten away from me in college and especially during grad school! UGH...stress, bad eating...

    In 2007, I went on an extreme diet called "Smart For Life" where I ate these diet cookies (6 per day). I dropped 20 pounds in about 5 months due to major cheating and falling off the wagon with that stupid diet. This diet did teach me the importance of eating fresh veggies and leaner meats and portion control. All in all, it helped me reach my goal and made me super determined not to creep back up in weight, EVER AGAIN. That diet was hell and I'm sure it wreaked havoc on my body...something I will never do again, but my "No Regrets" philosophy of life really makes me appreciate the road that has brought me here.

    So, after quitting the extreme diet. I started to take what I had "learned" and put it into action-->Eating few carbs, low fat and tons of fruits and veggies. However, I was HUNGRY ALL THE TIME, I cheated often and my weight crept back up.

    So then, I found this wonderful little diet pill product. I started taking that about 2 years ago and it pretty much stifled the hunger and help me drop about 10 pounds. I felt yucky on it though...jittery, anxious and I just hated it, but it kept my weight down so I continued until my body rejected it altogether. My bladder would feel like it was exploding every 20 minutes and I realized I was doing more harm that good. So I went back to low carb and once again...I kept cheating. I crept back up to 130 pounds from 118 and that's when I said "ENOUGH! Bree, you have got to get this in check."

    I have always been a bit of a gym rat which I think has really helped to keep my weight in check througout the years...but now that I'm nearing 30, I knew there had to be a better way. I stumbled across Crossfit one day while looking at different gyms and then started reading about Paleo...I decided in December that I would take a look at some Crossfit gyms in January and start Paleo at the same time.

    Well, fast forward to January and I decided I should focus on diet first. I started with Paleo, stumbled across Primal Blueprint and Mark's Daily Apple and I was hooked! The rest is history! So since January 1st. I'm down to 121 pounds from 130. My goal weight is 110 and I want my BF to be somewhere in the teens. Basically I just want to look hot in my own skin and rock the body God gave me. The numbers don't really matter, but they are just outlines to help me get there. So, CHEERS everyone! I'm 5 months Primal and I'm hoping it just gets better and better!

    Here's my food for the day:

    -2 cups black coffee, Primal Bread with butter and bananas

    Snack (I felt hungry today so...) I had more Primal bread with bananas

    Lunch: Chipotle marinated chicken with bell peppers and onion, 2 tbsp homemade guacamole, 2 oz 85% dark chocolate

    Snack: (Still super hungry today soo..) Green iced tea unsweetened and like 10 corn chips with salsa verde.

    Dinner: Shrimp with some veggies--I haven't made it yet so I am assuming here...

    This is not a real typical day for me but I had to start somewhere! I look forward to updating this journal frequently and using it to help keep me on track--it helps keep me honest with myself. I'll keep you posted!
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    Cheers to LIFE!--Bree

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    So yesterday also included a bit of moving around. I figure that I should add that in but I can't seem to figure out how to add it to the previous appears that it only lets me edit specific words but not make additions?? Is this assumption correct? Anyone know how to add to the previous post?

    Anyway, I decided that this week I really need to get back to moving. After a brief hiatus I have realized that I don't feel as good when I don't exercise and I NEED movement in my life to feel good.

    So here's what I did yesterday:

    3 sets of pushups 10-15 reps per set
    3 sets of squats (bodyweight) 20 reps

    3 sets of planks held for 40 sec to 1 minute
    3 sets of jump squats

    3 sets of side planks held for 20 secs each side
    3 sets of lunges (bodyweight) 20 reps

    I can't seem to get out of the habit of 'sets' and I'm trying to break this habit but it kind of helps me track it so I guess that's another reason that I haven't completely given it up.

    I also want lots more definition in my legs...not sure how to accomplish that. Sprints? Increase weights? While I have thought about doing Crossfit, I'm afraid my budget can't accommodate that 'desire' at the moment, so I have to keep my regular gym membership and keep exercising outdoors as much as possible. Plus, I want to figure out what works for my body so that I can exercise pretty much where ever, whenever and without a gym. Rambling...sorry.
    Cheers to LIFE!--Bree


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      New Goal: No alcohol during the week!! None! Not even a sip! I am giving my body a complete break from the stuff. I'm not an alcoholic by any means but there are days that a girl just wants to enjoy a glass of wine and some 'chill-out' time on the couch. I work with children--lots of them. I'm a speech-language pathologist by day and Extreme Primal Enthusiast by night so sometimes working with tons of kids requires a little wine-down-time in the evening...if you know what I mean... I haven't found a way to make a living doing the latter, so I stick to the former to pay the bills. Hey, this girl's gotta eat...

      Today was by far one of the most terrible eating days I've had in awhile. I'm not sure what was up with me, but I was hungry all day, a little cranky, tired and did I mention, hungry? UGH!

      Here's what I ate:

      Breakfast: IF--wasn't hungry till around 10...woke up at 5:30am. Oh wait, I had 2 cups of black coffee. I guess that's not much of an IF...oh well.

      Midmorning (around 11): 2 slices of Primal Banana Bread with dark chocolate...I had a stupid sugar craving, so I melted butter on the bread and had some dark chocolate too. P.S. Since going Primal I RARELY snack and I mean RARELY...usually I just eat 2 to 3 times a day and that seems to do the trick. This week has just been wierd with my body.

      Lunch: Stopped at In N Out burger: Double meat, protein style, no cheese (severely lactose intolerant so I steer clear of dairy) and A DIET COKE. I'm pissed at myself for the DC. I had quit all soda till about 2 weeks ago when I was introduced to Hanson's Diet Black Cherry Soda--it's like crack in a can. Today, I didn't have any left in my fridge and opted for the DC--bad choice. It tastes gross to me now. I'm officially done with DC!!! I am only putting REAL FOOD in this body!

      Snack: No Snack, but daydreamed about food all afternoon...still hungry.

      Dinner: Leftover chipotle chicken with 1 diced roma tomato.
      Dessert: 2 slices of Primal banana bread with butter and dark chocolate. (Officially done with the damn bread! It has thrown me off track and I think it has somehow invented a new craving for bread that I have avoided for like 2 months now. So, no more--even though it's Primal and not too bad for me).

      As for my new goal: I have successfully avoided my nightly glass of wine for 2 days now. I think I sleep better and I get way more stuff done when I don't drink in the evening. Perhaps I'll replace the wine habit with a new 'journaling' habit?? Who knows?

      On another note: I have several food allergies that have sort of helped make PB that much easier. I am lactose intolerant. I've been LI since my early childhood. It runs in my family--grandmother, my mother and now me. Some sort of gene expression, huh? I'm also gluten intolerant--that stuff makes my tummy do jumping jacks and puts me in a CLOUD! And most recently since going Primal, I've developed an egg intolerance. When I started Primal, I was eating eggs almost everyday...I LOVED THEM! Now, I eat eggs and my tummy does awful things and my face breaks out. WTF?

      So, now that I've totally broken up with by breakfast boyfriend--the EGG, my breakfasts usally include some sort of leftover--WAAAH! I can't help but feel that I'm completely cheating on breakfast, but I guess this will just take some getting used to and at least I found the culprit for all the tummy upset I was having. YAY!

      So here's to tomorrow! No more Primal Bread, eggs or soda!

      Goals for tomorrow: 1) Exercise in the AM. 2) No Soda! 3) No alcohol! 4) Update my blog at (it's a work in progress...I hope to make some major changes soon!)
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      Cheers to LIFE!--Bree


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        Welcome Bree. I'm thinking you need more fat and protein, especially for breakfast.

        See how it goes avoiding wine. i imagine you have read that it is OK under primal. If that's what you need to keep your sanity, add it back.
        Ancestral Health Info

        I design websites and blogs for a living. If you would like a blog or website designed by someone who understands Primal, see my web page.

        Primal Blueprint Explorer My blog for people who are not into the Grok thing. Since starting the blog, I have moved close to being Archevore instead of Primal. But Mark's Daily Apple is still the best source of information about living an ancestral lifestyle.


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          I woke up this morning and started my day off with a nice loooong walk. I did a few squats and pushups as well until, Guinness (my dog) decided to join me on the mat. This made things difficult so I headed out without the pooch this morning for a little time solo.

          I came back and brewed some coffee and made breakfast and then here's how the day went...

          Breakfast: 2 turkey burgers, 1.5 cups of steamed broccoli with 1 tbsp grass fed butter

          Lunch: I made my Lunch Hodgepodge from the fridge and topped it off with 1 oz of dark chocolate

          Afternoon: 1 chocolate chip cookie given to me by one of my students...I ate it and moved on.

          Dinner: More of my lunch hodgepodge and 2 oz of dark chocolate

          Also....1 Michelob Ultra....I wanted a beer. What can I say? I'm not pleased with my decision, but it could have been way worse.

          Goals for tomorrow: 1) Lift heavy things in the am 2) No sweets for 1 day including dark chocolate
          Cheers to LIFE!--Bree


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            The last couple of days have been a little crazy. I'm currently in the process of changing over my blogger website to a wordpress website and it's very time consuming. Plus, I have been spending a little time with someone special and not really focusing on my workouts. However, he is also eating primal so it makes food and lifestyle that much easier. I really buckled down yesterday and got a great workout in, complete with a long walk. Now, if only I can make that happen 4 or 5 times a week and I would be GOLDEN!

            On Thursday, I had a really awful day with work and I think I've come to realize that my passion for Primal living far outweighs my passion for my line of work. While I love children and I went to school for about 8 years to become a speech therapist, I have decided I can do more and I should follow my dreams of working in health and fitness. It's just going to take a little time and a lot of hardwork--but I'm gonna make it happen.

            So as far as eating...I can't really tell you what I've been eating because it's just been such a hodgepodge of stuff. I think Thursday night I made some Guacamole and ate it with corn chips (a cheat, I know) and then topped that off with strawberries. I had a couple of Larabars that day too and some bacon. I just really wasn't in the mood for much food that day. Oh! I had 3 drinks that night was a fun night and I needed it!

            Friday rolled around and I believe this is what it looked like foodwise. I think I ate some bacon in the am, coffee and a Larabar (kind of obsessed with these things this week). Then for lunch I had some In N Out--protein style. Then for dinner I met my dad and his girlfriend for dinner and I ate some ribs, a wee-bit of salad and a few sweet potato fries.

            Yesterday, I made bacon again for breakfast, drank some coffee and had a Larabar. Then late in the afternoon we grilled filets and made a TON of veggies on the grill as well. I was in a total food coma for like 3 hours afterward. We also drank a few Miller Lites and just enjoyed the nice AZ weather.

            Like I said, this week has NOT been perfect. In fact, it's been crazy, but I'm off to the grocery store to get lots of good food for the week. I need to get my butt back in gear!

            I'm committed to Primal living and I just fall off here and there--I hope that's ok.
            Cheers to LIFE!--Bree



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              So I've been spending a bunch of time generating my blog over at Sassy Primal and I haven't exactly been obsessing over food the past few days but I really, really, really want 6-pack abs so I figure that I should probably start tracking everything I eat in an effort to reach this goal. Here is what I ate today:

              Breakfast: Lunch Hodgepodge

              Lunch: More Hodgepodge (2 cups), 1 small avocado, 2oz of dark chocolate

              Snack: Larabar (Brownie something or another) I just looked at the damn label and it has sugar in it. Major FAIL.

              Dinner: Mixed Veggies (1.5 cups), 4 oz of tri-tip asada from Trader Joes

              I am guessing I should be cutting out the dark chocolate and the Larabar to get that six-pack...What do you think?
              Cheers to LIFE!--Bree