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    I've slipped a bit both in my journaling and primaling the past couple weeks. Got a bit complacent. With summer here, friends visiting, a couple long weekend trips, and lots of parties and barbecues, I somehow found myself eating way too much icecream, nuts and fruit. Relatively innocent indulgences, as vices go, but I tend to get carried away. So, here I am after a month of weighing in at 158, and feeling very good in my new short shorts and pencil skirts, facing down 162 again. Damnit! Time to get back on the horse. In earnest. I want to be down to 155 at the most by the time we head to Ecuador at the end of August, and I'd like to be at 152 by the end of September. That is my normal weight, and when I reach it, I plan to celebrate by getting a tattoo. That will be my commitment and reminder to myself that it's worth a bit of moderation to keep my body healthy so I can show it off. Starting off today reasonably well, with some venison pate and spinach in a collared greens wrap. I did have some cordyceps cocoa in my coffee this morning with some coconut oil, but that's the last chocolate or sweets for today. I'm tracking everything now in MyFitnessPal, and I know I need to keep calories around 1300 to get where I'm going. Wish me luck!

    A snapshot of the past several weeks:
    Food: Kinda loosey goosey. Mostly primal, except for the icecream, but too much fruit and nuts. And just too much in general.
    Exercise: Great. Lots of HIIT at the gym, some lower body weights, and biking, hiking, gardening, evening walks
    Fun: Lots
    Sleep: Okay, the heat and long days have me sleeping less, but I feel reasonably rested

    My big goal for this week is to eliminate the sugars, cut out nuts, dairy and chocolate, and no more snacking. I can be totally satisfied with meat, fish, and veggies, with some berries thrown in for dessert and just need to remind my body and sweet tooth programming mind of it.
    My primal journey involves a lot of (chocolate) slip-ups. But, I'm all about getting back on the horse!


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      I hear you on the ice cream ... "but mom.. it's summer!" I think I might have had it 3 or 4 times last week I'm not gaining, but I'm not losing either!
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        Well, belinda, you're faring better than i in the case! I have actually lost two of the 4 pounds I have regained over the past week. Have been pretty moderate, snacking a little bit (more like spacing my lunch out over a couple hours, picking at the salad or meat throughout the afternoon), but eating a light dinner and skipping dessert. I listened to this guided meditation on weight loss last night, which reminds us that cravings are just conditioned responses. I am totally conditioned to crave something sweet after every meal, but am slowly changing that. At worst, I am now grabbing a dried apricot or two from the freezer, or a couple cherries from the fridge, but I am trying to think before I do even that. This weekend I want to work on eating more mindfully so I get more satisfaction from my meals and am super aware of when I stop feeling hungry so I can--gasp!--stop eating, even if I still have food left on my plate. Wondering if other folks here ever practice the "leave a couple bites behind" approach.

        Pretty proud of my progress in the past few days. Especially since I skipped the gym one night for drinks with a friend. Here's a summary:

        Food: Really good, except for one incident with a fig and hazelnut concoction
        Exercise: Lots of HIIT cardio, some lower body and core work. Riding my bike every day, and also a good amount of gardening and housework this week
        Fun: Yes. Time outside with friends.
        Sleep: Having a hard time going to sleep, but waking up late as well, so getting plenty over all
        My primal journey involves a lot of (chocolate) slip-ups. But, I'm all about getting back on the horse!


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          Somehow, Saturdays seem to get away from me. In some ways, they are lovely, because I am typically on my feet almost all day long, getting lots of vitamin D and low level activity, and I also tend to be super relaxed and happy. However, my routine in the summer is to visit at least one farmer's market, and often two or three, which means lots of snacking. Often on things I shouldn't eat at all, like carmel corn or candied almonds. Yesterday I had both of those, along with a gang of cherries and italian prunes. And this triggered a total sugar-induced tailspin at home, where I whipped up a hazelnut and cocoa nib meringue thingy that I promptly devoured out of the pan. Ugh. I know better! I had just been congratulating myself on re-setting my habits, and skipping dessert most days, and then fell off the horse all together. I did get a nice long bike ride in and some heavy weights and core work, but the scale this morning is alarming. I just polished off a super healthy breakfast of sirloin tips and greens, and have mapped out my meals for the rest of the day in My Fitness Pal. My goal for next week, at the farmer's market, is to sample only fruit and meats. Clearly, "just a bite" doesn't work for me!!

          Past couple days break down:

          Food: Good except for some serious sweets yesterday, which totally (but temporarily!!) derailed my cravings abatement plan
          Exercise: Great
          Sleep: Good
          Fun: Lots of sunshine, long bike ride, walking and shopping and farmers marketing with my mom.
          My primal journey involves a lot of (chocolate) slip-ups. But, I'm all about getting back on the horse!


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            Yesterday was pretty good. I realized (or remembered) a couple of important things. First, for me, eating primally is about feeling in control. I don't have to snack all day long to fuel my body, and, by choosing protein and fat, I can be satisfied with less, and avoid succumbing to cravings for sweets, which is a crazy train to binging for me. Also if I stay occupied, snacking is less of a problem. Soooo, yesterday I practiced both those principles. Got up, had a healthy breakfast, and then, after a bit of relaxation (finalizing plans for our August trip to Ecuador), I got out and about. Rode my bike to the gym for a good workout, then had a tasty lunch at home before heading out again for some errands, shopping, and a pedicure. Got home just in time to whip up some latin-seasoned buffalo and veggies, and then puttered in the garden until the danger zone for dessert was past.

            I have also started planning my day of eating out in advance, which I used to do on weight watchers, so I know how I'm planning to spend my calorie budget and won't overdo it. I am finding it difficult to stay below 1500 calories per day, but hopefully that's okay because I am very active. At least 30 minutes of HIIT, plus a 30 minute bike ride every day. I am also finding it hard to get much below 100 carbs. I eat virtually no fruit (a handful of berries or cherries every day), but do eat a lot of veggies. Pretty much every meal for me consists of 4ish ounces of meat and a plate full of veggies. I have nearly cut out nuts and seeds, and have also eliminated dairy. I don't entirely trust My Fitness Pal's carb readings, since a lot of the info is user-input, but I do tend to eat probably 4-6 cups of raw veggies (including a lot of loosely packed, steamed collared and other greens) every day. Do I need to cut back on veggies and ramp up protein? Advice welcome!

            Food: Good, felt in control, even though I did splurge mid-day with a hemp milk ice cream bar
            Exercise: Plenty, both sprints and mellow activity outdoors
            Sleep: Excellent
            Fun: Pedicure, shopping, and sunshine.
            My primal journey involves a lot of (chocolate) slip-ups. But, I'm all about getting back on the horse!


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              Sometimes I think working from home is as much to blame for my weight struggles this year as my underperforming thyroid. I rarely have to put on jeans (read: am insulated from consequences and awareness of sausage-like fit of favorite paris), and am near the fridge all day long. This is precisely why I am trying to kick the snacking habit. Failed yesterday. Was feeling very stressed in the afternoon, and ended up eating a whole bunch of luscious fig, berry and chia pudding before dumping the rest down the garbage disposal. I made up for it at the gym, I think, where I put in an hour of pretty intense intervals after a 30 minute bike ride. And ate a very light dinner. But am still disappointed in myself. Or, rather, struggling to avoid feeling disappointed and getting into a tailspin of not trusting in my own ability to reform. I can do this--and I'm certainly not the only one struggling to get it right, right?

              So, here's how it broke down:
              Food: Great, aside from fruit and chia binge in the afternoon
              Exercise: Lots
              Sleep: Took me a while (too much sugar in the afternoon?)
              Fun: Watched the Bachelorette on TV--total guilty pleasure!

              Today is off to a good start. Mapped out my day in My Fitness Pal, had some wiggle room for a hemp icecream bar, which I enjoyed thoroughly after lunch, and the kitchen is closed until I get home from the gym this evening. Period. Except for some hot water for tea .
              My primal journey involves a lot of (chocolate) slip-ups. But, I'm all about getting back on the horse!


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                I've been totally off the IFing for a couple of weeks, because I just love breakfast (I actually look forward to it starting at around 9pm every night... food obsessed much?!). Might need to start again to cut some calories out and reset my hunger cues. Thinking I'll give it a whirl tomorrow. I remember reading that Mark recommends IF as a way to bust through weight loss plateaus. Or, in my case, reversals!
                My primal journey involves a lot of (chocolate) slip-ups. But, I'm all about getting back on the horse!