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    how do you control your chocolate cravings?
    My journal where I attempt to overcome Chrohns and make good food as well


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      strom, I wish I had a solution. Seems like lots of folks on this forum are doing it successfully. I'm on day 3 of no chocolate or sweets of any kind, and no cravings so far that were more than a temporary urge. Maybe I'm finally ready. Lord knows I'm sick and tired of working my ass off in the gym, eating crazy healthy, and hanging on to 10 pounds of excess weight that makes me cringe whenever I see photos of myself. I just want my old body back, and if kicking the chocolate habit is the ticket, I'm willing to try.

      I peeked at your journal, and it sounds like you've made a ton of lifestyle changes in a short time as well. I guess we just have to be patient with ourselves and recognize everyone has their own challenges, right?

      Food: Totally primal (hooray!)
      IF: Yes, until noon, aside from some CO
      Exercise: Hour of walking hills
      Fun/Relaxation: No, worked at night
      Sleep: Rough, due to shoulder pain. But slept in til 8am

      Just bought a new (used) bike that will enable me to ride again without hurting my shoulders and hips, so I'm pumped to take it out for a spin tonight. I have happy hour plans. Will ride the 5ish miles there, enjoy a single glass of wine, and then ride home. Vitamin D, friends and exercise=perfect evening.
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      My primal journey involves a lot of (chocolate) slip-ups. But, I'm all about getting back on the horse!


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        Originally posted by Sashi View Post
        Did you harvest the chantrelles yourself? Those are my other favorites! I have always wanted to go mushroom hunting (several of my friends would go out in Marin when I lived in San Francisco), but haven't made it yet. How satisfying is it go collect your own food?!
        I did harvest them myself. Now that you are in Oregon, you should definitely plan a mushroom hunting excursion for yourself in the fall. The coast range is extremely prolific from Septemberish through November. The mushrooms start right after the very first rainfall.

        If you are serious about it, you should first purchase the field guide: All The Rain Promises and More by David Aurora. That will make it easy to tell the difference between the edibles and the not-so-edibles.

        And yes, finding your own food is so exciting that I would compare it to winning the lottery, although I've obviously never won the lottery
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        primal start-weight (3/11): 154
        current weight (8/25/2012): 141


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          Originally posted by Flaura View Post
          If you are serious about it, you should first purchase the field guide: All The Rain Promises and More by David Aurora. That will make it easy to tell the difference between the edibles and the not-so-edibles.
          Thanks for the tip, Flaura, I totally will. As fabulous as it is to enjoy mushrooms someone else collected, I'd imagine it is far more satisfying to eat treasures you found yourself. I know veggies I've grown in the garden are always the tastiest because I planted and harvested them myself!

          Am trying very hard to be happy with the ease of following the primal lifestyle and not get hung up on the non-movement of the scale. I have gained back all the weight I had lost, leaving me near my all-time high weight of 163. And when I went to get dressed for happy hour last night, I just felt puffy all over, even my arms and legs, which I usually am proud of. Not sure if I could be overdoing it on meat and fat and therefore exceeding the calories I used to consume on my predominantly vegetable based diet from a few months ago, or what's the cause. I should have my thyroid labs back soon, and hopefully a dosage increase will help, and I'm also on some super low dose (supposedly sub-antimicrobial) doxycycline that I have a couple weeks left of, which I swear caused me to puff up a bit a few years ago when I tried it. I have always had to work hard to maintain my weight around 150, but working out every day and eating fairly light meals, with reasonable snacks and frequent treats, has been sufficient. Now, it feels like I'd weigh 200 pounds if I even made a habit of eating three meals a day. Ugh. Must stop feeling sorry for myself and just stick with it. I trust this is the right lifestyle for me, because I made it to almost 9pm last night, confronted with a ton of lovely non-primal HH foods, without indulging. I feel more in control, and proud of myself, and like this is a sustainable way of life. Even the mostly chocolateless existence. But I just want to feel good in my clothes!

          My frustration is reflected a bit in some snacking slip-ups yesterday, but still pretty solid:
          Food: Good, except some raisins and a bit of my husband's protein powder
          IF: Until noon
          Exercise: 60 minute bike ride out in the sunshine
          Fun: Happy hour with friends, and the lovely bike ride
          Sleep: Hard time, due to shoulder pain, but slept in til 8 tp make up for it.

          I go back to physical therapy today, so I will hopefully get my alignment back, and be able to hit it a bit harder in the gym for the next few days. Still will be out of my normal classes and focused on weights and walking with some sprints mixed in, but less pain equals more burn, right?
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          My primal journey involves a lot of (chocolate) slip-ups. But, I'm all about getting back on the horse!


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            Good news/bad news: My labs confirm the thyroid levels are off, but I can't get in to see the doc about a dosage increase for 2 weeks. Damn. I actually have some old pills that I could dump out and split up to augment my existing dosage, but that seems a bit risky (although I have a friend that sees a pretty well-known thyroid doc that encourages her to self-adjust...).

            I also just got into a fight with my poor husband about my weight. He wants me to just be happy I look as good as I do, and stop agonizing over losing these 10 lbs. I want to feel good in my skin (although I appreciate his support immeasurably), and don't want to accept this is the new me. Must not allow frustration with the dumb scale to affect perfectly lovely marriage . Probably a self-perpetuating cycle to b*tch about my weight anyhow. Better to focus on the positive, baby steps, and just trust I'll get there if I keep up the good work.
            My primal journey involves a lot of (chocolate) slip-ups. But, I'm all about getting back on the horse!


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              Feeling better today. Not least because the scale is showing some downward progress, but also because it's Friday, I have a 5 day trip to Sedona to look forward to, and my husband loves me exactly the way I am. Which is something I ought to stop taking for granted and treasure! I ate breakfast this morning, despite my intentions to IF, because my stomach got super sour from an ill-advised espresso. Trying to decide if I should aim for a mid-day IF and just enjoy a slightly indulgent dinner out (it's a friend's bday), or eat lightly for both meals. I guess I'll let my hunger be my guide.

              Food: Totally on track
              IF: No
              Exercise: 50 minutes walking hills, 8 minutes of sprints
              Fun: Gardening
              Sleep: Good
              My primal journey involves a lot of (chocolate) slip-ups. But, I'm all about getting back on the horse!


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                Returning to the primal fold after a slight lapse. Spent a glorious weekend in the Grand Canyon with my husband. Was just bathing in vitamin D, and we hiked for hours every day, so it was incredibly restorative. Feeling very healthy and renewed, despite some snack-attackage. I have been mostly primal, but have had a couple nasty run-ins with a bag of irresistibly delicious trail mix. Must get rid of it, since I clearly can't exercise restraint around mulberries, golden berries, gojis and pistachios. That stuff is like crzzzack!

                So, here's a sort of summary snapshot of my weekend:

                Food: Mostly primal, except a couple bites of shared treats. Too much snacking.
                IF: None
                Exercise: Tons. Probably 8 hours hiking between two days.
                Fun: Lots of time in nature, QT with husband, fine dining, sun, etc.
                Sleep: Pretty good, but shoulder pain persists.

                Back on the wagon this morning after a regretable trail mix binge. Putting that stuff out in the car so it's out of reach while I'm working (still in Sedona, but putting in two days of work before one vacation day to explore the surroundings). Will definitely squeeze in a workout at lunch today and some hiking this evening to make up for it. Trying to balance the hedonistic vacation sensibility with desire to fit in my summer clothes .
                My primal journey involves a lot of (chocolate) slip-ups. But, I'm all about getting back on the horse!


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                  Great day yesterday, despite stuffing my face with trailmix in the morning, and polishing off that glorious raw chocolate cake after lunch. I did 60 minutes of intense intervals on the treadmill before lunch, and a 2 hour hike in the evening, so I think a wee calorie binge was a-okay.

                  Food: Great, although prob ate more overall than I should've esp. in the morning
                  IF: No, and I'm starting to realize just how well IF sets me up for a calorie deficit. Looking forward to getting back in the habit when I return from vacay.
                  Exercise: Tons
                  Fun/Relaxation: Long hike, hour by the pool
                  Sleep: Took a vicodin for shoulder pain, so I slept deeply. Can not wait to see my PT on Thursday and get this fixed!!
                  My primal journey involves a lot of (chocolate) slip-ups. But, I'm all about getting back on the horse!


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                    Got home from Arizona last night and awoke this morning to a rather unexpected but uber pleasant sight on the scale: sub-160 for the first time since February! In the past 3 months, I've dropped a total of 6 pounds now, which I consider highly respectable. And that should only accelerate once I get my thyroid levels on track and am healthy enough to resume normal workouts. Right now, I'm limited at the gym and have been focused on cardio intervals and long walks. I am keen to add back in some strength training, even if it's just legs and core. My upper body may be on the DL for a while.

                    Yesterday was not so good food-wise because I was stuck at the airport or in traffic most of the day. I had three salads with chicken or turkey, and a whole lot of trailmix. Also a couple fries and I split a frozen yogurt w/ my man. Could've been worse, but finally seeing weight loss has motivated me to get back on the straight and narrow beginning tomorrow. I want to keep things moving in this direction!!
                    My primal journey involves a lot of (chocolate) slip-ups. But, I'm all about getting back on the horse!


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                      Well, it was mighty nice and encouraging to see that weight loss temporarily last week, but it seems to have vanished. I was pretty indulgent this holiday weekend, which I'm okay with. I can not commit to a lifestyle that won't allow memorial day barbecues, the occasional chocolate binge or bite of french fries, and some seriously fruity mixed drinks in the summer time. So, I guess I'm just testing limits, trying to find that balance between strict compliance and a happy, carefree attitude towards food. I have spent my whole life obsessing over it, punishing myself for that scoop of ice cream or extra serving of dinner, and I don't want that to be my reality any more. The whole paleo thing, to me, is about liberating myself from all that guilt and discipline by choosing foods that are nourishing and satisfying.

                      I saw my thyroid doc this morning, and he's ramping up my T3, which should help a lot with weight loss. I feel vindicated to know there really is some metabolic/hormonal/endocrine thing happening that has made it harder to maintain my shape lately, but I know the pills aren't a silver bullet and I may just have to be more vigilant going forward if i want to kick these 10 pounds for good. So here's to not feeling sorry for myself, and just getting on with it!

                      In the interim, I noticed my reflection in the gym over the weekend, and I felt like my stomach was looking really flat, and I felt good. So even if the scale isn't showing it, I know that the nearly 2 months of paleo have changed my body, and I'm going to keep it up~

                      Snapshot of the weekend:

                      Food: Good, except a bit more grazing than structured meals (which can be a slippery slope for me) and I need to get back off the sugar
                      IF: One 15 hour one Sunday
                      Exercise: Lots of HIIT, fair bit of low-level activity
                      Fun: Tons. Girl time, dancing, karaoke, gardening, cooking, and QT with my man.
                      Sleep: Good, feeling rested.
                      My primal journey involves a lot of (chocolate) slip-ups. But, I'm all about getting back on the horse!


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                        Yesterday was sort of a transitional day. I had some chocolate in the house to finish up (ended up throwing it out after a couple bites), and the fact that I'd had wine and dessert the night prior seemed to wreak some minor havoc on my blood sugar and led to a bit of mindless grazing. I woke up today with new resolve, and also, notably, without any real treats in the house, so it's back to my tea and ACV after meals protocol. Satisfies that need for something sweet/fruity but it's also alkaline and helps with digestion, so definitely a better choice than chocolate or fruit. I'm eating breakfast as I type because I woke up legitimately hungry and decided it was best to listen to my body. This isn't about deprivation, after all, just sensible eating. I'm having a very sensible--and delectable!--breakfast of duck pate wrapped in collareds with carmelized onions, morel mushrooms and brocolli slaw. How bad could that be?

                        I heart pate.

                        This one has hazelnuts and plums in it, and I also have some venison pate with marsala wine and cherries. YUM! I already have my lunch and dinner planned out, so I think it's gonna be a healthful and tasty day: big ass salad for lunch with roasted turkey on top, and, for dinner, farmer's market veggies and grassfed ground beef served up taco style (no tortillas for me) with two homemade sauces: red chile, and pumpkin seed cilantro mole.
                        My primal journey involves a lot of (chocolate) slip-ups. But, I'm all about getting back on the horse!


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                          Man, the past couple weeks have served as a powerful reminder of how easily both good and bad circumstances can sway me from the straight and narrow. First it was vacation mode, and more recently, I've been stressed and in pain, from this damn (finally figured out what it is) torn ligament in my shoulder. Haven't managed to fast at all this week, but I've been eating fairly well. No real sugar this week, but I've been grazing a lot, and have had a few too many raisins. Not sure if the dried and fresh fruit have caused the sweets and snackage cravings, or if it's been psychological, but I'm going to make a fresh start next week. I'll be in the Bay Area over the weekend for some girl time with good friends, and I know there will be wine and chocolate involved, which I won't sweat. Will just commit to avoiding the grains and dairy, and getting some good long walks in every day. Then, when I get home, my husband will be in Shanghai, which I think makes IFing easier somehow. Will just shop with the intention of eating two (delicious and primal) meals per day.

                          Past couple days:

                          Food: Fair. Lots of meat, fish and veggies, but a bit too much mindless consumption of fruit and nuts
                          IF: No
                          Exercise: 60 minutes of hill intervals on the treadmill every day
                          Fun: Not so much
                          Sleep: Good
                          My primal journey involves a lot of (chocolate) slip-ups. But, I'm all about getting back on the horse!


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                            Okay, officially back on the horse after some slippage. I've actually been following the letter of the primal blueprint lately, but not the intention. Meaning, no real sugar or any of the other things I'm meant to avoid, good amount of activity, sun, etc. But, I have been snacking up a storm and eating all manner of chocolate protein powder concoctions that are just unnecessary calories. Cutting that crap out as of now. I saw a picture of myself on Facebook, and my arms were gah-ross. Totally puffy. I have a refrigerator full of lovely veggies and meat, as well as some cherries and strawberries for desserts, and am going to enjoy a bike ride and long hilly walk this evening followed by a sensible dinner and an IF. It's starting to warm up here in PDX finally, and I want to be able to rock my summer dresses!!
                            My primal journey involves a lot of (chocolate) slip-ups. But, I'm all about getting back on the horse!


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                              IF did not happen this morning, because I barely ate any protein last night (filled up on roasted oyster mushrooms and arugula) so I woke up ravenous at 6:30am. But, I had a healthy breakfast, followed by some coffee with chocolate protein powder (last time indulging in that--I swear!), and am feeling better. I tucked the protein powder up onto a high shelf I can't reach without a chair (I'd throw it out, but it's my husband's), and the rest of my house is pretty much treat free, except some berries in the fridge, so I think I can enjoy a totally primal weekend without temptation.

                              Breakdown from the past week:

                              Food: Okay. Lots of healthy choices, but a few too many (unsweetened) cocoa nibs and chocolate protein powder
                              IF: Couple short ones, broken up by supergreen juice
                              Exercise: Good. Long hilly walks, some gardening.
                              Sleep: Not a lot. Increased thyroid dosage, lonely bed (hubby is in Shanghai for business), and a good book have made it hard to get a full night's sleep
                              Fun: Not a lot, but going out tonight w/ friends.
                              My primal journey involves a lot of (chocolate) slip-ups. But, I'm all about getting back on the horse!


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                                OMG. I am in a total overeating tailspin. How to stop?! Just totally binged in red cabbage, chicken and pumpkin seeds. I guess maybe I need more protein in my diet and less fruit? Ugh. Will be better when the weekend comes and my sweetie back in town. Work stress and boredom are a lethal combination.
                                My primal journey involves a lot of (chocolate) slip-ups. But, I'm all about getting back on the horse!