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Darwin17...can he improve is genes?

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  • Darwin17...can he improve is genes?

    After a couple of weeks of steady PB adherence I feel I can put down what I am doing, how I am doing it. How is the food? What am doing to stay fit? Am I getting in better shape?

    It will be frank, most posts will probably be short. There could be longer posts if people want them or if something cool is going on. Progress Pics every month. Be forewarned there could be bad language...yall want the real me right?

    You have been briefed


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    I have a previous journal, not very interesting really.

    Age: 29
    Weight: 250

    I was not a heavy person growing up. Was in sports from age 8 till 19. Varsity swimming, water polo, wrestling, tried gymnastics for 1 year. The body was good, the weight 170, nothing could stop me of course.

    College: beer, sedentary lifestyle, eating like I was still an three years I was 220.

    I did start lifting weights in college, read lots of t-nation stuff....have started many times to go for several months, then I would stop because of an injury or partner quit, I looked ok but was heavy.

    Corporate America: very sedentary lifestyle, played lots of disc golf, started lifting kettlebells but the same stop and start nature hit. I ate a large lunch of something bad such as tex-mex, italian, steak house, thank you wall street for helping me to balloon to 265.

    Health wise, I have high cholesterol and have serious doubts now about if it matters (thanks Mr. Sisson for opening my eyes to that). Blood pressure can be a bit on the upper of normal, but is probably better now as I have been working out consistently. Oh, I have a disease called Psoriatic Arthritis (cousin of rheumatoid arthritis)....nasty thing it is.....have to take an injection called Enbrel for that one. Side effects...lymphoma is the biggest one.

    Tried gluten free, I lost weight but no the Poriatic Arthritis. Down to 245 to be exact, my body still was not very happy with me.

    Some research into diet and inflammation brought me to the daily the book and read it cover to cover and a laptop to go further....dear god....I have had it all wrong for so long and so do the rest of us.

    I want to improve my genetic expression. I want to maximize myself to my potential.

    This is my journey, thanks for taking the ride with me.


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      B: none, didn't feel like eating

      L: green onion sausage from local butcher....good shit, beet greens with bacon, one beet...turns out I HATE beats out of a can....fresh...way different story

      D: Grass fed sirloin, turnip hash (never had turnip before), broccoli

      Rode my beach cruiser for an hr. today for some light cardio.

      Something I am thinking about the Primal Blueprint lifestyle. It makes you live life better than what you are probably doing now. Instead of getting home changing and staring at a glowing box for hrs., I change and go do something athletic and enjoy outside (strange I know). I will go out by the pool and just read and get sun now. These are things that I did as a kid and forgot about as an adult and it made me a bit sad inside. I am not depressed at all, just I find myself staring outside the window at work thinking about how nice it would be for the sun to shine on my skin.

      Cool thing: I want to let ya'll know about cool things this one is the Dynaflex ball. If you want to work on your grip and forearms than this little gyroscopic wonder is for you. Very hard to explain what it does but it is a gyroscope in a ball and once it gets going in the hand you just keep on rotating 3,000-11,000 rpms! Very fun and addictive and one hell of a good workout for the grip and forearms.

      Have a good one


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        B: more piece left till I make another one!

        L: Garlic sausage roasted with cabbage...yummie

        D: Well I had a repeat of more left!

        Didn't really feel like working out today but I went to the gym for some thrusters...only did three sets. I know it doesn't seem like much but I learned from a book about stories from Olympians and what I got was this little nugget...start your workout even if you don't feel like it and give it ten min. If you don't feel like it still, just stop and hit it harder the next day. That is what I felt like pathetic pussy workout but there will be a good one tomorrow for me!


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          Yesterday....ate well, workout not so good.

          B: Fritatta

          L: Big ass salad....lots of artichoke hearts...jason's delli salad bar, did a good job staying paleo

          D: Wild salmon with green beans....don't think I like green beans

          Dessert: Dinner was way too healthy for me so I had to ruin it with some 85% cocco chocolate....4 peices!

          Did not work out at all. Went to the chiropracter and I walked out hurting worse than when I got there. I trust him and he just had a bad adjustment I think, but I went to the hot tub and streached and my back seemed to go back into "place". Took some advil and called it a day. Am pumped about today's workout...with one of my good buddies who drives me well.

          Those few thrusters I did the day before actually worked my legs very well. I will use them more often to keep the legs sexy!