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    Okso I promised today would be a better day. What I did not promise was that my husband's tooth ache would flare up so bad that he could not stand it anymore (vomitting from the pain) and we would have to run out the door with out eating and spend all day at the dentist and oral surgeon.

    TOMORROW will be better as long as life stops throwing me curveballs.
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      I just read your intro and oh my goodness, you sound like us! Hi! My dh has diabetes, high blood pressure and triglycerides through the roof (got himself a lovely set of stents in his heart last year and is on multiple meds - fun fun!). He's down to about 250 now but was about 300 at one point. I'm about 225 now but I guess I got better genes because there is nothing seriously wrong with me either - cept the rings under my eyes, the thinning hair, the tiredness. I feel a lot better on primal though I think I still need my thyroid meds (which I'm currently off) but so far, after a month primal, I am definitely healthier.

      Oh, and I also unschool my kids. I have a 12 y/o g and a 9 y/o boy. Mine aren't eating primal, though my 12 year old has showed interest (she keeps quoting the Fathead movie to people, lol!).

      So hey, good luck


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        Wow, I wish you were my neighbor We would have a lot to chat about!
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          We are having a much better, and much more primal day. My son did get to indulge in a quickie gas station breakfast and a chocolate milk but after that we jumped right back on the wagon. Well we did have a couple Lara bars while we were out that had peanuts in them but we still eat peanuts as a matter of preference.

          My husband is feeling a lot better today. His teeth that were pulled stopped bleeding and he will go back to work tomorrow. I did a little research while I was out today for a blog post I am working on about being primal or paleo on a budget. I am going to do some proce comparing at different stores. I will be posting the price lists on my blog which I am going to put in my signature. Should be interesting. More later!
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            Yesterday was a good day. Not 100% primal for the males of the family but us females had a good day.

            One of my favorite things about eating this way is how satisfying the food is. I never knew how bad carby grains, etc messed with my body. If only more people knew that if they removed the starchy filler foods like pasta and rice from their meals they would not need those fillers because they would not be so hungry. People just do not believe it though, especially those with a low income and small grocery budgets.

            One thing I think I need to work on is keeping too much food on hand. I am not sure where, but some where along the lines having a variety of food in the house became a huge security blanket for me. I am not talking about having a emergency stockpile, I feel strongly about that too. This has nothing to do whith that, it is all about variety. I want to have every kind of fruit, veggie, oil, meat, nut, ect on hand. This is silly and I do not need to do it. I spend too much and waste food this way. I have to find a way to beat this addiction to variety, I think it would help our budget a lot.

            On a weight related note good things are still happening in our home. We seem to be losing weight daily, well my husband and I are. I don't keep track of the kids weight since I just want them to be healthy and grow. As they grow up they will slim if they are eating right and playing. And they were playing more. Until is got to be like a thousand degrees. Nothing a package of water balloons and a hose won't cure Anyway, my husband is now in the 260's, a weight he says he can not remember since being a teen possibly. I have never seen him at that weight. It is almost time for some before and during pics of him! I am now supposedly at the weight I was at after I had my last baby eight years ago. I have been lower than this since then but last time I lost it was through unhealthy nutrisystem and the minute I got stressed I ate crap and bloated back up. If I can recall the lowest I have been since my son was born was 197, I am fast approaching that weight and will be so happy when I get back there. Right now I am just happy that my clothes are getting big. A pair of Thai fisherman pants I bought several months ago finally fit me today. Yay! I am not losing pounds as fast as my husband but my body is changing.

            If anyone is interested I have a blog and I am starting a series on primal/paleo on a budget. I am going to different "cheap" stores and doing price checks on different primal friendly foods. This is aimed at those who want to do this but can't afford the grassfed, organic perfect food.
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              We were dealing with heat here too. My 12 year old was a pill for days and I finally realized it was the heat and humidity. Yesterday it broke and was a beautiful, breezy day in the high 70's and she was back to being a delight

              We're on a budget too. Grass fed meat is a treat but it can't be a daily thing. There's another thread somewhere about that too, but there's a number of us doing "good enough" instead of perfect

              Congrats on the pants!


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                The heat probably is a factor, I don't think he is sleeping well. PLus we got off our schedule and routine when we moved. I wish it would cool down for a couple days but no hope of that! Ahhh! Enjoy your 70's, I am jealous.
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                  Today was another fine primal day. Everyone was good with the exception of my husband having some mashed potatoes again, leftovers from last night.

                  My husband said that he had a couple people at work notice his weight loss

                  Food today....

                  B- everyone had something different-hard boiled eggs, egg sqaures, scrambled eggs with ham and bacon, crepe with peanut butter (we still eat that)

                  L-again different things-mashed potatoes with beefy gravy full of chunks of minute little steak particals, tuna salad stuffed in half a green pepper and water melon, cabbage stir fry with cut up pork chop

                  S- I had some dark chocolate and hard boiled eggs, the kids had various things

                  D- korean lettuce wraps (my son claimed he would hate them, I had to fight him away from the food)
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                    Originally posted by PaleoCurious View Post
                    ...crepe with peanut butter...
                    Ooh, yeah, I'm going to have to try that, but with almond butter and coconut oil mixed together instead of the peanut butter. Maybe some shaved chocolate on top. Mmm....


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                      I used the questionably primal recipe for tapioca crepes.

                      1 cup tapioca flour
                      1 cup coconut or regular milk
                      1 egg

                      mix and cook like a normal crepe. Weird and rubbery but they were a hit with the kids.
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                        I'll have to try it. I wonder how it would work with coconut flour, though...

                        Off to do research!


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                          Converstaion over dinner....

                          Son: "When I get a job I am going to buy lots of wheat" (wheat being his term for anything non-primal)
                          Me: "Why would you do that?"
                          Son: "All I am going to eat is wheat, I like it"
                          Daughter "I am going to stay primal"
                          Me: "Why?"
                          Daughter: "I want my eczema to go away and I need to be strong on bounties" (she dreams of being a bond enforcement agent)
                          Son: "Well I will just eat wheat on Sunday. Maybe Monday too"
                          Daughter: "What about the rest of the week"
                          Son: "I will be primal the rest of the week in case you need me to go on a bounty with you"

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                            Ahhhhh I wrote a whole paragraph about trying to slay my one vice and accidently deleted it. Grrr! Basically I was confessing that last year I had given up diet coke. It slowly creeped back into my life and now I am using it way too often. I need to quit the poison again! I have never smoked or done drugs and I have only twice drank enough to be tipsy. Caffeine and cake were always my drug of choice. I have the cake under control, now the next demon must be slain! *again*

                            I was really not hungry for most of the day. I did not eat anything until maybe 4pm when I grabbed a couple hard boiled eggs. Everyone else had a brunch of pork loin I put in the slow cooker over night. Dinner was a small beef roast cooked with carrots and onions and green beans. We all had custom smoothies for dessert.

                            Tonight my son and I did some planks.
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                              Today I put on a pair of capris that I had not been able to wear in a long time because they were too tight and unflatering. I dug them out today thinking they would probably fit ok but not great. WRONG, they are almost too big. I am losing a lot inch wise even if I do not see the pounds on the scale like my husband.

                              Is there something about eating this way that makes people want to do feats of strength? Ha ha! I have been having the urge to do things just to see if I can do them. Things like last nights planks. I use to struggle with them but I did a few minutes worth and made it a competition with my son (I won). For me that is a great feat of strength. If it was not so dang hot I would be outside carrying heavy things or something. I am heat sensitive though so I won't be doing that now.

                              Today's eating was all over the place with different people eating different things but for the most part it looked like this: ps...we are almost out of food so things are a bit weird

                              B: eggs with butter
                              L:curry beef chunks (I had mine with some leftover veggies) or whatever else you could dig up from the fridge
                              S: water melon, eggs, the kids finished some contraband crackers from the pantry with peanut butter on them
                              D: flank steak and salad
                              S: we will have smoothies

                              Probably in need of more veggies but what can you do when the grocery money runs out. Thursday I will shop. I am very scared though. I have 125.00 a week to feed four of us. I don't know how I will do it but I have read some good tips and I am going to give it a go.

                              Well I just noticed the dog chewed up one of my church shoes. I hate shoes but dang I need them not to be chewed up for when I need to wear them. She chewed up one of my vintage purses a couple nights ago. I don't know how she decided she needed to stick her face into a packed box and take it to chew up. She is not on my good list right now. Time to go speak to the puppy about this issue
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                                Long time no post. Ok it has only been a couple of days.

                                Yesterday was our eat whatever the heck we want day. Every once in awhile it is good to remember why you are doing this. I remember now. Pastries, pizza and chinese food all in one day. Not good. I had stomache pain so bad. It was awful. Never again! I was also dehydrated from it being so hot and not drinking enough. Yeah I was just stupid. Dumb and stupid.

                                Back in the saddle today.

                                Breakfast-bacon and eggs
                                lunch-I just had a snack of a peach, cheese and 2 eggs, kids had leftovers, husband had salad with meat and cheese
                                dinner-roast chicken, sweet potato, broccoli

                                I roasted two chickens in my roaster oven out on the porch. Before they were done I tossed the sweet potatoes in whole to bake. I also have lard rendering out there in the crock pot.
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