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    Thought I would start up an informal journal to loosely track my diet, fitness goals, and primal ponderings.

    A little background:

    I am a 44 year old male and have been interested in evolutionary fitness, nutrition and thought since around 2001 when I first read Neanderthin by Ray Audette. That lead to reading Boyd, Eades, Cordain, Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, Robb Wolf and others. I find thinking about the way of life of our paleo ancestors endlessly fascinating. In a nutshell, I believe there are many things we can know with reasonable certainty about our way of life from an evolutionary perspective, and that those ways are what we are most adapted to and will most likely be healthful for us, especially in the absence of any firm guidance from modern science.

    My goals in the nutrition and fitness areas are to follow a mostly paleo diet and exercise pattern. I'm 5'9" and my weight fluctuates between 160-165 pounds.

    I'm really a generalist when it comes to fitness, as I love LHT, running/sprinting, mtn biking, hiking, and bodyweight routines. I have been a specialist in the past, mostly in the chronic cardio area, and used to participate in off-road triathlons and ultra - distance running (50km and above. What was I thinking?? ) But I've also gone through phases where I concentrated on lifting, rock climbing, and mtn biking.

    So my goals right now are pretty general, just enjoy the exercises I like doing and feel like I am making progress in my current indicators of good fitness; deadlift, pullups, long run and sprints.

    On the nutrition front I am pretty consistently paleo, with the occasional fall off the wagon into the multitude of dietary stupidities that are available to us today, and I have a sweet tooth that I've had to beat in to submission numerous times, and comes raging back from time to time.

    I also have a really, really important goal to reduce stress in my life. I have a fairly stressful job like many of us do, and I have not always handled it well, and most often my sugar monster is awakened by stress that I don't handle well. Exercise has always helped me deal with stress, but I am always looking for advice on that front.

    So far today:


    Helped coach T-Ball for my 5 year old daughter. It's a blast to watch 12 infielders fight over a grounder, then stand there helpless once they get the ball and have no idea what to do with it.


    10 minute run out to my favorite sprint hill, then 8 x 20 second sprints, rest on the downhill. On the run back, stopped and did 5 squat jumps on to a downed tree (maybe just north of 2' high), then ended with a couple of 10 second sprints at maybe 90% effort.


    Breakfast: 3 egg omelete
    Snacked on some plantain chips, 1/2 banana.
    Lunch: BAT (Big Ass T-bone)
    Dinner: Will probably be a BAS with a ribeye, maybe try my hand at some jicama chips.

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    Ended up just eating a BAS last night, so it will be 2 ribeyes today. Tried the jicama chips and they came out pretty good, a little sweeter than I expected. Note to self, don't put jicama peel in the garbage disposal again.

    Exercise/Play: 1 hour hike. Various pullups and dips throughout the day. Played around with some new bodyweight exercises, just getting a feel for them.

    Breakfast: Skipped it.
    Lunch: Ribeye and Coconut/Raspberry smoothie (my god, I just realized it is rasp, not ras... Been spelling that wrong my whole life.)
    Snacked on some coconut bark and plantain chips.
    Dinner: Ribeye and BAS.


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      Was thinking a little more about my fitness goals on my hike yesterday, so I thought I would write those down:

      Deadlift - I'd be real happy with a 2x bodyweight pull here, so something like 320 or so. I think my highest has been 250, so I definitely think it is doable. My problem is everytime I make a concerted effort to get there, I tweak something and back off.... So I've gone back to the drawing board on this one. I've stopped LHT completely for the time being, and am concentrating on bodyweight exercises to strengthen my core and back. Then the plan is to ease back into the lifting, and get a competent coach to look over my form.

      Pullups: neutral grip, full range, I'd like to get back to 20. Currently at 12-14.

      Sprints: I'd like to take 2 seconds off my 20 second distance. How far is that? No idea really, it is from the trail junction to the tree. 2 seconds is a lot, most people are happy shaving tenths of their times. I think I have a lot of room for improvement here. I do all my running in VFF's and on trails. Maybe one day I will hit a track and see how fast I can clock a 40.

      Long run: This is really just a maintenance thing. I've long since hit my goals here. Right now I just want to maintain the ability to do 7-8 miles on hilly terrain (in VFF on trails) in about 1 hour. I do this 1-2 a month just to make sure I still can.

      So anyway, just some thoughts. Seems like those are some pretty decent goals for someone interested in all around fitness.