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  • 30 Day Challenge by Brian

    30 Day Challenge

    I think its time I just dove in head-first and took the 30-day Primal Blueprint Challenge. I've been eating more and more primal over the last 2 weeks, and lately I think I've dialed in the diet OK, though I could still use some improvement.

    Ive aspired to do this sort of thing before with the super-strict Whole 30 Challenge, but I only made it a few weeks. This time Im shooting for all 30 days. And if I mess up along the way no worries Ill just jump right back in.


    Im probably going to make just a few exceptions for food with the following things:

    - dairy (milk and yogurt) I dont seem to have any adverse effects to dairy, but Im going to try and keep from going crazy with it
    - artificial sweetener (in my coffee)
    - maybe a little peanut butter

    Other things I'm going to shoot for:

    - Follow the PB fitness ideals
    - Sleep 7 hours a night (at least)
    - Spend lots of quality time with my wife - lots of walking and hiking


    - Lose 8 to 10 pounds. This will get me under the 200 lb mark.
    - Improve key fitness benchmarks (see below)
    - Actually finish the 30 days, whether I do every day perfect or not

    Fitness Benchmarks:

    - 1 mile run
    - 2K row
    - Tabata Something Else (Crossfit workout)
    - Blood Pressure
    - Weight and bodyfat %
    - Before/after photos

    That should give a really good indication of my overall fitness level. Plus, these are benchmarks that can be improved significantly in the span of one month.


    My plan is to give daily updates here on this blog including meals (with photos!), macronutrients, weigh-ins (weekly or bi-weekly) and photos (beginning and end of challenge).

    That should do it! Let the challenge begin.

    I started a different journal a week or two ago, but I kind of wanted a separate thing for my 30-day challenge. Sorry for the redundancy!

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    Basic Stats (all from May 6, 2011):

    - Height: 511″
    - Weight: 205.6 lbs
    - Bodyfat %: 25.8%
    - Lean Body Mass: 152.6 lbs
    - Fat Mass: 53 lbs
    - Blood Pressure: coming

    Tape Measurements (taken May 6, 2011 in inches):

    - Shoulders: 47.5
    - Chest: 40
    - Stomach (around belly button): 39.75
    - Waist: 38
    - Hips: 41
    - Biceps (flx): 14.75
    - Thighs: 25

    Fitness Benchmarks:

    - 1 mile run: 7:40 (treadmill April 29, 2011)
    - 2K row: 8:25 (C2 rower April 29, 2011)
    - Tabata Something Else 226
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      May 6, 2011 Day 1


      None my legs are wiped out and really sore from yesterdays sprinting. Listening to my body and taking some rest when needed.



      Calories: 1879
      Fat: 101g (47%)
      Carbs: 109g (23%)
      Protein: 144g (30%)

      Food was pretty good today could have been better. Im still shooting for a bit more protein more like the 150+g range, but Im close.

      Meal 1: 3 eggs, 3 slices bacon, 3 clementines, coffee with whole milk and sweetener

      Meal 2: 1 cup whole milk, 1.5 scoops ON 100% Whey

      Meal 3: 5 oz lunch meat, 1 avocado, 2 cups asparagus

      - This meal was actually pretty disgusting. The ham was some Oscar Meyer junk that I bought for lunch the other day because I forgot something. It was so salty I could hardly eat it. Ugh. The Asparagus was unseasoned. I like asparagus, but I like to grill it and add a little butter and salt. The avocado wasnt great, either too mushy/brown.

      Meal 4: 3 eggs, strawberries, 1 tbsp peanut butter, few bites of Greek Gods yogurt, 1/2 cup whole milk

      Id say pretty good day overall. Besides the junky lunch meat, the food was pretty good could use a bit more protein and veggies, though. Also not sure if 2 cups of milk a day is too much, but thats about what I average.


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        May 7, 2011 Day 2

        Day 2 is down and it was a Saturday! Saturday has been a cheat day pretty much my whole life. I always seem to pig out on Saturdays. Well, not this Saturday.

        I read over at Primal Toad that Moes is a pretty good place to go for a Primal meal, so Angela and I went there for dinner. I got a salad with steak. It was awesome. Definitely going back there again.


        Run 1 mile, Row 1 mile, Run 1 mile did the runs on a treadmill.


        1 mile run: 7:57
        1 mile row: 6:54
        1 mile run: 9:21
        Total time: 25:49

        This is always a killer workout. The first run felt great. Row was hard. Last run was really hard my legs were jello at that point. I spent about a minute between exercises moving from the treadmill to the rower.



        Calories: 1622
        Fat: 89g (49%)
        Carbs: 57g (14%)
        Protein: 144g (36%)

        Not sure why my carbs were so low today, but Ill take it!

        Meal 1: Eggs, bacon, coffee with whole milk and sweetener

        Meal 2: Whole milk, 1.5 scoops 100% Whey

        Meal 3: Salad from Moes Southwest Grill Lettuce, steak, guacamole, onion, cilantro, salsa, cheese

        Meal 4: Eggs and strawberries


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          Day 3 - May 8, 2011

          Pretty good day! I didnt get a workout in, but Im not too worried Ill just get it tomorrow. Food was pretty decent as well.



          Calories: 1868
          Fat: 86g (41%)
          Carbs: 114g (24%)
          Protein: 170g (36%)

          Meal 1: Whole milk with 2 scoops ON 100% whey (not pictured), Coffee with whole milk and sweetener

          Meal 2: Eggs, bacon, clementine oranges

          Meal 3: Turkey sausage, mixed veggies

          Meal 4: Plain yogurt (Fage 2% couldnt find whole fat), berries

          Other (throughout the day): peanut butter, beef jerky, mixed nuts

          After eating a bit of peanut butter (by itself), I felt like crap for about 3 or 4 hours. Im going to try to cut out the peanut butter for the rest of the challenge. Too bad I love peanut butter.


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            Day 4 - May 9, 2011


            I hit one of the benchmarks for this challenge today with Tabata Something Else. Hit the link for more info. It's 16 minutes long, but quite a workout. Here are my results:

            Pull-ups - 18 total

            Push-ups - 43 total

            Sit-ups - 55 total

            Squats - 110 total

            Total Score: 226


            Another solid day with food. One thing I did have tonight was a bit of honey with some yogurt. I'm guessing honey is at best a food to eat in serious moderation. It was good stuff!


            Calories: 1765
            Fat: 80g (41%)
            Carbs: 112g (25%)
            Protein: 154 (35%)

            I ate almost exactly the same thing today as yesterday. Didn't really mean to, but it happened. Variety is good! I need to switch it up.

            Meal 1: Eggs, bacon, apple, coffee with whole milk and sweetener

            Meal 2: Whole milk and 2 scoops 100% Whey

            Meal 3: Turkey sausage, mixed veggies with butter

            Meal 4: Fage 2% plain yogurt, mixed berries, honey

            Other: Egg (hard boiled), mixed nuts