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My Recovery...The Road to Beast Mode

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  • My Recovery...The Road to Beast Mode

    Hey All,
    I am a 25 year old former college athlete that followed most CW about diet and athletics. I'm relatively new to PB (about 3 weeks) and I have followed it pretty well but still figuring things out. From reading around the forum it seems as though I a bit of different agenda than most. Prior to PB I was training for a race and trying to drop a few lbs to make myself a bit lighter (nothing major just a few pounds). I am 5' 6/7" and my weight 5 months ago was around 130lbs and I have since dropped as low as 110. This was not by design but started with me eating loads of grain carbs (oatmeal, bagles, steel cut oats, toast), fruits and veggies with limited amounts of fats and proteins. Many of the products I consumed were reduced/low fat items. This diet plus overtraining has lead to malnurishment and as a result I have extremely low levels of testosterone...which has caused many negative side effects (muscular damage, no energy, depression, weight loss, loss of bone density etc.).

    Having not been able to perform at the job and watching my body breakdown over the past month has been difficult to deal with, but now I am looking forward to using PB to get back to my old-self and then stronger. I am looking to put weight back on, but not bad weight-good solid muscle.

    Currently I get my exercise through walking and riding a stationary bike - that is about all I can really handle, i do some core work/push ups and pull ups a few times a week.

    So after my visit today with my doctor, who doesn't believe and i have any long term damage,I weighed 112lbs - I am fully beginning my journey back to full health and fitness.

    Wish me luck


    B-2 eggs w/ asparagus and a handful of nuts

    snack - banana and some carrots

    lunch - salad w/ tomotoes, cucumbers, onions, carrots, anchovies w/ olive oil

    dinner- a few slices of turkey w/ steamed broccoli and a sweet potato

    exercise - not much today, ran some errands, bank, doctors, mother's day gifts, but did walk around the mall for a bit.

    Tomorrow my family begins our weeks vacation....prob not the best timing but oh well, so we'll see how I do eating primal because no one else in the family does. I have packed some veggies and deli meat in a cooler as well as purchased some larabars incase i really need something.

    Any suggestions for diet and exercise are more than welcome...Thanks


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    Well isnt that just Prime
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      yea i suppose so...hope i can keep it together on the vaca....there is a wedding to attend while away so it could be difficult