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    Great pic!


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      I am now 105% of Goal... 180 as of Yesterday.

      Amazing this stuff works!
      My Primal Blueprint Journal


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        Managing Expectations and Goals in Weight Loss

        One of the hardest things to do in any type of weigh loss is to deal with expectations. I am the type of guy who wants it and wants it now, so I make all sorts of plans and schemes to try to make myself get to goal.

        I would look at calendar dates, and say "By the Summer, I want to be here so I look good at the beach" however I have found that the body rarely cooperates with the calendar, and rather than making time deadlines, its just best to pick a number and slowly and steady move down the road to get to it.

        Latest research is showing that its not just calories in / calories out that regulates weight gain and weight loss. The body's hormonal system also plays a huge role in the regulation of weight gain and weight loss.

        More and more its things like your blood sugar counts and your insulin levels and the types of food that you are eating which are what causes weight gain and weight loss.

        As in all things, when we can get our expectations under control then it becomes easier to live this way of life. Focusing on numbers, while in the short term, will motivate us, once those numbers are hit then the question is "Now what?"

        For almost one year, I was stuck between 200 and 195 pounds, my body would float there and I felt that the weight would never come off. What finally happened for me was I accepted where I was. I was talking to a good friend who is also a low carb dieter, and somehow what she told me resonated so I decided that I was simply going to accept where I was. I was going to continue to eat low carb, I was going to continue to do my cardio, I was going to continue my weight lifting, but maybe just maybe, my body along with my age was now dictating that I would weigh 195 pounds.

        After that, things started happening, I started dropping weight again, but this time it was more like "Cool...Look what is happening!" rather than "WTF!!?? Why am I not at 165??!!"

        Long story short, since accepting where I was, and continuing to do what I knew was right, a lot of pressure was off. In the time since then I actually dropped to 180 pounds (as of August 17, 2012) which was five pounds under my goal weight of 185.

        Today my goal is different, rather than the number on the scale, I am going for 36" jeans. I don't care if I weigh 185 or 175, its now a goal which means that I am watching what I am eating, and working out to get my body toned to where it needs to be so I can put those suckers on and still breath.
        My Primal Blueprint Journal