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    I had been following the Primal/Paleo guidelines for about a month and felt great! It is definitely something I like and helps me to feel good. I just want an additional reason to be accountable so I am starting this journal now.

    I am on a hiatus from the PB at this time, since I had a tonsillectomy on 4/26. It's been a week and I cannot really eat anything solid yet. It will probably be another week or maybe more before I can eat food because the pain is so great. I also cannot do any physical activity. Being a couch potato for 2 weeks really doesn't suit my needs or lifestyle, I am really bored and very hungry. At this time I am eating whatever I can, which isn't much. There isn't much I can seem to get down (other than ice cream which is cold/soothing and soft) so I am getting calories any way I can. I am very anxious to get back into following the primal lifestyle and once I can I will start my journal. I am hoping to be back on it by 5/11, which is exactly 2 weeks.

    1. Feel good
    2. Be in the best shape of my life
    3. Look good naked!
    4. Start PB on 5/11

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    Welcome. Hope you get better fast!
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      Almost through my recovery period, starting to eat soft foods. I'm eating a lot of dairy (yogurt, ice cream, kefir) and my body isn't very happy. I am going to start eating more veggies (think baby food style) and eggs starting tomorrow. I'm thinking ground beef and chicken might be where I start in terms of meat. I've been looking for lots of recipes to try and am looking forward to the PB lifestyle. My activity is also limited until 5/11 but I have been trying to take walks often. Sometimes I hate when I follow doctor's orders but it's only for my own good. Having to go back to the hospital following a complication would be the worst thing right now! So I am taking it easy on the road to recovery. Only a few more days...


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        Yesterday I was not very hungry in the morning, i listened to my body. Had 2 eggs for breakfast, a banana with almond butter later for lunch. Had a great workout at the gym where I lifted very heavy things! Came home to have a protein shake. Walked 1.5 miles to a pho restaurant where I got grilled pork and "vietnamese omelette" with steamed veggies instead of rice. I'm not sure what was in the omelette but it was interesting and good. Then had a nice after-dinner walk home.

        Warm up, mobility, foam rolling
        Push up/Squat ladder 2x5
        DL - warm up sets then sets of 3 up to 160 and 1 rep at 165
        Bar complexes - RDL/bent over row/hang clean/push press/front squat 5 reps - 45/55/55

        After not working out for so long I was pretty gassed! Felt great! Definite DOMS today though. I'm thinking a nice hike/walk will be on the agenda today, along with food prep and cooking.


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          I have been under the weather all week and for some reason I felt like eating really badly. I ate lots of stuff I normally wouldn't and that isn't of the PB lifestyle. I feel like a crack addict who keeps going back for more. Breaking a lifetime's worth of habits is hard stuff. Lately I haven't been hungry in the morning and eating just sounds horrible. Then I go to work and am too busy for any breaks. I eat a Larabar cause that's the only thing I can sneak eat while I'm working. My throat has been sore so its a lot of green tea. I definitely need to up the water intake today. I finally have a day off, tomorrow, and want to enjoy it! I am recommitting myself to the PB today! I am having a paleo style potluck with my friends today in the park, hopefully it's sunny. There are a lot more people than I thought that I know that are into this way of eating. It's awesome!! Whatever it takes, I need to stick to the PB cause it definitely helps me feel my best. I know it and still I am back to CW when things get busy or hard or something...starting today again.


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            Have a great day! You can do it
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