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So you think you can Primal? May 30 day challenge

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  • So you think you can Primal? May 30 day challenge

    A couple of us were talking/typing and decided we wanted to try out a 30 day challenge. Problem was we didn't want to hijack anyone's actual journal so here we go!!! I figure the best thing to do would be to list what goals you have for the next thirty days and then keep the rest of us posted on how you're doing, if you need a kick in the ass or a big cheeleader "YOU CAN DO IT!!! Like this.......

    YouTube - You can do it montage.

    If you have clicked on this feel free to join us, the more the merrier.

    YouTube - Rocky Music Video-Eye Of The Tiger

    Good luck!!!

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    Okay so here goes. My goals are in no particular order:
    1. drink more water...Ive been totally least 2 litres
    2. Cut back a bit on the meat, I am not a lion
    3. no grains/dairy
    4. NO NUTS!!!!!!!!!!! At least for a month and see how it goes
    5. less computer/tv...I will allow myself (1 hour a night...the rest of the time...exercise/reading/yoga/meditation)
    6. No stepping on the scale till this is over more..I stress tooooo much over small detail stuff: no assumptions, taking things personally (the 4 agreements)
    8.LHT at least 3 times a week...really I can't do this?!?!? geeeeez
    9.walk, walk, walk!!!


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      I'm game. No, really! I am!
      No whole30 cop-out this time. Seriously! For real.

      Ok, I am starting tomorrow since I had the same thought today. Decided I would consider this a cheat day and treat it as such. I now feel...not well.

      1) no coffee
      2)no dairy(no grains is a given, but I will make sure I don't have any), no nuts and no fruit.
      3) no scale.
      4) ditto the less computer time. I don't watch that much tv, but I do waste a ton of time on the computer.
      5)If I walked more, my legs would fall off. So, I'm adding sprints instead. 2x a week
      6) LHT, bodyweight style 3x a week.
      7)PLAY! We got a frisbee, will be put to good use. Going to get a volleyball too, since I love volleyball.
      8) be consistent with my supplements.
      9) No sugar or chocolate. This one is hard for me. The hardest of all I think. I eat way too much chocolate and candy at work.
      10) get enough sleep
      All in all, get back to basics Primal-wise.
      Calm the f**k down.


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        I'm upping my commitment to the primalness as well.

        1. Actually sprint a couple times a week
        2. Walk to work regularly
        3. Lift heavy things 3 times per week
        4. Eat more salads
        5. Fast intermittently throughout the week.
        6. Avoid sugars completely (even chocolate)
        7. Avoid beer completely
        8. Limit wine intake to no more than 6 oz/day and not every day.
        9. Limit dairy to HWC and occasional cheese.
        10. Play (not sure what this is going to entail yet)

        I think that's it for now. I already take supplements, sleep soundly, stimulate the brain regularly, and (if it's sunny) I'm outside. My 30 days will probably end on Friday the 27th, due to pre-planned memorial day activities. This would, in fact, make it a 27 day challenge.
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          My May Whole 30 goal...

          Try to get my protein to 100 grams/day, eat more vegetables, and keep my calories around 1500 to see if I can get off this plateau I'm on. (Thanks Paleobird)
          Lift heavy things.
          Wait until 10 a.m. each day to eat breakfast - try to eat leaner meats with my eggs instead of bacon (see the 1500 calorie rule!)
          Don't buy any more pork rinds!
          Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

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            Yayy! I was just talking about this. Although I need to start tomorrow!

            1. No Facebook for two weeks - try to limit time on computer/tv.
            2. NO dairy! (this one is hard, and the main reason I failed at my lenten whole 30)
            3. NO nuts (I've seriously cut back already)
            4. Limit fruit consumption to berries
            5. Sprint weekly
            6. LHT 3x a week

            Everything else I've pretty much gotten down, these are my last "tweaks"!


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              Holy Moly Kookoomonkey,

              Look what you started! Awsome!

              My big challenge this month is to completely eliminate sugar......all of it...and anything that acts like sugar in my body....chips of any kind especially.

              I am also in for some kind of strength training...everyday....even if it is just some pushups. And a weekly sprint. (lexsi340: maybe we can hold each other accountable for that one)

              Wheres Mystic?

              Here we go......


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                Sweet I'm in!

                My goals:

                1. One meal a day. 20 hour IF's.
                2. Walk walk walk. I plan on hiking every day if possible.
                3. Get serious about my pull up challenge.
                4. Nurse my skin back to health. Stop picking at it and neglecting it.
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                  I'm in, for me:

                  1) More water, less coffee (hard one for me)
                  2) No grains
                  3) No nuts
                  4) No beer (gasp!)
                  5) LHT 3x weekly
                  6) Sprint weekly
                  7) No dairy (I do little of this anyway)
                  8) Go barefoot when not working
                  9) More salads
                  10) 2 hours walking per day at work (I can do this as part of my job)
                  11) A whole less time sitting at my desk typing emails and responses to stuff on this, and other forums!
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                    I have been such a good little Primal girl (in my eating) and am frustrated not loseing weight and I have ALOT to lose, although I am absolutely sure I am gainig muscle. Now I need a few tweaks as well.

                    1. Start sprints once a week, haven't as of yet because of bad knee. I have to find me a hill that I can start these on!
                    2. Find a way to start on pull-ups as well, not sure where I can do these either.
                    3. Already started on lots of play... but find time for more! Been Hiking, biking, geocaching & fishing!! Sooo excited for warmer weather, rain has been keeping us down around here.
                    4. Now this one is really hard for me, for I am addicted... Stay away from scale for the month!! Eeks, someone please come and take away my scale!!
                    5. Try, try, try to get more sleep in my life. I fail miserably here because I am a 3rd shift worker and alot of days I only get 5 hours if that!
                    6. No nuts!! Nuts... this hasn't been a big problem for me, but cutting them out should be something I should do if I really wamt to see my numbers go down.
                    7. Cut down on TV watching time. I have done this recently and cut way back on computer time. Besides, most shows are ending soon for the season!! LOL
                    8. No beer.. I have brought my consumption down to a couple on the weekend, Oh man... this will be the hardest!!
                    9. When the temps hit 50 in the evening, I will ride my bike to work! That might not happen for awhile, but it is a goal!!
                    10. Only fruit consumption will be berries!!


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                      I am totally in! I really need something like this, somewhere I can check in with others attempting the same thing which is to test our abilities to stay strong and focused on our goals to stay/become healthier and happier people. I've been eating as primal, well as primal as I can being a somewhat poor college student which means I don't necessarily by everything organic, but my boyfriend and I have been really goo about keeping grains out and eating lots of meats and veggies. The problem with me is that I have quite the sweet tooth. I love fruit! If I have a favorite food it would be fruit, any kind, all! LOL well anyway I fell off the band wagon pretty hard two days ago when I let my self be tempted by this amazing chocolate cake, then pizza, then,pancakes, then twix! AHHHHH how did it come to this! Well I have no idea, but I need to get straight again, now!! So here are my goals....

                      1. Don't eat any grain products
                      2. eat fruit only once a week and only one serving
                      3. keep carbohydrate intake to 50g a day
                      4. after this week which is finals week, get back to playing for an hour every day
                      5. walk an hour a day
                      6. LHT 3 days a week starting in two weeks when I'm back home with my weights lol
                      7. take multivitamin every day along with calcium and omega 3 supplements
                      8. ABSOLUTELY NO SUGAR!!
                      9. IF once a week
                      10. be at145lbs on day 30


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                        OH! and Sprint once a week!! Also be more aware of spelling errors when posting on forums apparently lol
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                          I've been looking for some company on my 30-day challenge! Yay!!
                          1. no grains
                          2. cut down on dairy
                          3. cut down on coffe to 1 cup a day
                          4. get to bed earlier
                          5. towards the end of the 30 days start IF-ing
                          6. start sprinting and lifting heavy things


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                            oh my god reading other's challenges can only make me relate and inspire me. I too will treat today as a 'cheat day' (currently devouring a jar of yummy nut butter) and start tomorrow. In about 30 days I have an event to look forward to too! here we go:

                            1. increase protein intake, especially after work/for dinner as tend to loose appetite snacking on nuts.
                            2. no nuts. no fruit. if family come over and unload boxes of fruit on me- cut and freeze em up!
                            3. walk on beach once a week and jump in water for a quick swim. I love this 'me' time to myself and don't do it enough.
                            4. buy/use herbal toothpaste (already gone poo-less and use minimal beauty products)
                            5. NO CHOCOLATE. not even DARK Chocolate, as this opens up a black hole that sucks me up.
                            6. No alcohol. This will be easy as done it before.
                            7. Try to do a 20hr fast being only one meal. (Already do 16 hr).
                            8. Fit in a nap once a week.
                            9. No jumping on scales til this is over. I've got enough stress in my life.
                            10. Tabata sprints. Have been building up to this slowly, but this will require running in the park/beach, not in my busy morning gym session.
                            11. Barefoot more often, e.g. when gardening.
                            12. LHT only bodyweight. don't listen to the stupid trainers at the gym. I know my body type. With weights before I had put on some weight and worsened my upper back, my physio told me off and so I need to tone it down lol.

                            I'm already good with dairy, only butter and sheeps cheese rarely. planning on buying some ghee. also good with walking to work these days, as fuel is ridiculous, and still do yoga twice a week and SOW once a week.
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                              Well, I didn't make it to 10:00 for bkfst ... starving by 9:00, but at least I lasted 2.5 hours after getting up

                              In my quest to take in more protein during this challenge (and a little less fat) I switched to Canadian Bacon (peameal) and am up to 24 grams of protein already instead of my normal 18. Calorie intake is about the same.
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