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So you think you can Primal? May 30 day challenge

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    Originally posted by trinity4 View Post
    Im reading everyones goals for the month, and Im feeling like an wimp. I feel like if I try to make too many changes I wont make it, but maybe Im making it too easy. Hmmmm.....well, I guess I can add new goals as I go. And actually, for me, if I do just stay away from my personal kryptonite, which is sugar, then that will be quite an accomplishment.....for me...
    Duder this is AWESOME!!! DON'T feel like a wimp! Do what's best for you and something you know you are going to stick with because otherwise you might beat yourself up if you do falter and that is what we are trying to avoid riiiight? :P


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      Originally posted by Tara View Post
      Hi!! So just a thought...

      I never count calories/carbs or really anything but have decided to do it for maybe a week or two to see how I fit into the Carb curve that Mark has.... I thought for SURE that I went way over in carbs today but when I put it into fitday, this is what I got.

      Cals: 1009
      Fat (g): 68.2
      Carbs (g): 47.9
      Prot (g): 55.4
      HI HI HI I would say calories tooooo looooow, protein/fat not enough and too many carbs...
      How many carbs should I eat each day? | Mark's Daily Apple
      I noticed you don't have a personal journal? Maybe start one and in there write down the food you are eating that way we can get a better idea of where you could change things? Nuts are great but if you are trying to lose weight I would say STAY AWAY at least until your wedding and then GO NUTS! (whoa lame joke hehe)


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        I'm totally in... April was not a good month, and I need to to kick myself in the ass for May.

        my goals:
        1) eat primal foods only
        2) no dairy, no nuts, no fruit
        3) less "screen" time - computer, tv, iphone - more reading (kindle ok)
        4) move more - the plan is alternative days of yoga/bodyweight exercises, sprints/jogging, lots and lots of walking
        5) no touching my face - I will make the tiniest nothing pimple into a huge zit and then freak out
        6) stop making excuses not to do things b/c of how I look/feel. JUST DO IT

        I think that's it... I'm very excited to get back on track! So far the first 2 days of May have been good


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          Originally posted by Metismomma View Post
          Day 1 of no coffee and I have a headache. Which is really weird
          I've heard that headaches are super normal when it comes to cutting out the coffee. I wish I could do this but THAT would be totally unrealistic for me


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            Originally posted by paradisefound View Post
            6) stop making excuses not to do things b/c of how I look/feel. JUST DO IT
            I think I have to add this one to mine because I sometimes avoid doing things for the same reason


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              Thanks for the encouragement Ms. KooKoo. You're right.....this is a first step for me, just the beginning of the journey. Y'all are just so coool with your awesome goals. Reading about everyones progress is extra inspiring. I want to just get past the addiction part and move to serious transformation, because that ultimatly is what I think this is all about.

              For 7 days now, I have had no sugar and have been very primal. Happy Day!


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                Definitely not trying to eat only 1000 cals. I had some coconut milk (about 1/3 cup) and then had some zucchini with olive oil. Super yummy! That upped my cals. Definitely be sure to eat a bit more tomorrow!

                Based on the carb curve, I should try to sneak in under 50 g of carbs every day to be in "accelerated fat loss" area. I kept thinking that 50 to 100 was ideal. Whoops on that one

                Oh well, tomorrow is another day! Going to try going totally "fruitless" tomorrow! Woo!

                Good job so far everyone! It's so excited to see everyone doing this together!


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                  I was doing the same thing by eating almost 100 carbs a day and expecting to be in the "accelerated fat loss" area, boy was I wrong! Well today I think I did pretty well, not great but ok. I ate completely primal, no grains, no fruit, no sugar, no nuts, but I didn't walk as much as I planned nor did I LHT. I also ate too few of calories but that's actually been my calories matter all that much? Is there a certain amount I should always be above no matter what?


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                    ^^ re calories: I really don't think there is a target one should aim to exceed. If you feel good, energized and your performance isn't suffering, I don't see any reason for it. Apparently there are benefits to calorie and/or carb cycling anyway, so I would think that anything that keeps your metabolism guessing would be a good thing. As far as I understand it, this is one reason why IF works for some people, in addition to the fasting itself.

                    The protein sparing modified fast, which is sort of similar to what some people are doing here (mostly protein, lowered fats, minimal/no dairy, nuts, fruits) has shown really cool ability to target fat stores while sparing muscle mass. I'm into it, especially because high fat primal made me gain fat.

                    I'm also enjoying the hard core commitments of this thread. I'd like to add my own for the month of may:

                    1. no dairy except butter (need to minimize hormones)
                    2. no sugar or sweeteners of any kind (day 9 today, hard to believe because I'm a fiend)
                    3. very minimal fruits (not a problem); very minimal nuts (a problem)
                    4. IF most days (started a few weeks ago)
                    5. as much protein as I can handle; less fat
                    6. have fun with exercise, let it be more playful
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                      I had eggs, bacon, chicken thighs, and deli-sliced roast beef yesterday and still only hit 80 grams of protein. I'd like to get probably 20-30 grams more in. What are some ways you gals get your protein numbers up without resorting to powders?
                      Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

                      Jan. 1, 2011: 186.6 lbs PBSW Mar. 1, 2011: 175.8 lbs
                      CW: 146.8 lbs
                      GW 140 lbs
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                        How in the world do you all get so much protein? I was proud of my 50 something grams yesterday! I would love some suggestions!

                        Today is Day 8 for me! WOO! I hope you all have a super primal day


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                          I've been thinking about that, and I'm not wanting to resort to spiru-tein powder (how I love thee) and tofu smoothies (no sugar) just to make it easier to get it all in. I won't do cottage cheese or yogurt, so I'm actually contemplating tofu. Don't shoot me.

                          I'll break my fast later with tuna (30 grams in one can), but may not even finish it.


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                            Ohhh tuna is a great idea. Maybe I need to get brave and make my own mayo so I can have a nice tuna salad? Thanks!


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                              Yesterday's summary
                              May 2: Day 01
                              Goal #1) Get outside: Went for a nearly 2-hour walk on my lunch "hour" (oops!).
                              Goal #2) LHT: Yesterday I taught 2 fitness classes, so no LHT-ing for me, however oe of my classes was BodyPump which is a weight lifting class (low weight, high rep).
                              Goal #3) Eat more fat: sausage, bacon and 2 hard-boiled eggs for breakfast. Sausage and shrimp in tomato sauce (jamabalya withouth the rice, I guess) and some raw veggies. Green tea. Nuts, a little cheese. I ordered Tropical Traditions' Coconut Cream Concentrate and as soon as that gets here, will try to incorporate a spoonful or two of coconutty goodness into my day.
                              Goal #4) No chips/popcorn: We had some mini tortilla chips left over from a party. Normally there are none in the house - it's one of those treats I indulge in every so often, and I'll stop at the store on my way home to buy a small bag. Anyway, I had a handful of those little tortillas when I got home from the gym yesterday because I was so hungry (methinks I'm a little premenstrual). And then I threw that rest of the bag away.
                              Goal #5) Cut wine: Failsies. I had a glass of delicious Pinot Grigio after my workout last night. It was so, so good.
                              Goal #6) IF: Yesterday wasn't a good day for an IF for me because a) I was just really hungry all day yesterday and b) I had two hours of fitness classes on the agenda and needed enough fuel in my tank.


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                                Maybe I'll have a can of salmon and a salad for supper. That should help. But I still seem to top out at around 80 grams.
                                Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

                                Jan. 1, 2011: 186.6 lbs PBSW Mar. 1, 2011: 175.8 lbs
                                CW: 146.8 lbs
                                GW 140 lbs
                                A proud member of PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals