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So you think you can Primal? May 30 day challenge

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  • Great work, everyone. I'm also finding that I have to cut fruit completely to deal with cravings. Not a huge deal for me, and it works.

    My challenge is continuing for another 2 weeks. Things have gone well for the most part. Based on several factors, I've been eating more conventionally raised meats since moving in with my boyfriend. I eliminated dairy pretty much completely due to hormonal disruption but kept the meats because I can't afford grass fed as a grad student. Big mistake. I'm really frustrated by the amount of chemicals we are faced with ... and I'm also tired of eliminating food groups. But anyway, I'm going ahead with no dairy and no meats - just fish - for the rest of our challenge here.

    Best of luck to all.


    • Hmmm, sounds like the consensus is that fruit is a slippery slope for a lot of us. I'm wondering if dairy is like that for me. My vacation mindset lasted striaght through the long weekend, and, although I ate pretty healthily and was super active, I've gained back 3 of the 4 pounds. I think I might be retaining water, so I'm not sweating it, but I noticed I've been craving sweets like crazy, and also just snackier than usual. I had a couple bites of cheese at the farmer's market, a bite of yogurt or sour cream here or there, and a fair bit of fruit over the weekend, so I'm thinking I need to cut out all of that to get myself back on track appetite-wise. I woke up ravenous this morning. Waited nearly an hour to eat, but then I was too hungry to IF til lunch (congrats, btw, Cilla, on your 18 hours!), so I had my leftover dinner: grassfed beef and carmelized onions wrapped in collareds with some green chile pumpkin seed sauce. YUM. Then I saw my thyroid doc, who is increasing my levels, which should help a lot w/ the weight, and came home and had a couple sprouted almonds and a sip of coffee with chocolate protein powder. I think I'll need to cut that out as well. My husband has been thriving on it--his muscles are popping out, and he has lost every tiny morsel of fat he ever had, but I guess everyone's different. Back to strict paleo. Not just because it helps with weight loss/maintenence, but because it's empowering. I like feeling in control and healthy!

      Good luck for those that are continuing with the challenge. I have only been doing it by fits and starts, so I'll definitely be starting up again today, with the intention of another fairly strict month. I do have a couple trips planned that will involve wine and chocolate, and that's okay, but I'll try to stick with optimal nutrition and exercise when I'm home. Summer's coming!
      My primal journey involves a lot of (chocolate) slip-ups. But, I'm all about getting back on the horse!