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Primal Journal: Bookluvingbabe --working to be fab and fit in my 40s!

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  • Primal Journal: Bookluvingbabe --working to be fab and fit in my 40s!

    I am finishing up day 9 of my "Act as If" challenge.

    I've flirted with the primal lifestyle on and off for the last year and lost 15 pounds last summer before I started letting sugar and grains back in to my life way too often.

    Now I'm taking it seriously.

    So far the scale isn't moving but right now I'm more concerned with keeping the grains out of my diet, avoiding sugar and starting to move again. I also had 3 days of work events where the only safe food options were fruit salad. I think I've been a little carb heavy lately.

    But aside from 1 or 2 kernels of corn on a scallop appetizer that I accidentally ate and possibly a smidgen of crust from a quiche that I ate trying to get some protein, I've done well so far. Skipped the desserts, didn't eat the rest of my son's mac and cheese and walked out of the cupcake store without a cupcake for myself.

    I just bought a scooter for myself --my son has one and it looks like so much fun. I'm hoping to put it together this week so we can scoot next weekend. I also took him on a small hike today and then went for a one mile walk by myself later.

    Looking forward to posting and receiving insights in the coming days and week.

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    Day 10 was a good day and then a not so good day. But it ended with bacon and everything is better with bacon.

    The good:

    8 hours of sleep
    Decaf coffee with heavy cream and coconut oil
    2 eggs fried in butter over about a cup of ground beef with onions, mushrooms, carrots, squash and tomato sauce
    Pork tongue experiment was not a failure--not as good as beef tongue but edible.
    Terrific haul at the farmer's market--tons of asparagus, beef tongue and pork shoulder.
    Lovely chat with a friend after services this am.

    The not so good:

    No movement--it was a rainy day on and off.
    I didn't have a specific plan for dinner or anything defrosted that the whole tribe would eat. Hubby suggested a local diner that has a local and healthy menu. He had bison that was so overcooked it was sad. I had turkey and mashed potatoes. I also had sweet potato fries that I think were coated in something weird and the salad dressing on the salad was definitely commercial and filled with icky oils.

    But I cooked some bacon when I got home after my son was asleep. Added a bunch of asparagus too.

    I need to track my macros --I know I'm probably too high in carbs and I think I'm not getting enough good fats.

    Baby stepping my way...