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  • Hey everyone! Thanks. We're doing great. Very happy. Glad to see there are still a few out there who remember me. ^_^

    Okay, where was I? Right. Had baby! Took two and a half months off work to adjust to baby and heal up post-surgery. I healed really, really fast! And the onalarklette has hit all her milestones with grace and aplomb; she's a very good baby! Formula did not cause her to sprout horns and wings. I'd say on days I'm not working, she's half-formula, half-breast milk. Not ideal, but not bad. And it gives her dad a chance to bond with her as he's the one who gives her bottles. I'm not super thrilled by bottles, but I like to see the silver lining. And that is definitely one of them.

    Prior to the delivery, I'd been eating higher carb. Not as high-carb as your typical pregnant lady, but higher carb than a primaleo eater. Potatoes at lunch, some white rice (usually boiled and organic to try and minimize any arsenic in there) here and there. I also stayed mostly GF, though unlike a lot of people who eat primaleo, I don't get any particularly strong physical reactions to gluten in my diet. Excessive amounts of white sugar and vegetable/seed oils are way, way worse on my body than white flour, and guess what usually gets massive amounts of sugar and veg oils? White flour products. Doughnuts. Cake. Pies. Anything pastry-like, pretty much. My sweet tooth, let me show you it.

    Now I am nursing (when I can) and still eating higher carb. There's been some stress; the unplanned surgery, adjusting to a new baby, and more recently we got news about his job that indicated we needed to move or lose our house. It wasn't a hammer blow -- we could have survived quite a while without getting to a point where we couldn't make house payments -- but it was very clear that if we didn't get out of the mortgage we were in, we were going to be boned.

    Fortunately, we'd already been planning this. My husband and I, despite liking our jobs, would both like to quit the "rat race" and pursue our own interests. Also, Onalarklette has brought great joy to our life, and we'd like to have another one, except that our daughter's current caretaker (his mom) told us she doesn't think she can do another one. So we've made a plan to downsize our home and try and live on one salary (or, better yet, live on the money we make from our own personal pursuits). And good news! Selling our current house has not been a problem (so far), and buying a new one hasn't seemed like a problem...but it will add to my commute. A lot. :\ But hey, I'm going to be taking the train and that's a chance to decompress and do some writing. I hope.

    And part of our "financial freedom" plan has both of us working for the next year and a half...but it's all good. Goals! We has them.

    Soooo...what have I been eating? Well, I can't call it paleo. I can't call it exactly primal, either. I eat oatmeal in the mornings -- soaked in yogurt, with butter and raw honey, but it's still oatmeal. I still eat some rice and some potatoes. I like raw dairy, and don't seem to suffer from it. I avoid wheat, but the big culprit for me are those seed oils and sugar, so I let myself have slices of sourdough on weekends, and on days like today (when I am the cook), I'll make things like pancakes made with soaked and sprouted far, so good. I know, though, that wheat is little more than a paste that holds things together. It's calories, and more important -- it's gluten-containing calories. I know. That's why I don't eat it that often.

    I'd call what I eat WAPF-esque...except that WAPF drives me nuts with its fringe-activism (homeopathy, anti-vax, scaremongering) crap. I LIKE reading about traditional food preparations and eating plans...I HATE the pseudoscience bullshit that goes with it. Same problem I have with a lot of primal/paleo sites that regurgitate some of the same old science that has since been debunked. I have probably come to That Point. You know, the one where you say: "Just eat the fucking food and find out what works for you"? Yeah, that point.

    I am trying out a higher fat diet because I have about 12 pounds of pregnancy weight that's sitting on my hips. Still nursing, though, and that might be part of it; mom claims she couldn't lose weight when she was nursing. I'm adding a lot more butter and coconut oil to my diet, while scaling back other macros, to see if I can hit satiation without breaking the bank (or killing my already limited milk supply). So far so good! But again, I'm not sure I'd call it primal (and it's definitely not paleo).

    Anyway! I hope all is well with everyone, I hope you're finding what works for you, and I hope if you're not you're still looking! I don't think I'll post here much in the future, but I know I disappeared abruptly, and I wanted to let people know why.

    All is well. All is well. We are happy and healthy and moving toward our own financial/personal independence. It took a daughter to nudge us in that direction. She's wonderful. Light of my life. Kids or not, I hope the same for everyone.
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