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Starting Paleo.....looking to rid myself of fat and psoriatic arthritis!!!

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  • Starting Paleo.....looking to rid myself of fat and psoriatic arthritis!!!

    Hello everyone,

    I cannot spell and am sorry for that...spell check giving me a hard time currently.

    I will give a short synopisis of what is going on. 18 yrs old....very fit, water polo, wrestling, gymnastics, all did wonderful things for myself and my body. I would caracterize myself at that point as superfit.....then college happened and seditary lifestyle kicked in, and then a problem that I still ate like I was in sports, beer happened, and I went from a very fit 170 lbs. male to a 230 lbs. not so fit male.

    At age 23 I read a book called Body For Life, followed it for about 3 months and dropped down to 190, but this was not a long term solution for me as I just gained it right back once I was done. Too strict on the food etc.

    Age 25 graduated college and got into the real world. Was fond of lifting weights so started doing that, then started lifting dynamicaly with snatches and got stronger as well. Kettlebells were introduced to me and I got hooked on those as well. My plan was to compete in Highland Games, heck I was a big strong guy at the time around 240 lbs. I was a fat but I was stronger than most and that was good enough for me. I was very active at the time, played disc golf like a religion and worked out nice and hard, but still drank beer and ate like crap.

    Then a pain in my spine started up, went to the chiro, got an MRI, things just got worse, then my knee started to have pain, then my feet started hurting......that is probably the worst, it spread to my hands and shoulders....I was couch ridden, seeing Dr.'s left and right trying to figure out what was happening to me. Everyone was thinking I was being a hypocondriac as joint pain is something you can't see. I was starting to get depressed. I was weighing in at 265lbs. and just didn't care at all.

    Finally my fiance found an ad in a readers digest that had a arm with psoriasis and a quesiton mark asking about joint pain.....well I had very miald psoriasis, and I had joint pain......went to a Rhumy and got diagnosed. It was good to have a name with what was going on and I found medication to help with the pain, but there is no cure for what I have. I am blessed enought to have medication (Enbrel) that gives me a normal life.

    So once my joints stopped being so inflamed I started to work out again. Kettlebell lifting happend and started getting strong.....this time I really hit it hard and actualy trained for Highland Games. All I can say is that about a month into that training I got a hernia! That sucked and kept me down for a good couple of months....again still fat and not happy I have a hard time tieing my shoes.

    Started looking at more natural ways to heal the body though durring this time, learned about gut health, inflamation, things that cause it, triggers for flareups etc.

    Went Gluten free....that lost me 20 lbs. this was about 6 months ago. Now I am not doing this for weight but it was nice but the diet did not help with the arthritis. I stoped eating gluten free, didn't gain the weight back, but did start wroking out consistantly.

    Through research I found the Primal Blueprint, read the book, found out that everything I thought I knew was wrong! It made just too much sence to me not to take hold and go for it. I started Paleo on Monday, will take a pic and post it tonight so yall can see me!



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    Welcome Darwin! Sorry to hear of the troubles you've had over the past several years. I hope that they resolve or at least improve for you. If I remember correctly, there are some members here who've had success with eliminating joint pain. Maybe you will join their ranks!


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      Welcome Darwin. I have severe arthritis too that has been greatly helped by a primal diet in conjunction with getting my vitamin D levels up and doing a low lectin version of PB. The idea is to eliminate high lectin food groups for one month and then to add the groups back one at a time to see which group(s) might be causing problems. The biggest one aggravating my arthritis is the nightshade family. But eggs and dairy contribute a little too. I have been able to get rid of all drugs except one (tocilizumab - so still a big drug) but we are going to reduce that one in the coming months. I feel better now than I ever have since I was a teenager. This is the place the got me started on lectins:


      Good luck!!
      Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )


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        jammies- Lectin is evil....I am looking at nightshades as well, it gives me some good hope that you are feeling better in such a dramatic way!


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          I have to say that primal is good. The food is really good, made a fritatta on monday for breakfast for the week and it is very counter intuitive to what I consider healthy.

          7 eggs, 16oz. frozen spinach, 4 strips of bacon, roasted squash, and some itialian sausage.......I am trusting the book and all of the before and afters

          Lunch was some more fritatta

          Dinner last night was a salad with nuts veggies lots of oil and some vinager topped with left over lamb....really good

          supplementation was 4g. of fish oil

          Rode a bike for an hour

          Today I had fritatta for breakfast.....this is very new to me...this eating breakfast thing. I have had a protien shake for breakfast for the past 4 years because I don't really like eating in the had milk (bad), bananna (ok), orange juice (really bad), Acai berry powder, Greens powder, and a multi substrate protien powder called Matrix 5.0 (this had gluten sneaked in it!)

          Going from that to actually eating is a bit different but it is ok.

          The excercise thing where is a bit different for me as well as I am used to hitting it really hard 4 days a week and being super sore all the time. I did a nasty kettlebell workout on Monday, Tues and Wed just rode my beach crusier for an hour each and I have to say it was really nice taking in the trees and some sun.....hell, I have to say it was relaxing!

          Today will be the chicken stuffed with bacon and avacodo for that from the primal cook looks really tasty

          Took pics last night with some rolled up shorts and will post them when I get home. I will take them every month to see how things are going but I am not really planning on getting a scale or anything. I think scales are not the best measure and I don't even have a goal weight, but I do look forward to loosing some of this fat!


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            Lectin is evil! Scary study here, will look into further!


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              If you aren't hungry for breakfast, you don't HAVE to eat. There are a ton of people here (myself included) who fast daily for portion of the day. Eat when you're hungry.

              Your food choices sound good! And I'm jealous of the bike riding. Seems there's nowhere good in my neighborhood to walk or ride.


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                It isn't that I am not is just in the past I have had issues "holding it down".....really tasty fritatta seems to have fixed the problem.

                I will try fasting in a couple of weeks, just don't think I have it in me yet to do it.

                Had the chicken "sandwich" for lunch.....I don't think this as a "diet" at all, really more of a lifestyle I think especialy after reading Primal Blueprint. I now really look at grain and sugar as evil for me. I am not saying that when I go into the lunch room and there are lemon bars there I don't think of how tasty they are and how much I love lemon bars....but then the brain kicks in with my newfound knowledge about BP and the fact that grain and sugar are really just poison really kills the craving for said bars.

                Again with the diet part, this food is freaking good! I absolutly love to cook and consider myself very good at it according to anyone who has ever tasted my cooking. This is a new style for me though and I am learning, so for now I will be using the cookbook's for my base of learning. But anytime I can have a steak with a side of creamed kale and it is considered good.....not too hard to follow.

                1 thing will be alcohol for me though. I have to stay strict on that as I do love a bottle of wine, some whiskey, or some beer by the pool. I also consider myself a binge drinker on top of that, so I really suck at just having a glass of wine with dinner...really will polish off the bottle. To counteract this I am going to give myself a "rule" as that is the way my mind seems to work. Once a month is all I am going to drink, and to be honest on that day I will probably drink way too much. I hope that I won't feel like doing that by the time it comes, but I will be 100% in every single aspect of PB otherwise. I know the 80% should be the goal, but I truly think that grain is TOXIC!, and sugar is TOXIC!, and other packaged garbage as TOXIC! so 100% for me is the only way to go!


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                  How in the hell am I supposed to load an image here? URL? do I have to post this to flicker first or something?


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                    don't know if this works


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                      I failed at uploading a pic and will look into how to get it on.

                      Yesterday had a sweet Kettlebell workout with a good buddy of mine. Lift heavy things right? Well been strict paleo starting Monday, and at the end of the workout I crashed! Did swings, clean and jerks, goblet squats, and ended with firman cary's and on the last firman I dropped a kettlebell! It was not that I was wiped out but physicaly I just stopped. I guess I have not been eating enough carbs or something?

                      Dinner was a fritatta wedge

                      Today I started by I guess a IF for breakfast as I didn't have anything.

                      Lunch will be croc pot roast beef with broccoli!!!

                      The whole office is getting lunch from a deli.....very much hard for me as it is my favorite place, but then brain kicked in and told the fat to shut the fuck up as I know how bad that is for me and I will be enjoying potroast instead!


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                        Dinner was Italian sausage with a bunch of kimchi and sriracha...really some good paleo Korean food!

                        No workout today or really any exercise, was too tired from yesterday I guess, I just went to the pool and sat in the sun for an hour and will just be chilling the rest of the night.


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                          This is me starting off the primal way....will post in every 30 days

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                            B: two egg scramble with bacon and half an avacado

                            L: one piece of beef jerky and one piece of bacon

                            D: chicken thighs 1, chick drum 1, sausage 1, 2 cups of green beans

                            fourth meal: UFC.....had some left over potroast about 1/3 cup worth....not too happy with this meal

                            Supplement: 4g fish oil

                            Activity: 1 1/2 hr. bike ride, took dogs to dog park for 1 1/2 hr. and walked around

                            Have Fila skeleto shoes annoyance is the back of the heal on mine I have to cover with tape as stitching isn't quite right. Barefoot is neat and feels really natural. Finding that by getting out more I am craving getting out more, a real neat side effect of going out so much more.


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                              B: Fritatta

                              L: BBQ rib, sausage, coleslaw at a friends house....rib has some bbq sauce on it

                              D: chicken breast with kimchi and some beef jerky...2 pieces of dark 72% chocolate

                              Workout today was nice. Met up with a buddy of mine who I like to work out with...he knows way more about exercise than masters degree stuff. Did some fantastic sprint training it was fun and I used the skeletoes for it....found out that I run heel to toe and fixed it.