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Sugarfreeme.....My Journal/Journey

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  • Sugarfreeme.....My Journal/Journey

    Alright. I'm commiting. Stepping up. Diving in.

    I have been a lurker and a mostly-primal gal for about a year now. Have had lots of stuff going on and so havent really commited to the work of improving my health/diet/lifestyle. Now its just time.

    I really do eat well, better than most folks, really...but that isn't saying much. My kryptonite, absolutly, is sugar. I always blow it and end up endulging. So much so that I have gained about 10 pounds since August. I know it is an addiction. I am hoping that improved nutrition and strenght will help me move past this issue.

    I know that the number on the scale is just a number, and not the most important part of is about getting back into my body and feeling strong again. I have not been taking care of myself the way that I deserve, and it is beginning to show. No more.

    Im going to focus on eating a high fat, lower carb diet for now. And strength training. Daily journaling of food.

    For the record, I am 42 year old woman....four kids...137 pounds....would like to weigh around 120 and be able to do a F'ing pull-up!

    Thoughts from those who have beaten their sugar habit would be greatly appreciated! I need a plan!

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    Good day! Day one is usually easy, but I am happy with my choices and the way I feel.

    coffee + cream

    2 fried eggs, 3 slices canadian bacon, 1/2 c. green beans

    Big salad with greens, diced chicken, feta cheese, olives, olive oil

    2 almond butter cups

    BBQ pork chop, deviled eggs, few cooked carrots with lots of butter

    30 minutes of Yoga

    Yay for me sticking with a plan! More excersize tommorrow....


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      I just want to remind myself, when I start to make choices that aren't in line with my much better I feel when I just stick to the plan, how quickly my clear-headedness becomes foggy, how quickly the bloat and ill feeling in my body return when I make the choice to put what truly is POISON in it. Cravings will come and go, I just have to ride them like ocean waves knowing that if I stay the course the rewards of discipline are amazing.

      Changing my life happens one choice at a time.


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        Today's food:

        coffee + cream (2 cups)

        Cup of bone broth (yum), 1/2 c. keifer, 4 slices of canadian bacon

        leftover BBq pork plus sauteed mushrooms and feta cheese

        2 almond butter patties (love them)
        1 deviled egg

        steak from 2 tacos (no tortillas! Yay!), sour cream

        45 minutes walking, 30 minutes yoga

        Again.....happy day. Big victory: out to dinner at mexican food with NO tortilla chips!


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          120 is my goal as well. I have trouble with sugar as well as flour. Even when you give up the main culprits they sneak in the back door, hidden in so many products. I'd love to offer you support and acountability. I keep trying to do 30 days of paleo but am finding it super hard not to slip up. Practise makes perfect.


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            Hi mystic,

            Thanks for chiming in on my little adventure! Sugar addiction sucks! Though I have had a couple of good day, I dread the coming cravings, which usually happen for me around day 3 or 4 (today or tommorow). You are so right about things "sneaking in". Right now I am making all my own food so I know exactly whats in everything. Eating out becomes tough. I keep telling myself "You're in rehab, stick with it". Yes, lets do some mutual support! Do you have a journal? Maybe a daily check in? Maybe a 30 day challenge starting May 1st?


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              I do have a journal, it's a collection of restarts and new attempts. I love eating paleo so it shouldn't be so hard. With May just around the corner a 30 day challenge sounds great. It is alot easier when not eating out. I'll join you in rehab for May. Once we get 30 days under our belt it should become easy as the cravings will go.


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                ummmm Hi guys!! I'm pretty new to all of this and I was wondering if maybe I could join you on your 30 day challenge? I think it would really help me if I knew I was doing with other people
                ps.What's an almond butter patty?!?!?!?! sounds dangerous lol


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                  Mystic....alrighty, then we're on! Lets do it. No sugar and primal for 30 days starting the first!

                  Kookoomonnkey.....please join us. Maybe we move the challenge to another page? I'll have to figure that out.

                  My almond patties are like a peanut butter cup (kinda) but no chocolate or peanut butter, just almond butter. I mix 1/4 cup butter, 1/4 cup coconut oil, 1/2 cup almond butter and 1/4 shredded coconut, melt it all together and pour into molds. They are super yummy, high fat, low carb and keep me from eating junk.


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                    coffee + cream
                    Protien smoothie plus raspberries

                    chicken, slices red pepper, bone broth

                    2 almond butter patties

                    chicken breast, green beans, deviled eggs

                    **Michelob Ultra** notso Primal, but much enjoyed


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                      Yumm! Your meals sound fantastic. Those almond butter patties sound lovely. I'll have to give them a try when I have more room for cooking. I'm looking forward to the May challenge. I'll post wherever you set it up, here or there. That's great you can join us KooKoo. There more the merrier. Yesterday I did well and had salad and roast beef for dinner.


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               busy yesterday that I didn't post....I ate well, even resisted the gorgeous brownies that my daughter made. Did enjoyed another Michelob Ultra Amber, which is little more than water-flavored-beer, but it was a nice treat at the end of a long and busy day. I am out the door this morning for a Loooong walk with a friend then a late breakfast. I will check in later.

                        Mystic and kookoo....we'll figure out where to put our challenge later....tommorow is the day!


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                          Wow, another busy with no time for posting.


                          coffee + cream

                          eggs, cheese, bacon

                          turkey burger with lettuce, guacamole

                          slice of cheese and deli turkey

                          mahimahi with steamed veggies and mango salsa (out with my friend for dinner....super yummy)

                          Two hours of walking! Tired and happy tonight.

                          Will figure out where to post challenge tommorrrow.....hopefully......


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                            Why don't we make a group journal? I think that would make the most sense? Now a name!!! We need a name!!!!


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                              Happy to join in as well - sugar is my killer - everything else about Paleo/Primal is easy!

                              I am going for a 90 day challenge as based on what I have been reading, it is more like 10 weeks before you really start to lose the taste for it.

                              I have been primal (mostly!) since February, and have gone for a week or two without sugar and feel so much better for it. But if stress or tiredness hits, the sugar monster comes out and grabs me!
                              Let Go. Move On. Be Free.