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    Back on track and feeling good.


    omelette w/ artichoke hearts, cheese and bacon (delicious!)

    coffee + coconut milk

    salami w/mustard

    beef patty, salad: lettuce, kale, feta cheese, olive oil, vinegar

    pork, green beans

    15 min yoga


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      Felt extra tired today. Not much energy....maybe from the crap on Sunday?



      protien shake w/ raspberries, coconut milk, whey powder

      burger, salad: lettuce, kale, cheese, egg, olive oil + vinegar

      coffee+coconut milk
      salami and mustard

      egg casserole, green beans with lotsa butter (yummmy)

      1 hour walk
      attempts at pulls ups throughout the day....
      15 minutes yoga


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        Goood day.


        americano at a cafe

        11:30: beef patty, mushrooms, cheese, cucumber with italian dressing
        2 slice salami
        1/2 pkg. seaweed

        2 T. almond butter
        cheese slice with red pepper + mustard

        grilled halibut, everything salad

        30 minute walk
        random attempts at pullups
        15 minutes yoga


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          Tired! A day of runnning (well, driving) around and around. I may squeeze in some yoga before I go to bed but I am feeling wiped out.


          protien shake

          salad: chicken, lettuce, egg, crumbled bacon, italian dressing, avocado

          2 T. almond butter

          turkey meat, lettuce, cheese, olives, salsa

          Didnt really excersize today at all. Bummer. Just a busy-ass day. Will get a walk in in the morning, and get back to attempting pullups.*zzzzz*


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            Here the list:

            coffee +cream

            11 am: 3 eggs, artichoke hearts, bacon bits,
            cucumber slices

            coffee+coconut milk

            hb egg, salami slices, slice of havarti + mustard

            Panda Express dinner (what?) steamed veggies, some kind of beef-like substance that I am sure was coated with msg, sugar and bad fats.
            My daughter had been begging to go there forever, so I caved on her last day of school. The veggies werent bad, at least that was an option, so no noodles or rice. But the beef wasn't the best choice ever. I may be paying for that indulgence for awhile.

            15 min yoga.....thats it! I really need to up my movement starting tommorow. And just eat really clean and drink extra H2O.


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              Feeling heavy today, a little discouraged at the lack of changes in my body. I know I havent been at this very long. I guess I hoped for some kind of instant transformation. But that just isnt the way it works, not at this age. And not at this time of the month onward....its a journey, not a destination....or so I keep telling myself.



              around 11:30: 2 eggs, bacon bits, sauteed chard (oh my god sooo delicious from the farmers market!)

              then, I got I couldnt eat enough to get full...
              1/4 c. keifer, 4 slices salami, pkg. of seaweed, chicken meat with artichoke antipasto+mayo, ground beef with mayo+mustard
              coffee+coconut milk.
              Thanks god there was no crap in the house, I was seriously wanting to eat the house. Havent had that for awhile! I think its a hormonal thing. But I didnt cave and have any sugar, I just said fine, have all the protien and fat you want. I think in this eating window thing Im trying to do I have to make sure I eat enough so that I dont get so crazy hungry. Like my first meal of the day should be huge. Until I feel comfortably full.

              burger + lettuce, sunflower seeds, olive oil+vinegar dressing.

              Planning on having my first meal around noon tommorow. We'll see how it goes!


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                Rant coming:

                So I didnt post my food yesterday, though I ate well.

                I am feeling frustrated. Now, I know that I havent been at this very long, so maybe I just need to get over it. BUT! I have been at this eating plan for a month, with just a few slips, and one not-so-good day and I have lost 2 pounds. I dont really care about the number, but it just confirms how I feel...not better at all. My pants still feel too snug, my stomach hasnt shrunk, and I dont feel any better than I did a month ago. Seriously. I have elimnated all grains without exception, and most alll sugar, except for my one bingy day last mothers day, and perhaps some sugar in that dumb Panda Express meal. Im not sure where to go with this, or what to do next. Something has got to shift. I have been looking at the Whole30 website and am thinking I need to go hardcore for a month, really change things up, for a month. Let go of dairy, all processed foods and add in lots of veggies. I need some kind of sign that I am headed the right way, any kind of affirmation that this is the way to go.

                ok, rant over. Not feeling it today, but will NOT be comforting myself with food. Will just stay where I am and feel what I feel.


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                  No loggin my food for a couple of days...but still here. I am switching to a 11-6 eating window, and also transitioning off of dairy, going to use my cream up before I quit it all! Find myself munching more fruit and nuts, will have to watch that, I don't want to start gaining and get really discouraged. The weather has been really stormy and rainy and it seems to be effecting my mood....really draggy and tired and dont have much energy to move. Short walk and yoga yesterday, just a big ole slug today. *sigh* looking forward to husband getting paid on friday so I can do a big shopping and then meal planning for more choices. Anyway....still here!


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                    HOw did a whole week sneak by? Sheesh.....I was waylaid by a crapppy head cold and some famiy crap. I am still here though not logging, just journaling on my own. I havent had a "perfect" 30 days, by far. But, I am improving with my choices and am 4 pounds down from when I began. I am having a hard time incorporating more excersize with the strange weather, so no long walks or playing at the park. Anyway....will start logging my progress again tommorow, my son is graduating from middle school today so it is going to be busy. Im going to shorten my eating window and go fairly low carb to see if I can push the fat loss, it has been excruciatingly slow.......