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For Realzies: Going all the way this time.

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  • For Realzies: Going all the way this time.

    I have been eating primally for a while now, and feel really great, when I can stick on plan. I feel best on low-carb, and have been some version of that for years. I have a ton of great recipes, and am comfortable cooking and navigating a menu/party with these 'rules'.

    My main problem is that I have such an ingrained cycle of restrict-restrict-binge-restrict, it's hard for me to move past the plateau of where I feel comfortable. Like, at 185ish, my clothes still fit and I don't feel totally hideous, so for some reason, it's okay to ping around that number for months and months and months.

    As I spent yesterday recovering from a three-day binge, complete with the sweats and heart- palpitations, I resolved to move past this behavior. I'm 25 for goodness sake! Time to stop this teenage coping method.

    I'll be tracking my meals and how I feel as I add 5-HTP to my diet. I need to prove to myself that I can have a new normal, and this journal will keep me accountable.


    Brunch - ham and broccoli 3-egg omelette
    s - 1/4 cup raw almonds...maybe twice
    D- pounded chicken breast sauted in pesto with broccoli, two deviled eggs with Dijon and mayo, topped with jalapeņos.

    WO- My favorite gym class, an advanced Zumba session (don't laugh...the instructor is amazing :P)

    Thanks so much if you've read this far!

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    Yesterday was definitely 80%. We'd booked a table at a fantastic restaurant, and I "cheated" a little, with some toasted baguette. It was delicious though; how else does a person get roasted bone marrow and red onion confit into their mouth? Also, I ate part of the bun that came with my killer, delicious burger, and had a bit too much vodka. We were celebrating our anniversary, my completion of graduate school coursework, and my first publication (!).

    I'm going to count this as a good day though, because indulging and celebrating at dinner didn't turn into a free-for-all carb binge. I feel good this morning, and am looking forward to my workout and to getting back to the letter of things. Also, I'll have time to pick up my 5-htp today, and am excited to see if it helps me. I plan on still taking my fish oil, B-12, and D with it. Does that sound like an appropriate combination?


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      After weekend craziness, I'm back home and gearing up. We're throwing a party this weekend (carnitas! tequila!), and have begun the more boring chores of entertaining: cleaning, laundry (no more flannel sheets!) and de-cluttering the corners of the apartment.

      I got my 5-htp today, and have taken 200mg. I'm interested to see how I feel over the course of a few days with it. I was trying to find more information online about how it might interact with birth control pills (mini-pill) or melatonin, but with no luck. I may ask my nurse practioner, or the clerk at Whole Foods.

      I've been primal, and am feeling good. I'm looking forward to Zumba tonight. I just have a nagging pain in my right heel. It feels like my achille's is too tight, and it's the oddest pain I've ever had.