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Angie's Adrenal Adventure-- The Good, Bad, and Ugly

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    I'm feeling extremely UNprimal and almost imposter-ish. Not too happy about it either. We are having teacher appreciation week, and I ate one of many, many cookies in my mailbox this morning. It was an impulsive thing - no thought to it - just opened it and ate it. It wasn't very good and just sickly sweet. To top that off, we got coupons for Chik-fil-a, and I ate a sandwich. I took the meat off the bun, but the meat was just drenched in breading (gluten, gluten, gluten!).

    Two days in a row of really nonprimal eating, and I feel YUCKY. I have been so compliant - really for a year now - done really well. But this week I feel it went to shit, and I feel pretty gross. I'm also super tired, and now I am bloated and icky feeling too... ugh.

    I need to do some self care -- get some damn sleep for one, and I'm going on a walk right now. This is not a good week and eating junk simply makes everything worse. I'm not going to beat my self up, but I GOTTA DO BETTER. 'Nuff said.
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      Ah... much better day.

      I only slept 7 hours or so, but it was pretty sound sleep. YES!

      I made breakfast and ate before school - 2 eggs fried in bacon drippings. Simple, but still breakfast.

      I have felt better today than yesterday and much better than Monday. Getting back on track.

      B - 2 eggs in bacon drippings
      L - 1/2 c. ricotta with 1/2 c. blueberries (light because I didn't actually have more than 10 min to eat today)
      D- grassfed hamburger, cabbage, onions, and peppers sauteed in coconut oil (I will eat this at about 6pm here at night school).
      S- I'm sure I'll have a before bed snack.

      Instead of going on a walk last night, I weeded about a third of our yet unplanted garden. It felt so good to accomplish something I have just been too darned tired to do. It was a beautiful night, and I listened to one of Robb's podcasts while I worked. He had Tim Ferris on - can't believe I didin't really know anything about him before listening to this podcast. I'm thinking of checking out the 4 hour body. I don't believe that much efficiency is actually possible for most people, including me, but the concepts are intriguing. Has anybody read it?

      So glad to be back on track.... will be doing my cortisol/dhea test in about a week and trying to make some inroads with my suspected adrenal fatigue.

      -had a pack of nabs (artificial orange, glutenous peanut butter crackers) at work
      -half avocado with dinner too
      -about an ounce of cheddar cheese
      -1/2 ricotta, blueberries, splash HWC, choc chips, tablespoon maple syrup

      Food not so good today after all.
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        Resisted the HUMONGOUS honey buns at work (dripping with frosting) for teacher appreciation week. Thank god today was the last day of the carb/gluten fest from hell!

        Looking forward to the high school musical tonight -- Hairspray! My husband is the drummer.

        Will report food, etc. later.
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          Hairspray! Yey! I love it!
          Calm the f**k down.


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            And it rocked! It's so great to see the kids performing, and my husband did an amazing job as well. Going tonight again for closing night.

            Proctored the SATS this morning and read almost all of (about 3/4) of Dr. Wilson's book on Adrenal Fatigue. I'm going to go ahead and place my order for my saliva test today and for some supplements. Gotta run and get some things done. More later.
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              I can't remember if this is in PB book, but the bedroom should be completely dark (can't see your hand in front of your face dark), quiet and all electrical things unplugged.


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                Thanks,Wenona! Yes, I think Mark does mention that, and Robb Wolf also talks a lot about it. I know it's important and am always working on my sleep hygiene. I have black out curtains, though they aren't truly "blacking out" the full light (I would like to order some better ones - need to research!), However, I put an eye cover on in the morning on weekends when I can sleep in a bit. It is completely black at night. We do also have a white noise machine.

                I slept ok last night - maybe 7-8 hours. My husband is still sleeping, and I'm jealous!!!!

                Food yesterday -
                B -coffee coconut milk, 2 eggs, half avocado
                L - fresh mozzarella, half avocado, sausage (nonprimal - kielbasa), tomatoes
                S - chocolate chips and dollop of whippped cream, 1/2 c. blueberries
                D- ground chicken lettuce wraps from Thai restaurant before show

                Energy yesterday was REALLY LOW - just from lack of sleep and exhaustion from last week or two.

                I have some goals for the next couple of weeks:
                1. SLEEP - to bed absolutely no later than 10pm, preferable earlier. No computer and hour before bed.
                2. FOOD - gonna do a whole30. I need to get the dairy out, as I know the weight comes off better when I do. I been eating processed cheese (meaning shredded cheddar, lots of ricotta, etc.). Need to cut that. I need to add more vegetables, even just a B.A. salad every day. I've been too busy and lazy to prepare much in the way of veg lately. Coffee - I have switched to half caf one cup per day (weekends two cups). Working to cut out coffee entirely in next couple months (I will probably wait until school is out)
                3. EXERCISE - walk and garden at least 4-5x this week
                4. SLEEP - again, this has to be number one right now for me!
                5. TEST - Cortisol, dhea, and hormone test should be here by Wed at latest. I need to take it and send it back so I can get proactive on supplementing for adrenal fatigue. I'm waiting to take the specific supplements until I have a good picture of my cortisol levels.

                I'm heading outside to plant some flowers now... will report food later.
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                  Um... last night I didn't go to bed as planned. My husband announced at 9pm that he was out of insulin and had forgotten to pick up his refill (34 year type 1 diabetic, pump user). It's hard to get upset with my dear husband who has had to deal with this disease 24/7 for most of his life, but I ended up being up quite late- not my plan to get the week off well rested, but shit happens.

                  It was a fairly weird chain of events - he realized he was out of insulin; the pharmacy was obviously closed. He scrounged all around the house for his empty insulin canisters he uses in his pump. With a syringe, he managed to get out about 30 units from these canisters. Then, all of the sudden, he had an extremely rare (for him though not me) absent-minded moment and INJECTED the 30 units into his leg... WTH??? He was collecting this in the syringe for the middle of night when he needed it!!!!!!! All I can say is he must've been really out of it from lack of sleep the last two weeks. So, at almost 10pm, he had to eat 300 carbs to eat up the 30 units of insulin!!!! I freaked out that he was going to have a massive reaction. I was envisioning calling 911 and/or spending the night in the ER. So I took it upon myself to fix his 300 carb snack - quite a feat since we don't keep carby stuff around. He's not primal, and so he does have a bit of a stash (fortunately), which I carefully measured out. He ate about 10 whole graham crackers with 4 tablespoons nutella (that is a lot of nutella!) and about 3-4 cups of milk. After that he felt so sick and full, he had to get the rest of his carbs from gatorade. Ugh.

                  At any rate, today I have felt positively AWFUL.
                  Woke up tired. Got very achy and headachy at school, AND I had diarhea all day (even had to get a teacher to watch my class a couple times so I could run to rest room). I am super weak and exhausted. And possibly the worst symptom is the tingling and numbness - feet, moving up legs, hands, wrists, and forearms. I truly believe I trigger weird inflammation issues when I get myself so blasted tired like I am right now.

                  So, I'm going to struggle to grade papers for 30 minutes or so and head to bed. My goal is 9:30 to be in bed.

                  I am desperate to find a doctor who can help with adrenal and thyroid issues - it's so overwhelming to fully do this on my own. Progressive doctors and Virginia don't seem to go together, and I don't have thousands to spend on a long distance doctor. I guess that's a problem for another day....
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                    Long day... just got home and very tired.

                    Last night in bed by 10, asleep by 11 (read for a while). I am aiming for earlier tonight because I know I need it.
                    Food today:
                    B- coffee, coconut milk
                    S- 1 T walnuts
                    L- large salad with black olives, tomatoes, few pickles, 3/4 of large chicken breast, 2 slices cheap bacon, olive oil/basalmic
                    S- peanut snack mix from machine snack size kit kat from teacher next door. I hit a serious slump between 2-4. I need to bring my own primal snacks especially on night school nights.
                    D-I am going to have a bunless burger and salad

                    I'm so burned out on teaching. I feel like my job is aging me by the day, maybe by the hour. Damn, I am so over surviving when I should be living.

                    Time to shower so I can grade a few and SLEEP.
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                      The good, bad, and UGLY:

                      Bunless burger last night ended up being a Sonic burger - bunless, yes, but still, AND about 10 tater tots. I had thawed out venison sausage, thinking it was venison ground. Husband had to do errands, called and offered to pick up food instead. I don't have much resolve lately on the food even though I was pretty darned compliant for a long time and never was a fast food person. Damn, I really need to get my groove back!

                      Sleep - slept soundly, just not long enough. Felt pretty crushed when I dragged outta bed but perked up by time I got to school. Felt decent most of day, but started to get bad tinglies in my legs - oddly, particularly behind my right knee- toward end of day and now. Good morning but dragged through afternoon.

                      On a good note, the cortisol test arrived. I may do it tomorrow, but I need to make sure I know what I'm doing first - ha.

                      Food today:
                      B- 3 eggs, over easy, in bacon drippings
                      S-nut/m and m mix thingy from machine at work
                      L- salad with leftover curry/chicken/quiche (claufuti)
                      D-well, it's gonna have to be venison sausage, leftover cauliflower, maybe more salad
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                        Sent off my saliva test last night.

                        Before I forget I want to write down what my day was like the day I did the test (5/12) just in case it's pertinent. I can't remember anything which is likely a symptom of hypothryoid and/or adrenal issues!

                        Anyway, Thu I woke up very crushed and exhausted (typical). I have slept poorly and way too little the last 2-3 weeks and have been sort of running on fumes. Sleep is always an issue for me. Went to work - typical stressful day. However I did have planning period (I only get one every other day which is part of what makes my job so grueling) and did the lunch time collection. I had Eco club after school and students didn't leave until 5 so it was a longish (not as long as night school days) day since we start at 7:20. Got home and did get in an argument with my husband who was bitching and venting about school. I made a comment which he viewed as unsupportive and then it turned into an argument. So that was a nice extra stress added on the day of my test! Anyway finished off the test, and like I said, it's sent off now.

                        I'm so glad the weekend is finally here!! We went out last night - I had a huge salad with brisket, chicken, apples, bacon, and various salad vegetables. It was delicious. I ordered blue cheese and balsamic vin and mixed them - very tasty and fairly primal. Oh yeah, I also had two corn bread muffins with honey butter - not exactly primal - oops! I also had two glasses of much needed red wine - I haven't had any alcohol for about a month, so I caught quite a little buzz from the two glasses. Slept 9 hours last night -- so grateful for good sleep!!

                        We are going to lay low this weekend. Plan to get my gardening on, put in some flowers, weed a little, go out to dinner again tonight (with friends). It's going to be a recharge kind of weekend.

                        I need to go have some coffee and eggs now. More later.
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                          Angieh, have you had your thyroid antibodies tested?


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                            Hi Hazyjane!

                            No, I haven't. I've only had TSH and free T4 tested. I had a gyno appt a month ago and thought I could sneakily get checked (since my GP just says she doesn't know much about the whole thryoid issue - no joke), but the doc only ordered TSH AGAIN.

                            I wrote a bunch of tests down during my recent reading that I think I need - I believe it's pretty much the full thryoid panel - I'm just trying to figure out how to convince my doc to order them for me. I am a month away from school being over, and I plan to get very active on this over the summer.

                            Any advice on getting the proper bloodwork I need?
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                              Angie...I'm confused. Am I reading this right: Your doctor had you on synthroid, got you back into normal ranges, and then took you off?

                              That doesn't conform to what I know of thyroid conditions. I've been on synthroid since 2002. I do not expect to ever be off it, no matter how primal/paleo I get. Once the thyroid stops doing what it's supposed to be, it does not recover, no matter how much sleep, food, or rest you get.

                              Did your doctor indicate she/he thought this was a temporary situation, or are you diagnosed with hypothyroid? Because many of your symptoms (exhaustion, loss of strength, etc.) really sound like someone suffering from hypothyroid, and you NEED some sort of hormone replacement, period.

                              Sorry if I am misreading what you've said, but I'm alarmed that your doctor put you on synthroid and took you off again. Please feel free to correct me if I'm totally off base.
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                                Originally posted by Angieh View Post
                                Hi Hazyjane!

                                No, I haven't. I've only had TSH and free T4 tested. I had a gyno appt a month ago and thought I could sneakily get checked (since my GP just says she doesn't know much about the whole thryoid issue - no joke), but the doc only ordered TSH AGAIN.

                                I wrote a bunch of tests down during my recent reading that I think I need - I believe it's pretty much the full thryoid panel - I'm just trying to figure out how to convince my doc to order them for me. I am a month away from school being over, and I plan to get very active on this over the summer.

                                Any advice on getting the proper bloodwork I need?
                                I'd get the TPO and TAb tests first and foremost, since that's the number one thing you need to know. If they come back positive, balancing the immune system is priority #1.
                                Then, you can go from there and get the other thyroid tests if needed. TSH is not a good indicator of what's going on if you do happen to have Hashimoto's. I'd review the tests listed in Dr. K's book.