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    So I guess I'll go ahead and start me a journal since it'll be just as damn easy to keep up with it here as anywhere else

    Background: I started eating primal the last week in February and the only items I've had to date that don't fit the bill were 3 egg salad sandwiches at Augusta (Masters) on Wednesday and some tostitos scoops that Sunday watching the final round. I'm 6'3" and don't really get on scales on all that often, but I would have to guess I was ~290 when I started and on a disturbing upward trend. I haven't weighed myself yet, but I would have to guess I'm somewhere around 270 now. Oh yeah, I turned 46 March 1st.

    This past Friday I did my little self assessment for PBF which had me starting out doing knee pushups, 2 leg chair assisted pullups, full prisoner squats, jack knife presses and forearm and feet planks.

    I haven't made me a pull up bar yet, but I do have a Nordic something or other machine that is set up for pull ups and it has you lifting your weight (while seated). I'm guessing based on the cabling that you are only actually lifting half your weight at best, but it will do for now so don't get excited about the pull up numbers.....

    Anyway, today's numbers look like this:
    30 knee pushups
    15 Nordic pullups
    50 prisoner squats
    11 jack knife presses
    60 secs feet-forearm plank
    27 secs side feet plank

    So there you have day 1. Now I have some charcoal and pork chops calling my name......

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    I guess it was pig day today as I had the following:

    L: 2 pork chops and some roasted butternut

    midday snack: 1/2 bowl of chicken stew, banana, apple and another banana

    S: pulled pork bbq and a rib


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      Damn I do love me some pig

      Today was a "move slowly" (sorry, that shit just cracks my simple minded ass up) day so I did a little surveying and worked in my "garden". Perhaps "jungle" would be a better term, but it's actually the area around my pool and it's gotten grown over with cat's eye (which is a dandelion impostor) and some kinda thistle like prickly thing.....awful stuff regardless. Anyway, I've taken to digging the invaders up by hand.....(well, I do use a shovel...)

      B: skipped again....

      L: grilled pork chop with grilled onion and cabbage

      S: pulled pork bbq

      I did grill some chicken breast tenderloins, but that was more for the wife and son (neither are primal). I'll eat that crap every now and then, but damn a production chicken breast is about the single blandest food item I have ever encountered.

      Maybe I'll get me some chickens. I see them being a three-fold win for me. I get fresh I get to chase the little heathens around on my sprint And when I catch one I get to eat Damn good idea I had about those chickens, I need to direct more thought to that......carry on.


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        Dalton, I like your style! Great idea about the chickens, too. You can catch your food!


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          Hill Sprint day

          6 x 60m sprints up a fairly good grade

          After that I cleaned the house from one end to the other.

          Then attacked the front flower bed and ripped out a bunch of noxious viney type weed thingies and cut down all kinds of shit (a surveyor and his machete know no limits)

          I drug all that crap off then went to cutting grass, riding lawnmower though so that don't really count for shit.

          I'm finding that I have all kinds of energy...I kinda like it. I only wish the surveying business weren't so damn slow 'cause God knows I could REALLY get some shit done now!

          L: You guessed it! Grilled pork chop left over from yesterday and some carrots. I tried to eat one of the chicken tenderloins from yesterday as well and, although it was rubbed in olive oil and spiced with the exact same sea salt, cracked pepper and garlic and herb goodness as the pork chop, it simply sucked......why do people eat those things???? Hell, I'll get a rotisserie chicken and eat the legs, wings and thighs and leave the breast for someone else.....And I'm a breast guy!!! just NOT a chicken breast guy.

          S: a can of tuna with a squirt of spicy brown mustard and pickle relish and a banana.

          2 more hours of daylight so I COULD go rip out some more shit in my yard, but I have already had a shower....decisions, decisions......


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            Originally posted by Dalton View Post
            Today was a "move slowly" (sorry, that shit just cracks my simple minded ass up) day so I did a little surveying and worked in my "garden". Perhaps "jungle" would be a better term, but it's actually the area around my pool and it's gotten grown over with cat's eye (which is a dandelion impostor) and some kinda thistle like prickly thing.....awful stuff regardless. Anyway, I've taken to digging the invaders up by hand.....(well, I do use a shovel...)
            See above for today's slow moving session.......

            B: I'm not even gonna bother putting "B:" up here anymore.......unless.

            L: Bream fillets. 8 of them acutally, they're small fish y'know?

            S: Get this.....two more pork chops. That's right, pig...I LOVE pig


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              Alright now dammit. I ate an early supper since I had to travel 115 miles this afternoon for a 6:30 board meeting for a non profit group and I knew they would NOT be primal in their approach to feeding us. I caved and had 3 beers (bud light) and 3 pieces of...get this, pizza...WTH! I am pathetic, LOL!


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                Today being a "lift heavy things" day the numbers are as follows:

                35 knee pushups
                18 Nordic pullups
                57 prisoner squats
                8 jack knife presses
                68 secs feet-forearm plank
                37 secs side feet plank

                I crashed and burned on the jack knife presses. either I did them too soon after the squats today (least likely) or I did them too long after the squats Monday (most likely). Anyway, I've made it up off the floor so life is good

                B: Anyway, to overcome my weakness of last night I cooked up some comfort sausage for breakfast this morning to let my body know that I apologized for the beer and pizza and that I still loved it.

                And yes, it was PIG sausage

                L: LOL! twoooooooooo PORK CHOPS and some raw carrots............(P.S. those were officially the last two pork chops in this house......)
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                  Sat 4/30/11

                  Long day of baseball.....

                  B: scrambled eggs and sausage

                  L: banana, orange, hot dog with chili sans-a-bun
                  Last edited by Dalton; 05-11-2011, 07:24 AM.


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                    Sun 5/1/11

                    L: ripped the crust off of and ate some fried chicken. 3 legs, 1 thigh....pork is better. also had some cole slaw

                    S: meh, more of a snack deal I guess, but I had some pork skins and a couple handfuls of raw pecans.


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                      Today's workout results:

                      41 knee pushups
                      21 Nordic pullups
                      50 prisoner squats
                      15 jack knife presses
                      71 secs feet-forearm plank
                      45 secs side feet plank

                      Stopped at the prescribed 50 on the squats and will do that again friday then move on to side-to-side squats next week.


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                        L: 2 pork Brats in honor of the dead UBL along with steamed brussel sprouts and sliced sweet potato. I also lifted a Bud Light to my Navy Blue Brothers for taking out that dirt bag.


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                          Yay, I successfully moved slow today.

                          L: bream fillets and fried okra

                          S: 3 brats with spicy mustard on romaine leaves.


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                            Sprint Day

                            Back to the hill 8 Tabata sprints (20 sec sprint/10 sec walking rest)

                            It's .31 mile to the top with tall grass, briers, limbs, rocks, etc. along the way. I had a great idea to break up the monotony of these journal entries by taking some pics of the path I run on. Well, I took a pic of the beginning....

                            ...the rest will have to wait for another day, lol!

                            L: 1 pork chop and 3 steamed brussel sprouts

                            S: 1 pork chop and 2 steamed brussel sprouts

                            I did have a small square of my homebrew larabar before and after the sprint session....

                            8 oz pitted dates
                            handful of pecan halves
                            handful coconut
                            TBSP or so of unsweetened cocoa
                            TBSP or so of honey

                            chop like hell with a food processor or blender, knead into a ball, toss on wax paper, form into a rectangle of desired thickness, toss in freezer.

                            I like mine in the freezer because it lasts longer and has a better consistency. It's still a consistency where you can cut it and bite into it with no fear, but still firm....if ya know what I mean.


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                              I just wrap it in the wax paper and freeze then cut what I want off when I want it. Travels well also if you go for a hike, go out fishing or while sitting in a deer stand, etc.

                              This is what it looks like, in case you might be wondering....

                              Last edited by Dalton; 05-04-2011, 01:30 PM. Reason: forgot the damn picture, lol