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Journal 1: First 30 day challenge ~ EmmaSofia

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  • Journal 1: First 30 day challenge ~ EmmaSofia

    I've been dipping in and out of paleo lifestyles for a while now and want to kick it into true commitment for myself. I always ... always! ... feel much better when I do.

    My short term goal = 100% for 30 days. Longer terms goals: reduce and eventually stop insulin (type 2 for almost 20 years, just started insulin a few months ago); reduce weight by about 50 pounds, and develop strength and stamina.

    This weekend has been perfect for a new beginning: blue skies and bright sun in Montana. I've finally been able to get out for a few hours and nourish myself. I did about 1.5 hours of gentle hiking into the hills both days.

    Breakfast: zucchini frittata (2 eggs, 1 zucchini, olive oil, red pepper, grated cheese)
    Lunch: protein shake
    Dinner: pork loin chops (spiced), red cabbage and caraway seeds (w/olive oil and balsamic vinegar)
    Snack: apple and cheese

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    Welcome Emma! Hope you can stay in this time. You'll be glad you did.
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      Okay. Day 2.

      Breakfast: protein shake, coffee w/cream [protein shake not a good idea for breakfast right now ... I will try it for lunch or dinner when I'm needing nutrition but not bulk]
      Lunch: salad (tomato, avocado, feta, salami), green tea
      Dinner: leftover pork chops, herbal tinctures for immune system
      Snacks: 1/2 banana, cashews, apple

      My office is at the opposite end of campus from my classroom - so put in about 20 minutes of walking back and forth (and up and down the hills). Woke tired and by now have some kind of viral thing going on - ear infection, sinuses screaming. Yet, still feel pretty good.


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        Thanks, Hedonist! This is probably the perfect time for me to do this - just finished a master's degree and won't start my PhD 'til the end of Sept. It allows me time to really develop this as an ingrained habit. BTW - really enjoyed looking over your blog.


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          Day 3.

          Breakfast: scrambled eggs (2) with olive tapenade, coffee w/cream
          Lunch: salad: lettuce, turkey, ham, olives, cauliflower, oil/vinegar
          Dinner: tamari roasted chicken, rainbow kale w/flax seeds
          Snacks: cashews, herbal teas

          energy low w/viral infection - quiet day w/no workout - minimal activity - but oddly still feeling 'good' along with the icky


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            Day 4.

            Breakfast: sausage and apple, latte
            Lunch: organic chef salad
            Dinner: tamari roasted chicken, rainbow kale w/flax seeds
            Snacks: banana, cashews

            Still not well - 30 minute walk


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              I wanted to tell you how well you are doing for not feeling well.....that is usually when I blow it by eating something crappy to "make me feel better". How silly! Keep up the good work!


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                Thanks for the en-courage-ment trinity4. It's been a sloggy week in terms of my commitment to physical activity - but I'm really proud to say that in terms of food, I have stayed completely on-course the past 7 days. I went to our local organic cafe yesterday for breakfast and although I asked them not to give me bread ... of course they forgot. Instead of feeling tempted, I asked the server to take it away.

                We've had snow and wind all week here, and the cold and gray along with this viral infection has not helped me to feel motivated to get out there and move. I've been hurrying out for 15-20 minute walks when the snow stops and the sun comes out for a bit. Our semester ends next week and I'll have more time to move and to read and post here!

                Although my caloric intake is dramatically reduced. I don't feel the need to eat as much ... no real cravings. If I didn't need the regular meals for consistent blood glucose (diabetic and on low insulin injections) I'd try an occasional fast. Maybe a few months in I'll be able to do that!


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                  10 days in now and still doing well!
                  After reading the Lupus thread - I've added in vitamin D and multivitamins. I'm waiting for fish oil and systemic enzymes to arrive. I am feeling hopeful that I will find my way towards creating a healthier, stronger body.

                  10 days without grains!
                  10 days of primal meals!
                  I'm feeling better now and have been hiking, walking, dancing, and lifting heavy things. Slow, steady, and committed - that feels pretty darn good.