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    Woke up with a small whitehead on the corner of my mouth Have to chalk that down to "that time of the month". It definately started today so I'm going to say that this cycle started on day 27, not 26. Other than the little whitehead, my marks are definately fading, and I'm feeling a lot more confident about my skin.

    I had my monthly eyebrow and lip wax last night, which I am growing to hate. Especially when the well-meaning salon girls plaster their hands all over my face. I have developed a real dislike for putting anything unecessary on my skin. At night I wash off my mineral makeup in the shower with Cetaphil, then I use fresh lemon juice as a toner, I moisturise my neck and that is it. In the morning I reapply the lemon juice before my makeup. No eye cream, no masks, nothing.

    Had our monthly morning tea at work today. Party Pies, Sausage Rolls, Pasties and Quiches.......sigh. I told the girl that came around collecting money that I wouldnt be joining in and she says to me...."what is wrong with you?". Hahaha I wanted to say to her "what is wrong with YOU? putting all that sh!t in your body? you have no idea what its doing to you!" I was a bit more tactful than that and just said I was eating healthy.

    The same thing happened yesterday. A guest brought in some frosted mini donuts and left them in the kitchen and someone said to me "hurry up and grab one before they all go" to which I said "god no, I dont eat that sh!t" to which someone else said "are you feeling all right? whats wrong with you?".
    Ummmm, its full of sugar and other crap that is basically poison to your system? I'm sure once in a while wont hurt, but I'm not at the stage where I can risk that yet. And all these people that say to me "what is wrong with you?" are eating this stuff everyday!

    Food today:
    B: Green smoothie, sweet potato, green tea
    L: roast pork, pumpkin, carrot, green beans and peas
    D: Marinated roo steak, frozen veges with red curry paste, 3x red wine
    S: macadamias, almonds, green smoothie, 5x almond meal and coconut cookie-things.


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      A fairly busy and productive day. Loved it.

      Started today off without a sleep in damn my clockwork-like digestion! Its a saturday and I still woke up before 7am, but at least I could just lie there for a while longer. Then I went to the farmers market where I got my lemons, sweet potato, kale, avocado, and beetroot. I finally indulged in a bratwurst sausage from the sausage sizzle. Mehh, it was ok. Nothing spectacular. Didn't live up to its smell thats for sure!

      Then I bought a brand new bed and set that up, and took my old bed over to storage and cleaned a bit of that place up. Did masses of washing and spent an hour or so chatting to a friend that I don't talk to often enough, and made some oven baked beetroot with garlic and evoo for the first time - very nice. Then went to the local supermarket and found a pack of 6 big strips of pork belly for less than $10, which is brilliant. The pork probably isnt grass fed (or whatever pigs eat naturally) but for the budget conscious, 6 meals for less than $10 cant be beat!

      Todays grazing:
      Green smoothie, bratwurst sausage, vege juice from the farmers market, sweet potato, green tea, pork belly, kale, 4-ish almond meal and coconut cookie-things, macadamias, lemon juice, salmon, frozen vege stir fry, baked beetroot, 3x red wine.

      Ok I have just noticed something odd.
      Last night I had some red wine and started sneezing shortly after, it cleared so I didnt think much of it. Tonight I had some more red wine and started sneezing again and my nose got stuffed up. Its mostly cleared now, but it couldnt be a coincidence could it? Could I be allergic to red wine? How strange. The bottle has been open for over a week, possibly 2. Maybe its gone off and that is causing my reaction?
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        I think my "red wine allergy" may just be minor late-onset autumn hayfever. I havent had anything to drink since saturday night (monday night now) and I have still sneezed a few times and felt a little stuffed up, but it comes and goes, nothing major. Whilst red wine might have exacerbated it, I dont think it caused it. Phew! Wine is still on the menu!

        I made a huge delish red chicken curry yesterday to take to work for a few lunches, with coconut milk, chicken wings and lots of veges. The curry paste didnt list anything that wasnt primal on the label, however it was imported from Thailand and I dont know how strict we are with the labelling on foreign food when it comes to listing corn syrups, preservatives and additives etc etc.

        The girl that sits next to me at work is on your standard SAD 'diet' - low fat/low cal - muesli for breakfast and "weight watchers" packaged microwave meals full of pasta or rice for lunch - yet she still went home feeling sick today......... I was in the kitchen this morning with her and another girl whilst she was cutting up some fruit for a snack. The other girl said to me "you two must be the healthiest people on the floor, what with your sweet potato and her fruit" to which I said "I'm sure the people over in your team eat some fruit at least". She just shook her head.

        I mean, I dont eat fruit due to the fructose, but for most people the SAD includes some fruit right? 1 measly apple or banana? So, if I'm right, these people are eating cereal or toast with sugary jam or peanut butter for breakfast, then sandwiches with heaps of cheese and processed meat, or last nights leftovers for lunch, snacking on chips and chocolate and coffee throughout the day and going home to a dinner of pasta, or rice, or pizza, or something else from a packet, then a big bowl of icecream to finish. Everyday. Oh dear. No wonder people ask "what is wrong with you?" when I refuse to eat a sausage roll or glazed donut.

        Food today:
        B: Green smoothie, sweet potato, green tea
        L: Red chicken curry
        D: Salmon with cauliflower and carrots in cajun spice and turmeric
        S: Raw carrot, coconut cookie-things, macadmias and almonds.


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          It's day 5 of my cycle and I think my period has finished, which is good because during the first 2 immediately after getting my iud put in, it lasted 7 days. I have read that during the first few cycles after having the iud put in it would be longer and heavier, then get better. So maybe its just my body adjusting to having a foreign object implanted in it, rather than eating PB. Or maybe its a combination of both.....will have to wait and see what happens next month. Sorry if TMI, its just great to experience what its like to be normal for once and I think its a good idea to document what is happening for my own information.

          I know my acne scarring is fading, because I have to seek out brighter lighting to look at it under. However, then I go and upset myself because it appears more pronounced under the brighter light.....not good for my emotional health. I'm just impatient I guess. I still have a few small non-inflammed bumps, but they are just sitting there not doing much, so I'm leaving them be.

          One very positive thing are some articles I have been reading on Dr Mercolas website that echo exactly what is being taught on here about grain and insulin, especially regarding acne. I'm still too nervous to stop the antibiotics yet, especially since my scarring can still be seen and I dont want to add to them, but it makes me confident that I'm on the right page when it comes to weaning off. I'm giving myself a maximum of 6 months. If I havent started weaning off by the end of August then I have no choice.

          I think I eat way too many nuts, what with the baked almond meal and coconut cookie-things, and the raw nuts. They're just so tasty and convenient for a snack though. When I made my chicken curry I bought a bag of carrots and Ive had a few leftover so Ive been chopping them up and taking them to work to snack on. So instead of my almond meal baked thingies I'll try to bring carrots and other veges like that to snack on.

          B: Green smoothie (this week its more like a mud-brown smoothie - I added mixed berries instead of just blueberries, and the turmeric) sweet potato and green tea
          L: Red chicken curry
          D: Baked pork belly, carrots & frozen string beans with EVOO, himalayan crystal salt and pepper
          S: Almonds, 4 coconut & almond meal cookie-things, carrot, tinned wild salmon, green smoothie, small commerical pork sausage, lemon juice.


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            Have been researching the yeast overgrowth condition Candida, and the more I learn, the more I'm convinced that is what I am (or was) suffering from. Not only acne, but foggy thinking, long term antibiotic use, major alcohol cravings, general fatigue, irregular periods, excess mucus (I sniffed a lot). And just before my face exploded - increased beer consumption, rapid weight gain and a yeast infection. Combined with a hormone imbalance I was a ticking time bomb. Scary.

            I used to yawn ALL the time, even when I wasnt feeling tired. That has completely stopped over the last few months. I used to sniff all the time as well, and that has stopped too. And I have learnt that my constant craving for alcohol was a symptom - the yeast overgrowth fed off sugar and alcohol is liquid sugar, especially beer. I just thought I had poor will power! Well my cravings are well and truly gone! Its a friday and I have had no inclination to drink at all! My favourite time of the week - beer o'clock - has come and gone and I dont care. Its quite amazing. I used to be so concerned about my alcohol use I was considering AA, and for a short period of time I kept a calender on my fridge to track how may days per week I was sober compared to days I drank.

            Coconut oil is a great candida-killer. I am going to start increasing my coconut oil consumption to at least 4 Tbsp a day for when I start coming off this course of antibiotics. At the moment I just have a bit in my green smoothies and when I'm cooking. I'm sure the coconut milk helps too. I found somewhere that sells Coconut flour, so tomorrow I am going to experiment with making coconut bread. Just so I have something to spread my avocado on! I miss my avocado on crackers for breakfast.

            B: Sweet potato and green tea
            L: Red chicken curry
            D: Meatballs with turmeric and red curry paste with spinach and carrot.
            S: Raw carrots, almonds, Mrs Mays Pumpkin Seed snacky-things, green smoothie, tinned salmon, lemon juice.


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              Saturday night - no alcohol My social life is nonexistant ATM - but healing my body is more important than (almost) everything else right now.

              After continously reading how toxic antibiotics are - I have decided that tonight is the night that I start weaning off them. I've been on them full time for 3 months since the start of March. I'm nervous. I'm still not 100% happy with my skin, but it is looking a million times better than it was. I almost wish I took a photo of it at its worst so I have something to compare it to, but back then there was no way I was going anywhere near a camera in that state, especially with no makeup.

              I have cut my tablets in half (no mean feat when they are so small to begin with) and will take half a day until the start of July, then I'll halve them again for a month, then skip a day etc etc. Wish me luck!

              I bought a packet of chia seeds at the farmers market today. I know Mark doesnt care much for them due to our bodies not being able to absorb the omega-3 in them properly, but they have tons of other nutrients including calcium which I definately need more of, and I've been reading up on how they can help stabilize blood sugar by reducing how quickly carbohydrates get absorbed by the body, always helpful when you want to avoid those spikes.

              I baked a coconut flour and chia seed 'cake' today (was supposed to be bread but I only had a round tin, so its a cake). Very nice with avocado! will certainly be taking that to work for breakfast. I also made some chia gel which I mixed with a glass of green smoothie, but now I'm thinking I've had too much over the course of the day because now my stomach is aching.

              B: Green smoothie, vege juice, leftover meatballs, green tea
              L: White fish fillet, green tea, sweet potato
              D: Pork belly, spinach
              S: Green smoothie, coconut & chia cake w/ avocado, 5 almonds, tiny amount of chicken, coconut oil, sweet potato.


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                Not so great skin wise today. Ive had 2 non-inflammed nodules on my cheek for aaaaaages, and today 1 started showing signs of inflammation and the other started hurting slightly when pressed. So I decided to go for broke and extract both of them. And 3 tiny blackheads in the same area. Strange thing is, now that the post-extraction inflammation has gone down, even though the area is still red, it looks a lot better because its not so bumpy. Will be interesting to see what tomorrow morning brings.

                I got a few hours of sun on my bare face this morning which was great. It took hours before my skin started turning pink. Which is a change from burning to a crisp after a few minutes in direct sun. I also bought some Vitamin D3 yesterday to start supplementing with now that its winter and I work in an office, not that I needed it today!

                Had a day of reflection today. I'm a big believer of getting what you ask for, and I have been literally praying for clear skin, and I believe that this change in my lifestyle and diet, and time to research, is the answer to my prayers. However it has come because of some big upheavals in my life which were pretty upsetting at the time, but I realise now that they were necessary. Otherwise I would still be sleeping in my makeup more often than not and also not having the available cash to buy all these fresh ingredients and expensive coconut products. So I'm a bit more positive!

                I've made a few changes other than food. After I was diagnosed with estrogen dominance I learnt about xenoestrogens (sp) in plastics, soaps and shampoo etc, so I have made a big effort to reduce my plastic water bottle use, I try not to heat food in plastic, I use bi-carb soda to wash my clothes with, I only use soap in the shower when I'm shaving, and I only use paraben-free body lotion, moisturiser and shampoo. I have tried going 'poo' free - I lasted 5 days and was so disgusted with my hair that I couldnt shampoo it fast enough!

                B: Coconut flour and chia seed cake w/ Avocado, Green Tea, Green smoothie
                L: 2 baked chicken wings with carrot
                D: Baked salmon w/ garlic, turmeric and red curry paste veges.
                S: Coconut and chia cake w/ avocado, green smoothie, green tea, lemon juice, tinned salmon.
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                  Day 3 of weaning off my antibiotics.

                  Ok skin wise today. I'm just frustrated at how slow its taking for my scars to fade, but its definately getting there. On the other hand (no pun intended) my nails are going great! really strong and pink and growing well, not flaking and splitting. I'm not sure if my hair is growing too, it might be, just slowly. I think it is slightly less oily than before, I just went 3 days without washing it because I didnt have to go to work and it didnt feel as disgusting as it could have. The skin on my face is definately less oily. I used to have to mop up my forhead with a tissue a few times per day, now I dont worry about it.

                  I'm very proud of myself - alcohol free all weekend and it wasn't a struggle at all. I can continue through to next weekend and beyond at this rate! I really want to avoid sugar as much as possible, so no dark chocolate, no wine or vodka, no Raw Revolution bars with agave nectar (basically all the fun things) but its worth it.

                  B: Green smoothie, green tea, c&c cake w/ avocado
                  L: Chicken wings, green tea
                  D: Kangaroo roast, sweet potato fried in coconut flour (not a success!)
                  S: Green tea, lemon juice, c&c cake w/ avo, carrot, chicken wings, almonds


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                    Weight got down to 56.0kg today and yesterday. It did go up to 56.8 from 56.3 before it hit 56 - so that is a 800 gram loss. Up from the half kilo loss I had after my raw chocolate buzz day. I'm not sure what to put that down to - using coconut flour in my baked snacks instead of almond meal? increased coconut oil? Who knows.

                    Extracted a little more gunk from some more non-inflammed bumps, still - my skin is looking better, and they needed to come out regardless. There is a small ugly bump on the side of my nose, but its small so I am grateful.

                    For the last few days my tongue has been slightly sore (but not overly covered in white gunk) and I have developed a few small ulcers in my mouth and I usually dont develop them unless I'm really stressed. I have had a few upsetting moments in the last few weeks - but I've been fine for a while now so I don't know what has brought these on. Possibly candida die-off from the increased coconut oil and decreased antibiotic? Heres hoping they are the only symptoms! I have also been a little bit stuffed up at times over the last week or 2 - but that started before I began decreasing my antibiotic and could be caused by minor hayfever.

                    Food today:
                    B: Chia cake w/ avo, green smoothie, green tea
                    L: Leftover 'Roo roast and sweet potato
                    D: Chicken thighs w/ lots of garlic (another candida killer) sweet potato and green beans
                    S: Lemon juice, green tea, green smoothie, almonds, carrots, tinned salmon, chia cake w/ avo, chia seed and coconut milk pudding-thing.


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                      Weight: 56.4kg.

                      I've begun noticing that when I eat really hot food - like straight out of the microwave - that I get a searing pain just under my ribs as the food travels down into my stomach. This is new.
                      I used to just notice the heat in my mouth, and when I swallowed I stopped feeling the heat. The other day I was doubled over in pain after eating a small bit of sweet potato straight off the stove top. Can't explain it. Maybe I'm just more sensitive to things now.

                      Another thing I've noticed is my underarms might be a bit lighter - they are usually reasonably dark compared to the rest of my skin (I have quite light skin) and also the hair isnt growing as quickly anymore - YAY if thats for real!

                      I bought a tub of coconut oil to keep at work so I can eat little spoonfuls throughout the day to help kill the remaining candida. I've read that some people eat tablespoons of the stuff in one go, if I was to try that I think it would come straight back up again! I'm not a big fan of the taste - but I can tolerate little teaspoons of it. I dont know how much candida will be killed off whilst I'm still weaning off antibiotics, but it should keep the levels down.

                      B: Green smoothie, C&C cake w/ avocado, green tea
                      L: Leftover mince (from my own random version of san choi bao last night), green tea
                      D: Pork belly, sweet potato and spinach
                      S: Almonds, carrot, green smoothie, Mrs Mays pumpkin seed snacky-things, green tea, coconut oil, fresh garlic


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                        Weight: 56.4kg

                        Dare I say it?? My skin is looking good! And I think I can thank the increased coconut oil for that! I do have 2 new small little reddish bumps, but they are so un-noticable that they aren't bothering me, and my complexion seems more even and less red.

                        Also, another side benefit of the oil, is appetite suppression. I ate like a rabbit today and didnt feel hungry at all. We had morning tea at work today (pies, pasties etc etc) and I successfully restrained myself again whilst everyone else around me was complaining - "oh I ate sooo much". Even with the leftovers left in the kitchen within easy reach - I didnt give in at all.

                        It's winter time and everyone around me at work is getting sick with a cold. It will be interesting to see if I get sick at all this year. At the moment I feel bulletproof

                        Friday night again and no alcohol. I even hung around for a little while at beer o'clock at work whilst everyone else was having wine and beer and I had no craving at all. In fact, and this is a bit weird, I almost felt anxious and apprehensive about all the alcohol around me, like it scared me almost. I'm going out with some people from work for a 'small bar crawl' next friday night, kinda looking forward to it, kinda petrified that it will send me backwards. But I cant become a hermit because of this.

                        B: Green smoothie, sweet potato, green tea
                        L: Small chicken salad
                        D: Salmon, garlic, frozen vegies with egg, cajun spice and turmeric
                        S: Green tea, green smoothie, brazil nuts, coconut oil.

                        I basically survived on oil and green tea today, what could be healthier


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                          Weight: 56.4kg

                          I think either the Vitamin D3 capsules or the chia seeds made me break out in those 2 new small little reddish bumps I wrote about yesterday. If it was the D3 then I suspect that it is the gelatine casing (or whatever its made out of) rather than the vitamin itself. I've come to this conclusion because I used to take cod liver oil liquid, then changed to capsules using a similar casing, and whilst its hard to tell because I was already breaking out whilst taking the capsules, I just know that the cod liver oil was not as beneficial or helpful as when I was taking the liquid - its hard to explain. Also I take a zinc supplement everyday without worry, and they are in tablet form. Ive since stopped the D3 and no new bumps have sprouted in the last few days. Ah well - into the bin goes all my expensive supplements.

                          Skin is still looking good. 1 tiny whitehead from 1 of the 2 new red bumps, the other looks ok. And another (hopefully the final) non-inflammed bump that has been there for ages looks ready to purge itself soon as well. Besides that - skin tone is evening out and scars are fading. Bring on the coconut oil!

                          I just had a half of a raw clove of garlic as well for my candida, and I got major pains in my back after swallowing it! Weird. I think I may have nailed down what is causing my sudden pains immediately after eating - my antibiotic. I have googled the side effects and it does mention "pain with swallowing" but it doesnt articulate whether its throat pain or otherwise. Not good.

                          Trekked out to a different fresh food market this morning to get all the usual suspects, and next door was primal heaven in the form of a local meat merchant so I picked up a kilo of mince, and next door to that was a local chicken merchant so I picked up a kilo of chicken thighs. They even had little chicken hearts for $2 per tray - I was only tempted for a microsecond.

                          B: Green smoothie, sweet potato w/ avocado, green tea
                          L: Bought roast chicken, green tea
                          D: Marinated roo steaks, onion and carrot
                          S: Green smoothie, almonds, coconut oil, coconut and blueberry loaf,


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                            Weight: 57.0kg (WTF?)

                            Skin is looking better and better every day! I've been noticing a drastic difference since I've increased my coconut oil consumption. Still getting teensy tiny whiteheads and I'm still on half a antibiotic a day - but my skin tone is evening out and my scars are fading. I'm getting really excited! I also think my facial skin is getting drier - possibly because of the lemon juice I use and I havent been moisturising lately. I used to have to mop up the oil on my forehead with a tissue during the day - not anymore.

                            Not much else to report besides my weight gain. Cant explain it - maybe because of the coconut flour cake and increased oil? I've chucked out the rest of the cake because it was waaaay too dry. Maybe its the increased animal fat? but in all honesty I havent been eating that much more.

                            Doing a "small bar crawl" on friday night with some workmates. Will be my first drink in weeks (and no doubt there will be a few drinks consumed...ok a lot) so it will be interesting to see how I react both in how quickly or slowly the alcohol affects me, skin wise and the next day. If I stick to vodka and soda, and to a lesser extent red wine, I should be ok at least skin wise.

                            Food today:
                            B: Green smoothie, coconut flour cake w/ avocado, green tea
                            L: Pork roast w/ veges
                            D: Pork belly and frozen veges
                            S: Sweet potato w/ avocado, almonds, cashews, green smoothie, green tea, coconut oil, lemon juice, tinned salmon.


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                              thought i'd drop by to say hello from a fellow perth primalist!
                              I've had terrible luck trying to make coconut flour pancake/muffin things too, they're so dry I nearly choke to death haha

                              I'm about 5cm taller than you but you seem very light for your height! (part of me is jealous, would love to get back below 60kg)
                              My primal journal
                              25yo female, height 5'7"
                              goal weight: 60kg / 155lb
                              goal fat%: 20%

                              current weight: 70kg / 154lb

                              “The fact that a great many people believe something is no guarantee of its truth.”
                              ― W. Somerset Maugham


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                                Wow. What a weekend. Drank soooooooooo much vodka on friday night during our small bar crawl. Cant even remember getting home. No surprise I had the hangover from hell on Saturday. My sleep has been a bit erratic over the last few days. Need a few weeks to detox from that night I think! My poor liver (had a lot of fun though )

                                My diet on saturday consisted of fat store bought pork sausages and bacon. A lot of bacon. I need a bacon detox as well! Have been keeping up with lots of coconut oil during the day and a clove of garlic at night (mostly for my skin - but for all the other health benefits as well, and for fending off any winter colds!).

                                B: Green smoothie, Sweet potato, green tea
                                L: Chicken mince in lettuce wrap
                                D: Beef mince in lettuce wrap
                                S: Almond meal and coconut cookie things, almonds, green tea, bacon, green smoothie.