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    I still cant get over how pink my nails are getting. It's like I've had a french manicure (just needed to comment on that .

    Took my mother to the farmers market this morning. Picked up 2 bags of spinach, 3 huge sweet potatoes and some organic kale. Had to hold myself back from the german sausage sizzle again. I then went to a nearby specialty supermarket that sold huge chunks of grass fed beef and every other type of fresh food imaginable! It's good to know where to get some good quality beef should I ever need 5kg worth! Picked up the last 2 remaining Raw Revolution Spirulina and Cashew bars as well (even with the agave nectar - they aren't an everyday treat so it can't be too bad). Then I went general food shopping at the supermarket, I must've had the emptiest trolley in the entire store! I was wandering up and down the isles full of packaged biscuits, chips, coke, manufactured 'food' etc etc and I didn't see the necessity of any of it! I was tempted by a block of dark chocolate, but after the Great Raw Chocolate Cake Consumption and it's aftereffects earlier this week I passed.

    I did pick up some bacon though (which I havent touched in ages) and had a few slices for lunch fried in olive oil. It seemed a waste to throw out the oil and bacon fat left in the pan so I then steamed some sweet potato in the microwave and fried that up in the leftover oil and ate it with some mashed avocado YUUMMMMMM. I wont have bacon on my usual menu because of the nasty nitrites in it, but occasionally will be ok.

    I actually found myself looking for fatty bits of red meat today, which is a first. Picked up some lamb riblets - cheap as chips and basically half meat half fat. Normally I would never consider even looking at spareribs because of the fat content, but it's so refreshing knowing that I don't have to worry about it anymore. If I can lose weight and feel better drinking coconut milk everyday, then a bit of fat on my lamb won't hurt either.

    I'm still a bit wary of beef. Milk is full of cow hormones which can potentially wreck havoc with human hormones (the last thing I want right now with regards to my skin!) so what is to say that the meat is any different?

    I'm off to do a 'power walk' with my sister this afternoon, which will be the first proper exercise I've done in ages. Will be interesting. Then I'm staying at hers for the night to watch a movie and probably have takeout and a few drinks. As long as it's Thai I'll be happy.


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      Sooo tired today. I drank both friday night and last night, and both times I had such a shite night's sleep (or lack thereof).

      P2P when I drank my sleep would be affected, but not to this extent. Now I fall asleep immediately for a few hours, but then I will wake up and lie there for hours on end, then I'll drift in and out of a light sleep until it's time to get up. Grrrrrr. I know my body is telling me that alcohol is bad - but geez I've cut out everything else that tastes good (beer, sugar etc), that red wine and vodka are the only vices I have left to enjoy!!!

      I'm starting to turn into one of "those" people that criticize the bad stuff other people eat, talk non-stop about nutrition like I have a degree in the subject and try to convert people like a religious fanatic. I seriously need to shut up sometimes, but come on, isnt everyone as interested in this subject as me?? hehe.

      Food today:

      B: 2 scrambled eggs a la microwave, peppermint tea (was at my sisters house)
      L: lamb riblets, sweet potato, green tea
      D: Salmon fillet, frozen vege and kale stirfry
      S: Green smoothie, green tea, macadamias and almonds, spirulina & cashew bar, blueberries

      Dying to go to sleep - must.stay.awake.for.Masterchef!
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        I definately noticed a difference in my quality of sleep last night after not having any alcohol. In other words I actually got to sleep and stayed asleep! Was a bit harder to wake up this morning, but I felt a lot better during the day.

        I absolutely powered through my work today. I had a high level of focus and I think I got through 2-3 days worth of work in 1 (amazing what a deadline can do to you . I was even ok with staying behind to do a little bit of overtime to tie things up. And now at home I'm gonna continue working on a convoluted job application - gotta take advantage of this mental focus! (after masterchef of course)

        My Primal Blueprint book arrived today! Can't wait to finish this job application so I can sit down and read it cover to cover.

        Food today:
        B: The usual
        L: Spinach, avo & sweet potato salad with lamb riblets.
        D: Cajun spiced chicken breast, spinach and frozen veg stirfry
        S: Macadamias and almonds, blueberries, lemon juice, green & blacks dark chocolate.

        My skin is behaving itself. Not much to report. Not perfect yet but getting there. My ultimate goal is to be able to go out in public with no makeup on at all and know that it looks great. And I'm on my way! I realise that the antibiotics I'm taking are contributing to the clearing of my acne, but this diet has to be helping just as much because my actual complexion is getting clearer and more even, and my scars are gradually fading as well. My eyes are clearer and my nails are healthier and stronger, and I'm not taking synthetic hormonal birth control anymore, so when it comes to weaning myself of the pills I'm very confident that my skin will stay clear.
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          Feel so tired tonight. I chalk this down to being so freakin bored at work and having nothing to challenge my brain. I swear I spent at least 60% of my day surfing the internet. Hence the reason that I have started applying for new jobs. I like where I work, everyone is lovely (most people) but right now I am just going through the motions, I'm not learning anything new and I'm basically just waiting around until the powers-that-be agree to promote me into another division, which wont happen full time anytime soon.
          So I'm taking charge of my future (and my brain!) and looking elsewhere.

          Had Chinese takeaway for dinner tonight for my fathers birthday. Vegetable chop suey, king prawns with veges and cashews, and mongolian beef (passed on the steamed rice of course). Obviously the ingredients in the sauces were unknown (especially the mongolian beef, that was REALLY questionable) but I'm not going to beat myself up about it.

          Have been reading a bit of my PB book and it has mentioned abstaining from technology before bed. Which I'm going to do tonight to see if my sleep is any better. It's already better with primal, so this is a kind of experiment. I usually surf the net and watch tv at the same time until I go to sleep, which isnt good. Tonight I'm going to read my PB book and get to sleep early, hopefully tomorrow will be better.

          Ok, night night!


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            I really think that I'm losing my craving for alcohol. Today is a Friday, and P2P I would get absolutely smashed, either by myself or when I went out on a friday or saturday.
            Starting at about 4pm, I'd have a 6 pack of beer (at least) plus lots of easy drinking white wine, and I would probably pass out by about 8ish. Thats really healthy! I would wake up feeling revolting, and then do it all again the next weekend, not including the bottles of wine and beer during the week. Come every friday arvo it would be "is it beer o'clock yet?".

            Now, I can go all week without craving booze, and tonight I had 2 small glasses of red wine and that was it! That never happens! Normally, if I open a bottle, then I have to drink the whole bottle! My vodka and soda has been sitting in my fridge feeling very neglected since last week as well.

            I'm very impressed.

            I actually went for a walk around the block today, and got lots of sun throughout the day, especially on my face. My weight is stable at 56.3kg which I'm happy with. Skin is getting there, however I seemed to have attacked the tip of my nose whilst I've been asleep the last few nights, and I have some glamorous red marks on the very tip that are scabbing over! I look like Rudolph the red nosed reindeer!!

            I really just grazed today, as opposed to having proper meals:
            Green smoothie, kangaroo kebab, sweet potato and avocado, nuts and seeds, salmon, spinach and kale, blueberries, lots and lots of green tea, lemon juice, red wine.


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              Ok, its confirmed. I really have lost my excessive craving for alcohol! Saturday night, 2 glasses of red, its only 7pm and I don't feel like any more! Wow thats pretty remarkable. It's possible there are other factors (I've just had dinner, it's red wine as opposed to beer or white) but I still think my lack of ongoing craving is quite impressive.

              Went back to the farmers market today to pick up my organic kale for my smoothies, sweet potato and lemons. I also picked up some more of those raw spirulina and cashew bars with agave nectar (which I know is bad, but they're sooooo good and only an occasional treat - 80/20 remember!).

              My left knee is feeling slightly sore, has been for a while. I have no idea what caused it because I haven't been exercising enough to injure it. Maybe that is my problem, my joints are weaker because I havent been using them to their full potential. I shouldve gone for a walk today, like yesterday. Will promise to go for a walk tomorrow.

              Bacon, sweet potato, green smoothie, 2x white-flesh fish fillets, spinach, seeds, almonds, walnuts, fresh carrot and apple juice, 2 x 85% lindt chocolate squares, red wine, lemon juice, lots of green tea.

              Not too good ratio wise, got 55% of my energy from fat, 17% protein, 17% carbs and 12% alcohol. Not that I'm overly concerned with ratios, but I realise I didnt get enough protein today. My carbs are good - only 80-ish grams for the day and the vast majority was from my sweet potato. Godonlyknows what my carb intake was before - cereal or toast for breakfast, rye crackers with my avocado, wrap or sandwich for lunch, pizza, pasta or potatos for dinner. Blergh.

              When I look at what I eat everyday it looks like nothing, but I still feel like I eat all day and I don't feel like I'm depriving myself of anything, which is great. I've been drinking a lot of green tea (as in at least 3 teabags, and reusing each teabag with fresh hot water as well) which could be a factor though. And it feels really good to fry up some bacon, then fry up some sweet potato in the oil and fat that is left over, and not feel guilty about it at all!

              I think I'm slightly sunburnt on my face (cant tell anywhere else - too dark anyway) so I'll stay out of the sun for the next few days, or at least my face covered.
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                Went for a nice long walk around the neighbourhood today, as promised!. Walked around the lake near my old high school twice, about 1.6km each lap plus walking there and back, so about 4km all up. It felt good to get out in the fresh air. I've noticed that I am preferring to be outside when I can, when previously I would sit inside all day and not care. I'm getting more primal! Walking around gives me time to think about things and what I need to do to move on in my life, preferrable to sitting around and feeling miserable for myself.

                Spent some time in the kitchen today, nothing new, just mucking around and using up ingredients that have been sitting in my fridge. I melted the rest of the 100% chocolate in some coconut milk, oil and blueberries and added it to my stash of green smoothie for that extra antioxidant kick in the morning.

                I also made a shredded coconut slice with leftover almond meal, and it actually came out as if I used proper flour, I was quite impressed.

                Food today:
                Green smoothie w/ 100% chocolate
                sweet potato,
                green tea
                Raw revolution spirulina and cashew bar
                nuts & seeds
                shredded coconut slice
                leftover chicken w/ mushrooms and walnuts
                Kangaroo kebabs & mushrooms
                2 x 85% chocolate squares
                lemon juice


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                  Oh dear, I'm never going to get to sleep tonight.

                  I've was buzzing all day from the theobromine in the 100% chocolate I melted and put in my green smoothie, finally started to feel fatigued when I got home but I had to perk up because I had to go out and play poker with some friends at a pub, so I had some more green smoothie (only about 100-150mls) plus another raw revolution bar with agave nectar (which was basically my dinner, plus 3 glasses of red at the pub). It's 10pm now and I feel tired, but something tells me I'm in for a rough night.

                  The theobromine really killed my appetite this morning, and I did an energetic 25 min walk around the block at lunch time today (in heels no less), but I did make up for it in the afternoon. However during the afternoon I only polished off what I would normally eat, plus what I didnt eat in the morning (which wasnt that much) so it wasnt too bad. Plus I didnt have a proper dinner - just some snacks before I went out plus red wine at the pub. My eyes are starting to close but I still feel buzzed. Damn.

                  Food today:

                  B: Green smoothie, sweet potato, green tea
                  L: Spinach, chicken, mushroom and walnut salad
                  D: Green smoothie, RR bar, red wine, shredded coconut slice x2,
                  S: Sweet potato, green tea, almonds, pepitas, walnuts, coconut slice

                  Not the greatest day food wise. I still have a few days worth of green smoothie with the 100% chocolate left. Will use that up but will NOT be using the 100% chocolate again. It is good for an energy buzz without worrying about the synthetic chemicals, and I admit I felt great this morning, but once the great feeling wore off my body felt energised and fatigued at the same time. Cannot be good for you!

                  At least I know what I take if I ever need occasional emergency energy...chocolate!


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                    Well I have finally hit the 55's - I was 55.8kg when I weighed myselft this morning. Getting towards 'underweight' territory here.

                    I'm sure my 'buzzing' and limited food intake yesterday has contributed, but 1/2 a kilo overnight?? Thats a bit much. Tomorrow will show what the real effect has been, will be interesting to see if I gain any weight back after eating properly today.

                    I did end up getting to sleep last night, but I woke up a few hours later as per my usual alcohol affected pattern, lay awake for another few hours while my digestion started kicking in making it hard to relax, then finally I drifted off for another 2 hours. So I would be lucky to have gotten 4.5 hrs sleep last night. Not feeling too bad today. Started yawning madly on the drive home, which was a bit scary since it was belting down with rain and I couldnt see 100 meters in front of me.

                    I had some more green smoothie with the chocolate this morning, but it didnt seem to affect me today. I wasn't buzzed at all like yesterday and right now I feel quite relaxed. I could definately taste the chocolate in my smoothie, but I must have gotten a mega concentrated dose yesterday for some reason. Either way I think it might be negatively affecting my skin so I have ditched that batch and have made a new lot, just with coconut oil and milk, kale and blueberries. On the other hand it could be a little bit of stress as well. We'll see.

                    It has been overcast for the last few days so sun exposure has been non-existant. I did go for a 30 min walk again today at lunch time, so I should have gotten a small amount of sun through the clouds. It might be my imagination, but I think I can feel the muscles in my thighs working or tightening up or something whilst I've been walking. Or it could just be that they are sore because I havent exercised in ages! hehe. Actually my leg muscles do feel more obvious, maybe because there is less fat around them. Dunno.

                    Something I forgot to mention yesterday. While I was at the pub I was chatting to this older man who looked about 70-80 years old, boy was I surprised to hear he was only 55! Wow, if there was ever a poster child for alcoholism - he would be it! He looked terrible. I mean he is the same age as Mark Sisson and he looks 30 years older. He was even complaining to me that someone stole his gopher. He's 55 and needs a mobility scooter! My god.

                    So lesson number #1 for tonight folks: lay off the booze and look after your liver.

                    Food today was the usual:
                    B: Green smoothie, sweet potato, green tea
                    L: Spinach, chicken, mushroom and walnut salad
                    D: Pan fried Salmon, kale and sweet potato
                    S: lemon juice, 2x coconut slice, nuts and seeds, green smoothie (batch 2).


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                      I was still 55.8kg this morning, which was interesting. Had a great nights sleep, meaning I got to sleep quickly, not after lying there for a few hours, and I stayed asleep until the alarm started chirping. I did hit the snooze button a few times though . This has to be down to not ingesting any chocolate at all since my smoothie in the morning, no 85% lindt chocolate squares either, and no booze.

                      I am definately not craving alcohol any more. I've had less than great days today and yesterday, and P2P I would have cracked open a bottle of white or started a 6 pack of beer when I got home, and more than likely finished the lot just to numb my feelings. Now I am thinking into the future and realising that alcohol may make me feel better now, but will only end up hurting me, and that is a real turn off. I always knew that alcohol was bad for you, but it didnt feel as personal as it does now.

                      I have been a bit upset at things lately, which is not good for my stress levels. When I am away from the situation I feel calmer but I know its still bubbling beneath the surface. I think its because I know a big part of my life is coming to and end soon, anyone would be sad at that. Unfortunately there is another big 'thing' that is compounding the situation, which is causing the most stress. Everything will turn out great and just how I want it to soon. 'Act out of love, not fear' and all that.

                      The sun was out today so I went for another lunch time walk and got my Vit D. I dont know if my skin is slightly worse, or it's just my impatience at it not being perfect NOW.

                      Food today:

                      B: Green smoothie (minus 100% chocolate), sweet potato, green tea
                      L: Spinach, chicken, mushroom, sweet potato and walnut salad
                      D: Kangaroo kebabs, frozen vege stir fry
                      S: Green smoothie, kangaroo kebab, nuts and seeds, coconut slice, lemon juice.


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                        55.9kg today. I have gained a grand total of 100 grams hehe.

                        Nothing major to report. Slept well, took a bit longer to fall asleep though. Didn't go for a "walk around the block" at lunch time today, just had a stroll to and from the bank, so a little sun and a little exercise. I shouldve taken advantage of the sun today because tomorrow is supposed to be thunderstorming

                        I threw out the rest of the lindt chocolate as well (I know, I know, what a waste of quality chocolate!) but I believe it was affecting my sleep when I was eating it after dinner, and the only stimulant I'm comfortable with taking is my detox green tea, which barely qualifies. My body is still in the process of healing, plus I'm still on the antibiotics, so the less junk I have in my body the better. I dont even want to drink alcohol but I suspect I may trip up on that one.

                        Appetite was up today, or maybe that was because I was really bored at work as usual. Whilst at work I had slight cravings for chocolate (mmmm Snickers....drool) coffee and something with pastry. I hope that it is just my hormones (even though my period isnt due for another 9 days) and not the first sign of falling off the bandwagon, not after I've been doing so well. Tomorrow we will have some visitors at work for drinks in the late afternoon, and they will be bringing beer, wine and snack food.....sigh. I will try to stick around for a little while, but I really dont want to hang around and tempt myself with potato chips and pastry things.

                        I found a beef jerky-type dried sausage whilst looking for a little snacky-thing this afternoon. All primal ingredients (except for a preservative) and no soy seasoning like in all the others. The only problem is that it's chock full of salt, however eating primal means the only salt I'm getting is the organic himalayan crystal salt I add into food myself. I'm missing out on all the hidden sodium in packaged foods, so I reckon it aint all bad in the grand scheme of things.

                        Food today:
                        B: Green smoothie, sweet potato, green tea
                        L: Salad of spinach, tinned wild alaskan salmon, leftover frozen veges from dinner, sweet potato
                        D: Chicken breast marinated in cajun seasoning, lemon juice, premade garlic mince and EVOO, frozen veges (including some potato that I didnt realise was in there when I bought the packet).
                        S: Almonds, walnuts, lemon juice, green smoothie, dried-beef-sausage-thing.

                        On the weekend I will definately have to make a big batch of something snacky to take to work with me.
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                          Back up to 56.3kg today. Very strange. I know I shouldnt be weighing myself everyday, but it's getting kinda addictive.

                          Nil exercise or sun today, was belting down with rain as predicted. I was very good at work drinks today. There was yummy cheese and crackers and salamis and sausage and Asahi beer (yuuuuummmmmm) but I had no alcohol at all and only had a few olives and a marinated artichoke heart. Granted I only stayed for 30 mins, but thats all it usually takes! P2P I would have demolished 2-4 beers, lots of cheese, crackers and cold meats without even thinking about it.

                          One girl was bringing around the platter of cheese and meat for us to pick off, and I basically tried to back away over the filing cabinet to get away! Well not quite, but almost.

                          Haven't had any alcohol tonight (Friday) but I'm going out to dinner with my sister tomorrow so there will be some red wine then no doubt.

                          Food today:
                          B: Green smoothie, sweet potato, green tea
                          L: Spinach, chicken and sweet potato salad
                          D: Baked salmon, sweet potato, garlic and evoo mash, chicken sausage
                          S: Green smoothie, almonds and walnuts, dried beef sausage, 2 fried eggs, lemon juice, olives, artichoke heart


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                            I was a bit naughty at dinner last night and had a sugary dessert. And white wine. And a pink fizzy dessert wine. Ooops.

                            The place we went to was a french bistro and I had squid stuffed with pureed salmon and some other stuff for entree and lamb with sweet potato mash and broccoli for main (the most primal dishes on the menu). I wasnt going to have dessert but I was a little bit tipsy from the wine, so I thought stuff it, why not. It was the lesser of all the evils on the menu-a pavlova slice (made with egg whites and a bucketload of sugar) with passionfruit and berry sauce. Sooooo yummy!

                            I got lots of sun today. I have been home alone all day so didnt put makeup on until just recently so I've had the sun directly on my face. I even went over the shops with no makeup (twice!) but I am FAR from happy or confident with my skin. However it says a lot that I would even contemplate being seen in public with no makeup on - albiet by perfect strangers who dont know me from a bar of soap. I still refuse to let people close to me see me without makeup. So I am healing!

                            I've been researching again, and I have added Turmeric to my diet as of today. Turmeric is highly anti-inflammatory, a blood and liver cleanser and a digestive aid. It's thought by some to even help with cancer and alzheimers. But as long as it helps my skin that is all I need. I put some in a glass of water and tried drinking it that way, but after a while I began gagging, so I have put a few teaspoons into my green smoothie and will add it to my nightly vege stir fries.

                            Food today (typical weekend, just grazed all day):
                            Green smoothie, 3x riblets, sweet potato and avocado, walnuts, 3x store bought chicken tender skewers with bbq sauce, white fish fillet, green tea, salmon fillet and frozen vege stir fry with turmeric, 50% dark choc square.


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                              I think Ive developed another benefit of PB. No bruising! Of course this is the first time Ive noticed it and I'm not keen on smacking myself around to experiment, so only time will tell.

                              Yesterday afternoon I got out of my car and turned around to reach over the drivers seat to get my bag off the passenger seat. The drivers door swung closed and whacked me hard on the hip, right on the bone. Needless to say there was a lot of yelling and swearing! However later that night and today I took a look and besides a small red abrasion where the door made contact, there is no bruise! The door hit me really hard so to have no discolouration at all is amazing! The pain subsided really quickly as well after it happened, after 20 or so minutes I had completely forgotten it had happened. Maybe the turmeric is helping already.

                              Speaking of turmeric, I think I put way too much into my batch of green smoothie. It tastes pretty rank at the moment, but bearable. I will finish this lot and tone down the amount I put in my next batch. Something like 1 Tbsp only.

                              Have had no sun or exercise over the last few days because I've had to go instore to do battle with my mobile phone company over a dud handset modern technology causes more hassles than it helps sometimes. All the more reason to go primal!

                              I have been getting bored with my normal menu lately, which has made me consider more conventional options (but I havent given in yet!). I have been craving mexican style ground beef after seeing a recipe on this site, and I will probably incorporate some premade indian curry pastes into my stirfries and things for some more variety.

                              I have been spending so much money on groceries these days its ridiculous. But my rationale is that its better to spend money on things that will genuinely make you look better from the inside out, than on beauty products and clothes that only mask an unhealthy body.

                              Food today (feel free to skip, nothing new)
                              B: Green smoothie, sweet potato, green tea
                              L: Spinach, tinned salmon, sweet potato and avo salad
                              D: 2 Roo kebabs, frozen veges with walnuts and turmeric
                              S: Walnuts, almonds, lemon juice, dried sausage, 1x 50% dark choc square.

                              Every night I wrack my brain to remember something else that I could have eaten - surely that isn't all I eat!?!?


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                                Day 26 of my cycle and I think I've begun my period. Which isnt bad, but it would of been preferrable for it to wait for another 2 measly days. Still, it means my hormones are doing their normal thing which I'm more than happy about.

                                I've been reading up on what hormonal birth control does to your body, and besides the increased risk of breast cancer, apparently it also encourages insulin resistance! WTF?? I wont go into everything these evil little synthetic hormones do to you, but it is disgusting how Dr's allow women to take this poison, and then when they get sick later on they take their money to make them "better". There has to be a better way to convenienty control pregnancy.

                                Another new thing that I have noticed since going primal.
                                For a while I have been noticing that I have been developing some obvious lines between the corners of my mouth and my nose, and whilst I was inspecting my skin for the umptheenth time last night (its a bit obsessive) I think those lines may be softer and less pronounced. All thanks to primal eating, green smoothies and topical lemon juice!

                                Take that expensive moisturiser manufacturers!

                                A few small breakouts, I'm sure thats just down to that time of the month. But it might also be due to the supermarket brand dark chocolate squares I have been having after dinner, so I will definiately be cutting them out. I mean it this time! It's annoying but I have to remind myself that I dont get cystic acne anymore (primal eating or antibiotics? dunno need to give it some more time). Regardless I am thankful.