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    one month primal! seems as good a time as any to start up one of these journals
    here i am! most of me anyways!

    120-130 pounds right now
    sure wish i knew my body fat percentage
    B: 33
    W: 27-29
    H: 39

    I grew up with an anorexic mother who starved me and overfed me until i was 13 and had the sense to move out. i was shortly diagnosed with anorexia, which snowballed into bulimia. i overcame most of those behaviors by my first year in college, but as a result i've gained a lot of weight. I went from 90 pounds to 130, which was a really important step for me to take. My weight has changed so much within the past few years it's still hard for me to recognize my body as my own. I'm hoping primal can root me in my own body so i can cultivate a healthier body image.

    my nutrition looks somewhat like this. I try to stay between 1300-1500 calories a day, more if i want more and less if i'm not hungry. I don't want to put any 'rules' on what i'm doing. I've found it's much easier for me to stick with my dietary choices when i tell myself i'm 'allowing' myself to do something (i.e. stay away from grains, be healthy, go on a bike ride) instead of 'forcing' myself to do something.

    This past month wasn't as much of a challenge as I expected. Apart from the initial carb flu i've been feeling incredible. I'm always happy, don't need coffee to wake up, and always have enough energy. I haven't really gained or lost any weight or inches, but I notice i've been feeling much better. Ideally I want to lose some body fat all over, and gain more muscle definition. unfortunately i am extremely busy as a student and don't have as much time to workout as i'd like. I bike when i can and at school i move around a lot, screenprinting, etc. about once or twice a week i do 15 minute intervals of handstands, planks, etc. I'm planning on taking some crossfit classes this summer and getting out on my bike more. can't wait until it's warmer ! !

    geez what a boring post sorry if you read all of that. hah!
    p.s. i ate this yesterday mmmmmmm
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    Yum that looks delish!!! I'm looking forward to hearing more from your journey!!! PS .. you look great .. thats pretty much what I want my body to look like when I'm *finished* with the losing part of this lifestyle..
    "If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer is always no. If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place." Nora Roberts

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      Originally posted by Modern Cave Women View Post
      Yum that looks delish!!! I'm looking forward to hearing more from your journey!!! PS .. you look great .. thats pretty much what I want my body to look like when I'm *finished* with the losing part of this lifestyle..
      thanks for the kind words! yeah, it's a nice place to be physically- i'm just not used to it having been so much smaller! can't wait to see more muscle definition.
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        good morning! (ok ok it's 1:00)
        just polished off some bacon, eggs, and coconut oil. feeling good. bleaching my hair and developing a project for my post humanisms class. it's raining out, might have to spend the day in bed watching sons of anarchy. (i'm not much for TV but sons of anarchy just about fulfills my biker boyfriend fantasies . what i wouldn't give...)

        listening to this right now

        i've been noticing that my body looks so different in the morning than at the end of the day. all that eating i guess.... sure wish my arms would lose some fat jeez

        have a great saturday! might update later <3 <3 <3
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          i celebrated zombie jesus day by going on a bike ride and treating myself to a smoothie .
          i have an essay to write for my posthumanisms class, a litho plate to finish, and transparencies to do for my letterpress class.


          i made a list of the people who hit on me this past week:
          1) old winking man on bike
          2) old man w/ "te amo" tattoo on bus
          3) cheese salesman at the farmers market
          4) old italian man in car with rose tattoos
          5) irish boy from boston on bike
          6) anonymous black man in car
          7) darrel tryna get my #
          8) john @ the doomriders show

          why not anyone i'm interested in? oh well that'll sort itself out maybe... i just want a long blonde haired biker boyfriend already. oh well more importantly my body feels good i feel good.

          man i have the best life. it's unbelievable how lucky i am.
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            Your food looks awesome! And your arms don't look fat
            Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

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              Originally posted by belinda View Post
              Your food looks awesome! And your arms don't look fat
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                i've been in studio all day today today made a bunch of letterpressed images and exposed polymer plates. My Letterpress final is to create a book, and I think mine will be an abstract 'how to' on human rewilding. the whole thing will be hand printed, hand bound/stitched, and hand set. I'm really excited to get going on it

                I've been wondering more and more about formulating an exercise routine. I bike around some and do pushups and handstands in my room, but that's not much of a routine...... I guess i ought to figure that out when I have time. I'm definitely open to any ideas, I'd love to be losing fat more quickly!

                ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh wish i wasn't retaining so much water right now

                <3 eira
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                  might have to start a crossfit routine this summer !!!!! SO EXCITED! just wish it wasn't so expensive...

                  Crossfit Providence

                  + 800$ a month
                  -350$ a month for rent/utilities
                  -100$ for 1 month of crossfit

                  leaves 350$ a month for food and wine, etc.
                  can't wait to spend the summer swimming biking teaching drawing and making and crossfit-ing
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                    Looking damn good. Keep up the good work.
                    Don't put your trust in anyone on this forum, including me. You are the key to your own success.


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                      just want to be losing more fat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                      got some raw dairy this week and i'm loving it... even when i have such good food around i still manage to slip up and have a bit of ice cream... ugh. think that might be due to the weather. been getting a lot of sun

                      happy to say i've made it 38 days without any grains totally stoked!
                      don't know how to accelerate this fat burning process though, guess it's hardly been long enough for my body to adjust.

                      if anyone of you have suggestions on changing macros around/ what worked for you for fat loss, please let me know!
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                        Hi! Just wanted to say that you look like you are doing great! You look beautiful at the weight you are now, but I know what it's like to want to see everything start to just tighten up! Keep up the good work, you deserve it


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                          drank a bunch of gin last night and had a blast, definitely paying for it today. not only does my body feel awful but i'm in such a funk. can't shake it. just wish i was somewhere sunny with someone lovely
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                            things just keep getting better as summer approaches.
                            i spent today in the type shop, then at home making omlettes and watching the simpsons.

                            recently i've been trying to get my family to understand why i eat the way that i do, it hasn't been terribly difficult to get their support, but when it comes to their participation it's a different story. I understand that this lifestyle doesn't work for everyone, but it's hard to watch my sister who has problems with her weight and hormones, keep eating her vegetarian high carb low fat/protein diet. i wish it was easier sharing this with the people i love

                            in other news one of my best friends visited me this week, and it was such a relief to see someone from real life not college life. She spent the last 3 months in new orleans playing music on the street and meeting people, drinking, dancing, etc. At school I'm surrounded by people who live and breathe art, but are often pre-occupied with the pressures of getting jobs, internships, making money, etc. It was really nice having my friend come and give me a reality check. Life is not about getting ahead in civilization! Life is about self cultivation, fun, adventure, being true to yourself and the happiest you can be! I can't wait until the summer starts so that I can travel and live a bit more freely again. anyways, hope you are all doing well !

                            there's an omlette!!!!!!!!
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                              OK! 45 days strong, think its about time to cut out dairy for a week or two and see how i feel. I have some butter every day, cream in my coffee, cheese on my salads and raw milk on occasion. There's not too much to cut out but it might help out my hormones skin and weight loss.
                              Been feeling tired the last few days- no matter what i do i can't seem to sleep enough!

                              Sure gonna miss that cheese on my meatzas!!!!!!
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