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A 30 day trial at PB

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  • A 30 day trial at PB

    So, there I was Jan. 1 2009 weighing in at 250 lbs. I had issues with shoulder pain and stomach issues, sleep problems, cronic tiredness, irritability and general lack of fitness. I began a standard eat less exercise more weight loss and fitness plan. Within 6-7 months I had lost 60 lbs and was able to run 10 miles for fun. Still had pain but stomach problems had disappeared, slept a bit better, had more energy but was still cranky. I've never had bloodpressure or cholesterol problems.

    By the end of the year I began to fall of the wagon, unfortunately I ate a fair portion of it trying to climb back on it.

    The beginning of this year I was back to 240 lbs and not very fit. I was unable to get back on track for some time the finally I was able to begin again losing 10 lbs relatively quickly.

    I found the Primal Blueprint while browsing a book store so I thouht I'd take a look. I liked it alot and and am currently reading it over again.

    I started going Primal on April 3rd 2011 so I've been at it about 2 weeks with only one real bad slip up. (I have a thing for breakfast cereal.) I've had a few beers also but Grok can have those when he pries them from my cold dead hands. . I've lost another ten pounds and don't seem to be as tired midday.
    I don't really miss grain much and love veggies and meat. I am lucky enough to have a bison farm close by and alot of locally grown produce in the summer. Also raw milk and fresh eggs (if i'm motivated enough to go get them.
    I haven't done much exercise so far Some walking, bike riding and yard work but hope to get a better routine going.

    My goal is as close to 100% primal as I can though I will certainly fall into the 90's and to drop about 10 lbs a month.

    These 2 weeks have gone well and I've enjoyed primal eating so far. I hope to learn more about it and continue on.
    I find your lack of bacon disturbing.

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    Originally posted by Blacksmith View Post
    I've had a few beers also but Grok can have those when he pries them from my cold dead hands. .
    I totally LOVE beer. I've been really good with that and only had one in the past three weeks or so. For me, that's a big change. I think my "20" of the 80/20 once I stop trying to be so strict about it is going to be ALL beer. Ha!

    My latest 30 day PB assessment


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      I've probably had 2 in the past month but I love Em when I have em!
      I find your lack of bacon disturbing.