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  • Embracing Ecto

    I am new to the forum and almost 1 month in on my Primal journey. I will start this journal off with a brief intro about myself, define my goals, and hope to update daily with observations of my journey.

    First off, why the name Embracing_Ecto?

    I have been skinny-fat all my life. I have competed in skinny sports (Track & Field, Cross Country, & Basketball) all my life. I was fed the same B.S. about "carb loading" before races for energy etc.

    Shortly after college, I realized how unhappy I was with my body. I was skinny-fat. You know skinny at first glance, but if the shirt was removed, you could certainly see I was doughy in the mid section. I became self conscious, and wanted to be "big & buff."

    So for the next several years, I spent thousands of dollars on the latest "Mass Building" supplements, and bought every magazine with a "New Workout," guaranteed to make you buff! I would get burned out eating every couple of hours and stuffing my face full of carbs to gain a few pounds. I would go on and off for several months. I did not feel well when doing this and the results really just made me look more skinny-fat!

    Several months ago I stumbled upon Mark's Daily Apple when doing a google search for bodyweight workout routines. If I remember right, it was about a Prison Bodyweight Workout. Anyway, after navigating the rest of his site, and purchasing his book, I changed my life for the better!

    It was like a light switch that was turned on! It finally dawned on me, that being an ectomorph was okay. It was at this point that I stopped trying to be someone I was not, and could genetically never become. It was time for me to embrace my ectomorphism!

    So there is the meaning of my clever little user name.

    So why am I confident that this will work for me? Well, I am viewing this as a lifestyle, and not a diet. My whole life has changed and will continue to change around the principles defined in Mark's book.

    So now that I know who I am, what are my goals?

    I would like to lose fat and gain muscle. Specifically be in the single digits in bodyfat %; while adding lean muscle to my frame. I want the six pack, and lean ripped, muscles that enhance my frame. I do NOT want huge BULK muscles that make ones body look disproportioned.

    As vein as this may sound, I want to look good naked! I want to look like a Calvin Klein underwear model.

    What is my time frame?

    I go on vacation at the end of July, so I have made July 22nd my first real check point. I hate to say "deadline" because like I said earlier, this is NOT a diet, it is a lifestyle. This is more of a checkpoint set to look at my improvements, and make changes as I see fit at that time. This is a journey.

    I officially started my journey on March 21st 2011. I started to eat, rest, workout, & sprint like the examples given in the Primal Blueprint.

    I try and get at least 20 minutes of sunlight a day. I do Tabata sprints once a week, workout 3 days a week, and I leisurely walk everyday of the week.

    I hope that you find my journey inspiring, and hope that I can help someone that has been on the fence, to get off and change their life forever!

    Please bookmark my journal and check-in on me! I plan on being extremely active in this journal, with updates, pictures, and the like.


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    Today was a lift heavy day!

    Typically, I do what I call an incremental workout week. Example: Mon - Bodyweight, Wed - Light Resistance/Weight, Fri - Heavy Resistance/Weights

    So today I slapped on the FiveFingers and grabbed the Bulgarian Sand Bag and hit the park.
    Cloudy day so kind of a bummer.
    3 sets of 10 reps:
    * Push-Ups
    * Bag Swing
    * Bag Squats
    * Bag Curls
    * Bag Tricept Press
    * Bag Military Press

    Feels Great!

    Here is a picture of my "Tools" (my FiveFingers & my home made 35lb Bulgarian Sand Bag)


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      Bookmarked your journal Ecto, looking forward to reading some inspiring updates!


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        Welcome, how do you like the bag? I want to make one with thicker grips for a double-whammy of grip work + bag work. Mind linking me to the site where you got the directions to build one? I’d like to do this soon…
        I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.


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          Originally posted by MikeGonePrimal View Post
          Bookmarked your journal Ecto, looking forward to reading some inspiring updates!


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            Originally posted by iniQuity View Post
            Welcome, how do you like the bag? I want to make one with thicker grips for a double-whammy of grip work + bag work. Mind linking me to the site where you got the directions to build one? I’d like to do this soon…
            Thanks for the warm welcome! The bag is GREAT! My grips are actually thicker than most (the manufactured ones use nylon straps). I used a half a roll of duct tape on them. I mainly use the bag for HIIT/Tabata regiments. You can also get GREAT grip training by not using the handles and grasping a hunk or rubber and sand and do some military presses or curls. You can do any type of workout with bag to add some weight/resistance, not to mention since the sand moves as the bag moves, you use lots of muscles you would not trigger using a standard weight that does not move. Anyway here is a link to the site: How TO Make A Bulgarian Sandbag The Strength Doctor

            I bought my tire tube at Tractor Supply, and a bag of sand. Thats it! One of the greatest most versatile piece of equipment I own.


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              Welcome Ecto! Looks like you're on the right track and have things figured out pretty well. I'm also an ectomorph, but Primal eating and lots of weight training have helped me add a good bit of muscle while staying lean. Keep us posted on your progress!


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                Today is cloudy with light rain outside. I got a nice little nap in though. No outside sprints for me today. Instead, it is an all out Burpee-thon! Amazing, so much sweat in under 5 minutes!

                The Primal diet is a breeze. I really do not have any cravings for the bad stuff either.

                My one month living PB style is this weekend. I hope to post some pictures to log the progress.


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                  Nice day for a long walk! I enjoyed the 88* day in the park. Practiced some deep breathing and had a nice relaxing walk. Tomorrow, is a Lift Heavy Things Day, & hope to take measurements & photos to mark my 1 month living Primal.


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                    Dumbbell routine today:
                    * DB Clean & Press
                    * DB Single Arm Bench Press
                    * DB Gaublet Squats
                    * Dips
                    * DB Curls
                    * Pullups


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                      Yesterday was a good day with family. Ate lots of ham! :-)

                      Today I did my bodyweight routine:
                      * elevated pust ups
                      * grok squats
                      * pull ups
                      * dips
                      * chin ups

                      April showers has kept me indoors today. Hope to get outdoors & do some sprints tomorrow!


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                        Today is finally sunny! A little windy, but that won't stop me! I can't wait! I am fired up for my workout this afternoon!


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                          Well, it clouded back up. :-(
                          I still went to the park and wore out the ol'e Bulgarian Bag!

                          * BB Swings
                          * Push Ups
                          * BB Squats
                          * BB Curls
                          * BB Military Press
                          * BB Tricep Press


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                            Sprint day= fabulous. Also spent some time walking in the sun. Good day!


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                              Nice. I need to get back in to sprints. I took a forced layoff when I had a minor hamstring pull, and now I have a shin splint that is taking FOREVER to heal. I think it's almost good to go though. Looks like you have a lot of fun with the Bulgarian bag. I may have to try making one.