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    As the title says, this will likely be an infrequently posted journal. I'm also going to NOT post daily logs of what what I eat because I just can't be bothered. HOWEVER, I can be bothered to talk about improvements and physical changes.

    So, to start, I began with "The Whole 30". This was a good kick in the pants and a way to get some challenge in my rather stagnant life and get me off of depending on fastfood for sustenance. I can say that it's definitely worked. I no longer think "What can I buy?" but now "What can I make?". I'd actually began exercise pretty late (only really got into it last week when I started TW30 at the end of March). Despite not exercising and only changing my eating I dropped from 287lbs to 270lbs within three weeks. Drastic to say the least but I've been pretty pleased. With exercise I expect the pounds to continue to melt away.

    So, here's what I've noticed:

    - Belt notches have gone from 3rd to 5th. My size 42 jeans are now too loose and require a belt. I may be on the verge of size 38 jeans (Banana Republic). I'm going to test out some Levi's Jeans to see where I'm at. A couple of weeks ago, on a whim I tried a pair on and I *was* able to button them though they were really snug (big legs).

    - While dressing I looked down and noticed my quads standing out. I hadn't seen this before and they definitely feel like they're developing. I'm giving credit to squats and this hike I did on Saturday (and also losing fat in my legs )

    - Neck size has gone down an inch and a half from 18 1/2 to 17 inches.

    - Chest went down from 54 to 51 inches

    - Waist is currently 46 inches.

    My coworkers have noticed that I've gotten thinner. This pleases me greatly. I'm hoping to get down to at least 250 by July. I'm not going to freak out about any of this though. Obsession is how I get into trouble. I lose my weight in my face and torso first which leads people to go "BUT YOU DON'T LOOK FAT" and then suggest I don't need to do anything further (falling into the negative clucking from office hens is how I slacked off the last time and got to where I was 3 weeks ago).

    I'm finding the "move slowly" part of this to be something of a challenge because I am so trained into the idea that cardio HAS to be intense for long periods to work, but find keeping my HR at 70% gives me a good workout but doesn't ruin my motivation or feel like drudgery. I'm also trying to "perfect" bodyweight exercises and having to do wall pushups makes me realize just how out of shape my upper body is. Still you don't get anywhere unless you try so I've been working on it.

    My favorite thing though was a hike I took on Saturday. The park where I hiked is between a river and the northern edge of the mountain range south of here, so my hike took me past some wonderful sights and up about 800 feet. It was a LOT of work but it wasn't too bad. My legs are still killing me, but I want to try various trails at the park to eventually handle one of the rougher hikes through Yosemite. I may go back there again and try one of the more moderate trails but it's a great place and as there are lots of people it doesn't feel unsafe to hike alone there.

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    I took a look at some of my posts on Facebook and Plurk and realized that I'd only actually began working out just two weeks ago. Weirdly it feels like it has been longer than that. I also noticed that the magical whirl wind weightloss drop that happened the first three weeks has stalled. Now, let's not play semantics and say it's not a real stall but perhaps I'll refer to it as a gentle coasting (I'm well aware weightloss isn't linear. You don't go from point a to b in a straight line with this stuff). Still it's nice to know I haven't *gained* even with food tolerance testing I tried recently.

    Speaking of that, I've been testing out the "no-no's": corn, rice, wheat, and dairy (yes, I know this depends on how you're doing this and what you define as a "no-no"). Results:

    - Rice: No problems really. Not something I want to add in like I used to (I could eat a cup or more at dinner)

    - Corn: Okay for the most part, but felt a bit "Mleeeeeh" after

    - Wheat: Jittery and "blaaaaaaaah" after. Weirdly, it felt a lot like what happened when I tried ephedra (hush now, I know how bad that stuff is). Didn't like that one at all. So if I have it at all it's going to be for very, VERY specific reasons (and yes, I know I could just say no, but I refuse to give up Lumpia for the rest of my life!)

    - Dairy: no issues at all. But I'm really only a cheese eater and even then usually in very specific things.

    I also tested quinoa. I already like it a lot, but we toasted it a bit and weirdly it had a similar flavor to couscous. This is something I'd also keep occasional and in small amounts.

    This week I lost a bit of inspiration to work out. I still did them but not with the gusto I had before. I'm working on changing that, but I remember this sort of thing happened last time I worked on getting fit. If anything it's providing more of a motivation to work out than not. It also took me days to recover from my hike last weekend. I'm probably going to try again tomorrow or Sunday but probably not hike as far up the side of the mountain as last Saturday.

    Speaking of the hike, here's a few photos from it:

    Seasonal waterfall that was more of a trickle down the rock face.

    River floodplain meadow

    The river
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