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    Ok. Here is what i ate the last three days as best as i can remember.

    B: 2 pieces of bacon 16oz of green tea
    L: 6-8 skinny steaks
    S: chicken breast and carrots

    B: half a banana and tbl of almond butter, 16oz of green tea
    L: flank steak cooked in EVOO
    S: Ham and broccoli/cheese casserole, 1 sip of champagne. (not sure what was in the casserole but i am assume just broccoli/cheese and maybe some sour cream or milk. I had a couple plates of Ham so I probably had too much.
    Also had 2 glasses of red wine at the end of the day.

    B: IF
    L: Turkey and Ham, 1/2 a sweet potato, and 1 scoop of mashed potatoes, 1 sip of champagne
    S:Ham and Turkey, 1 piece of American cheese
    Also had 2 glasses of wine throughout the day.


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      I feel like I did good for my first holiday on PB. I had to go to two Easter dinners and the worst things that I ate were a little of homemade mashed potato/sweet potato and some fruity wine. I am sure the wine was not the healthiest, it was sweet. i think they were rose, strawberry, or sangria. I am not sure I did not see the bottles.
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        Well after one week here are my updated stats:

        Weight:255 (so that is 7lbs lighter)
        Waist:44 3/4 (so about 1/4" smaller)

        Most importantly I feel fine. I am not always hungry or struggling to stay on track. I am happy with the results, I realize that some of the weight is water weight. I am going to try and start to do some mini workouts this week (pushups/squats/planks).


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          Amazing Progress!! and Woo hoo for the first holiday on PB !!! I started mine like 5 days before X-mas.. :| those holidays seem to get right in the way of things eh??
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            Yesterday's Meals
            B: banana and almond butter and 16oz of green tea
            L: ham and apples ( tried to make a sauce. heavy cream, cinnamon, water, butter) it was just ok, too much butter.
            Snack: 4 pieces of bacon
            Supper: pineapple, turkey, cheese
            Snack: another slice of pinapple

            I know too much pineapple but I was craving sweets for some reason.
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              I tried to make blueberry muffins from a recipe w/ coconut flour and coconut milk. The milk smelled rancid when i opened it. so i threw away both cans and threw out the muffins. =(

              I was struggling yesterday, all i wanted was things that i could not have. So i settled on bacon and pineapple, it seemed to do the trick. Today has been better so far.

              B: banana/almond butter and 16oz of green tea.


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                Well it has been awhile since I last posted. I have been busy at work/home. I work in I.T. so i rarely go on the computer when i am home. I have stayed true to PB and have not deliberately cheated. If i did eat something not PB it was unknown to me, so am sure i have followed 80/20 rule. Anyway, I weighed in again last Monday. I was down 5 more lbs.

                Weight:250 lbs.
                Waist: about 43"
                B.P.: 130/92 and 130/93

                I have enjoyed trying new recipes. I made the primal barbeque sauce for the chicken and ribs that ate. I also made coconut/blueberry muffins and used some heavy whip cream and blueberries for a treat.


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                  Well another week down. Here are my current stats:

                  Weight: 246
                  Waist: about 42"
                  B.P. 127/93 and 128/95

                  The primal eating has been going good. The hardest part is when I do not have time to go to the store and low on food. I need to get more into the other aspects of being primal. I need to start walking more and lifting heavy things. Anyway, work is very busy and stressful so i am not surprised my weight loss was only 4 pounds. I am actually surprised that I lost 4 pounds b/c I have been eating too much fruit/heavy cream.


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                    Wow! You're making great progress.
                    Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

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                      After 4 weeks:

                      Weight:262 - 243 lbs -down 19lbs
                      Waist:45" - 41.5 " - down 3.5 "
                      B.P. 119/88 and 121/82 -down from 140/101 and 133/96

                      I am happy with my progress. All the changes have currently just been from eating P.B. I have not started working out yet. I plan to start working out this week:

                      I am planning to start slow. When i commute to the office it is about 5 blocks after i get off the train. So that is about 10 blocks to and from the train which is about 1 mile. So on the days I do not go to the office i will walk 1 mile. So my schedule will look like:

                      Monday: walk 1 mile/pushups/plank
                      Tuesday: walk 1 mile/squats/plank
                      Wednesday: office
                      Thursday: office
                      Friday: walk 1 mile/pushups/plank
                      Saturday: walk 1mile/squats/plank
                      Sunday: off

                      I know this routine is pathetic but i want to start off easy and make working-out part of my routine.


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                        So far the working out is not going good. Again I have not done anything this week. I need to figure out the best time for me to workout. First i will state the obvious. On the days that i go into the office i am tired in the morning. I get up early 5am so that i can leave work early and pick up my son from daycare. When i get home around 530 I hang out with my son, then feed him, then give him a bath, then my wife comes home around 7 and we put him to bed around 730. Then my wife and i still need to eat dinner. At night the last thing i want to do is to workout before bed. Especially because i have usually already showered and am winding down from the day. Anyway, i am not making excuses. It is my fault that i don't workout. I am thinking the best thing may be to just workout on the days that i work from home or the weekends. Otherwise my thoughts are to do a quick workout. Maybe just do sets or pushups/planks every morning when i wake up. Work my way up to 100 for pushups and an a couple mins for planks. I am not sure what is a good time for planks. Anyway i am just rambling, so i will stop. I happy to hear thoughts/advice from anyone.


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                          Finally started working out a little.
                          set1-20 jj 20 pu 20 sec plank
                          set2-15 jj 15 pu 15 sec plank
                          set1-20 jj 20 pu 20 sec plank
                          set2-15 jj 15 pu 15 sec plank
                          set3-10 jj 10 pu 10 sec plank
                          set1-20 jj 20 pu 20 sec plank
                          set2-15 jj 15 pu 15 sec plank
                          set3-10 jj 10 pu 10 sec plank


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                            Also i should mention i have a bad lower back. I am hoping that losing weight and gradually working is going to fix it. I went to the doctor multiple times and they are no help. They just give me an anti-inflammatory and pain pill. They say that i have arthritis in my back. I don't believe them, my back has always been fine and did not start hurting until I tweaked it one time helping someone move. It has never been the same since. I back is functional but i experience pain every day.

                            set1-20 jj 20 convict squat 20 sec plank
                            set2-15 jj 15 convict squat 15 sec plank
                            set3-10 jj 10 convict squat 10 sec plank


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                              Another week down.

                              My weight yesterday was 238lbs. So that 24 lbs since i started PB.

                              I was able to do light workouts most of last week and then do some yardwork on the weekend. PB works for me, i can easily watch what i eat w/o having to count calories and i do not need to workout that much. I still need to workout more than i do now but I am just happy that i feel like i can stick with PB for a long period of time. Hopefully the rest of my life.


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                                I think this will be 7 weeks down. I lost a couple more pounds this week.

                                Weight 236 lbs.
                                B.P. 122/88

                                I am definitely not losing weight as quickly as before, but I am happy that i am still losing. I am still not working out as much as i would like to but anything is better than nothing. So for me being P. B. is still a work in progress but I am happy with what i have done so far.