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  • I've had way too much home-made (sulphite free) red wine and a big meal of roast beef, salad, redwine gravy and dark chocolate and orange wedges for dessert. All paleo/primal, but I'm pissed and going to bed now.

    Will be interesting to see what the scale says tomorrow about an all Primal feast? Will I retain fluid or not?

    Good night, all!


    • Nope! Despite the feast last night, weight is 151.0 this morning, only up a half lb. So I made it through the weekend with no weight gain to re-lose. That's bonus! I hope to see the 140's this week.

      Plan is to run twice, probably Tuesday and Thursday evenings, at the Y on the indoor track. One will include sprinting.


      • Originally posted by marthat View Post
        Maybe no-one is following my progress but me, but that's OK. Keeps me accountable.
        I'm reading.

        Originally posted by marthat View Post
        Nope! Despite the feast last night, weight is 151.0 this morning, only up a half lb. So I made it through the weekend with no weight gain to re-lose.
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        • Day 5 - 151.5. Not sure why - yesterday was stellar. But oh well, I'm not stressing about it. Still working my way through leftover roast beef, both lunch and supper today, supper last night, more in the freezer and a big container for my son. I made potato salad with my leftover potatoes and have been eating that, too. Figured the mayo would add fat to my diet.

          MFP shows intake about 900-1400 cals/d, carbs between 35 and 65 g/d, fats 50-90 g/d. My goals are 1280cals, 64 g carbs, 85 g fat, 64 g protein, a 20%/60%/20% split.

          Off to run at the Y this evening.


          • Day 6 - 150.5, back to lowest weight since starting back on SLD.

            Didn't run last night. I was just too pooped from driving almost 2 hours on snowy roads to work and back yesterday to get out and drive the 15 minutes to the Y. So tonight instead. Hubby and I will be driving to town together. Our new resolution to get back to regular exercise means rejoining his Kung Fu club for him, and back to running for me.

            Alright, 140's here I come!


            • Food hasn't been quite as tightly controlled today, and I skipped my oilshot, but I did get to the Y for a 2.5 mile run on the indoor track. 30 mins - slow and steady. Now I'm home sipping a cup of peppermint tea. I bought a bar of 90% Lindt chocolate - first time trying such a high chocolate content. Oh my! I can only eat one square, 10 g, but what a rich experience!


              • 150.2 this morning. That's good, but I reeeeeally want to see the 140's. And soon!
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                • Day 8 - 151.5. GRRR! I reallllly wanted to drop into the 140's. Compliance has been pretty well perfect with the oil and staying Primal in my choices.

                  This is the dangerous point where I say sometimes say "screw it!" and eat whatever I want. But I'm really going to try for one more day of compliance and see what the scale says tomorrow. I might be experiencing a bit of "back-up" is all...

                  I'm thinking that maybe I need to look at the "Eat Moar Fat" idea. I hate the thought of dropping my carbs so low, as I enjoy fruit and the crunch of the occasional gluten free cracker, but it might get me moving. Once I get back into the 130's I feel like I have the tools to stay there longterm.


                  • 5k run outside in the winter sunshine. But cold, -6C with a windchill of -11C. My skin is cold on my legs, despite the tights and running for 35 minutes. I had wet but clear pavement underfoot thanks to the sun melting back the snowbanks.

                    151.5 again this morning, despite a late evening faceplant into a bowl of the most exquisite gourmet tortilla chips - cinnamon! And a more than moderate amount of my friend's red wine.

                    So far today I've had black coffee until about 11, then a quarter of my son's bagel with cream cheese, a feast of sushi and tempura at an all-you-can-eat restaurant, and my SLD oilshot. I don't expect to have more than a snack for supper - I'm still full.


                    • Darn it! I was hoping someone had the scale going in the right direction

                      >>This is the dangerous point where I say sometimes say "screw it!" and eat whatever I want. But I'm really going to try for one more day of compliance and see what the scale says tomorrow. I might be experiencing a bit of "back-up" is all...<<

                      Don't do it! You know you'll be happier the next morning if you don't. No matter what the scale says the day before. Maybe our scales should meet up somewhere near the US/Canada border for a mini-vacation together


                      • I'm back!! After a five month hiatus on the other thread (Four Months to Wedding Day), I'm back here. Weighing 138.5, down 13 lbs from my last post here.

                        More to come later. Right now, I'm off to work.


                        • The last two mornings I have been at a new low of 137.5 lbs. And that's despite losing control somewhat yesterday afternoon and eating way too much of nut/fruit bar bits from the bulk store. Thank goodness I had the presence of mind to only buy a wee taster of each variety, as I emptied both bags in the car!! One was pomegranate/raspberry/cashew and the other was blueberry almond. They were basically candy, but addictively yummy. Won't be buying them again any time soon!

                          It's been stinkin' hot here the past few days, really depresses the appetite for regular food. I fried fish in a gluten-free dredge and light olive oil for supper last night. And made Greek salad. Hubby had rice, but I really didn't care for it, or have the appetite for it.


                          • Congrats on the wedding and congrats on the weight loss!
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                            • Weekend blowout (too much socializing, eating out, boatride with limited food options, etc) has put me up to 142.0 this morning. Up 4.5 lbs from my lowest point last Thursday. But oh, well, this too shall pass. I have eggs on to hardboil, will get back to my usual pattern for the week, and I'm sure I'll be back into the 130's by midweek.

                              Yesterday, on the boat ride with another couple (my first time for real sailing - it was cool!), we ate kettle corn, kaiser bun sandwiches, cookies. But I also ate lots of the mini carrots and stuck to club soda for drinks.

                              Back to reality today...


                              • So, after one day back on the wagon, I'm down 2 lbs to 140.0. Goodbye, weekend bloat! I decided to try my version of the EggGirl diet - all eggs, more or less. I had coffee early and at mid-morning. Since I was still carb-OD'ed from the weekend, I was hungry, so I ate about half an ounce of macadamias. Usually I can get through to 12:30 lunch on just black coffee, but not when I'm coming down after a carb-fest. Then I had the most wonderful lunch. I wanted to have HB eggs, but not plain. So I took a small container with fresh chives and cilantro from my herb pot, salt and pepper. I had a whole avocado which I sliced in half at lunch and scooped into the jar, then mashed it all together with a fork. This "instant" guacamole was then consumed in its entirety on top of HB egg halves (three eggs). It was beyond delicious! And filling - I went until almost 5 then had iced coffee with half a cup of milk added. That filled me up again.

                                Supper was 2 cobs of fresh local corn grilled on the BBQ, along with a home-made hamburger patty. And that was it - I was good all evening. Felt nourished and energized.

                                Today, I plan to repeat that amazing lunch. Supper will incorporate leftover basmati rice, maybe in a veggie and egg stirfry and I'm not sure beyond that.