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  • Reposted from PPD thread:

    Rebound!! After 2 days of only potatos, I had dropped 2.5 lbs and was down a total of 7 lbs in 5 days (started at a non-normal bloated high last Monday). So yesterday I went back to eating other foods, but smaller quantities than would have been normal for me. I had a sushi lunch with some cooked items like beef in sauces. I was stuffed after a moderate portion and ate nothing else for over 5 hours. Supper was out at friends' and turned out to be mussels in wine broth (I ate no bread with mine, used a spoon for the yummy sauce), but the next course was whole wheat pasta with a lemon butter sauce. I had about half a cup of pasta and lots of my home-made ceasar salad (no croutons, real bacon). A couple of German Christmas baking treats for dessert. All of it was pretty moderate. So this morning I weigh 154 lbs, up 4 lbs overnight! I guess there was quite a bit of water weight involved in the Potato diet weight loss after all...

    Not that I'm complaining. I noticed my appetite to be significantly decreased yesterday, which may be a post potato effect. I have long been a follower of Seth Roberts and The Shangri La Diet, which is based on his theories of the taste-calorie connection and our responses to bland vs flavourful foods. I think the blandness of the potato diet might be a factor in it's success. I have not branched out much into sweet potatos or into seasonings yet. I will restart the diet tomorrow with the PPD gang here.


    • I'm looking ahead to the new year and getting serious about getting fit. I have a half marathon planned for May and am currently not running at all. I finally have my wrist pain free, after 3 months with a splint on, and a cortisone shot, but my right hand is as weak as a kitten from underuse, so I have some gradual strengthening to do to bring it up to exercising ability re weights. But I want to build me some muscle. I'm tempted to get myself a few personal trainer sessions with the local "crossfit"-style gym. It looks so cool in there, but very intimidating.

      And hubby and I will be laying a whole upstairs worth of new bamboo hardwood flooring, so lots of low-level activity in the next few months. Plenty of squatting.

      Foodwise, I plan to get back onto the potato hack at least 2 days per week, then keep the rest of the week at moderate carb Primal. Lay off the social drinking - too many wine opportunities at this time of year - and get back to my once weekly martini with hubby.

      Right now I'm sitting at 152.5, too much for my fine-boned 5'6" frame. I'm aiming for a well-muscled 135 lbs (135 is still overfat on my fine frame, but I'm aiming for some muscle development in the next few months.

      So, get through the next week - Christmas eve, Christmas day, visit at (celiac, but still starchy) foodie friends for 2 days, then New Years eve. Whew! If I can get through the next week without gaining weight, I will consider that a success.


      • End of Week 1 of the new year. I've been to the Y once for a sprint run around the track. (It's winter here - crappy outside running.) I am starting back into SLD oilshots today. Weight still at 152.5. Not yet at 80% primal after falling off the wagon pretty well in the past 4 months or so. I made an eating plan for today and I'm off, so no workplace surprises (like yesterday - chocolates, fancy Christmas biscuits, etc - don't they know Christmas is over??) Off to the Y again today.

        52 new experiences report: Last week my new experience was a beer tasting at a local craft brewery. It was wonderful. Learned lots, met in-laws-to-be (they're nice). This week, I plan to go to the local high-performance gym and talk to the owner about personal trainer sessions.

        17 weeks to the Half Marathon in Toronto.

        I'm taking before pics today. Yuck!


        • You might try my pork chop line - when someone at work offers me baked goods, etc., I say, hopefully with just right touch of ironic humor in my voice, "Do you have any pork chops? I would rather have a pork chop." Although I don't always get a laugh, generally I am not offered cookies, candy, cake, or pie again.

          Yeah, I have a weird sense of humor. Why do you ask?
          My Primal Journal:

          "Freedom from fear" could be said to sum up the whole philosophy of human rights. - Dag Hammarskjold


          • Great line! But no, I have no-one to blame but myself. The lunch table was covered in the last of the Christmas goodies (In long term
            care, we get swamped with gifts of treat foods at Christmas from appreciative families - this home was just doling the treats out to make them last.) I helped myself. A lot. (hangs head in shame...)

            BTW, smoked pork chops from the local butcher, fried in butter, for supper tonight - YUM!


            • So, I did better than a run at the Y today. I ran outside, on the roads, in January, in central Ontario! It was an abnormally warm day at +4C, but with high winds 40-60km/hr. The warmth had melted the snow back from the edges of the road, so I had good footing for running. I did 2 miles, very slowly, 25:36, but I ran the whole thing, even with the wind in my face. It was hard. Only second run in months and first time outside. Felt great - very connected to nature, Grokette-like!

              Went to my fave local running store and bought myself a new running watch to replace the one that broke a few months ago. Can't be sweating buckets in my fancy watch. That felt like a treat/reward for me.

              I've stuck completely to my eating plan today. Three eggs with kale and ghee for B, with black coffee. Another black coffee at noon, as I was really hungry, but still out running around. Lunch was a can of salmon with onions and mayo, on three thin rice/corn puffy crackers (total 13 g carb), plus tea. Then CO shot at 4 and now I'll be cooking a smoked pork chop and green beans for supper. But right now, I'm totally not hungry, so it can wait until later.

              Took my first SLD shot of coconut oil today. After years and years of using olive oil, this is a change. Hopefully it will do good things. I need to get myself back on track. I have big plans for this body in the next 6 months, culminating in a half marathon in May, and looking smashing in a little dress for my son's wedding at the end of June.

              I took "Before" pics today before my run. YUCK!


              • Down this morning to 151.0, back to my lowest point on New Year's Eve. Now to bust through my "setpoint" range of 148-152 and get on with weight loss towards the 130's. I have an eating plan in place for the day, lunch is made. I have a meeting this morning that is normally laden with food, but I will be going in with my thermos of black coffee and the AS provided by yesterday's coconut oil, and a tummy full of eggs, ghee, kale and onion. 3 eggs, 2 tsp ghee, a leaf of kale and one thick slice of onion, chopped and sauteed. About 325 kcals, by my reckoning, and I feel like I've eaten Christmas Dinner!

                I had forgotten how good it feels to have the appetite suppression of SLD.


                • After Day 2 of SLD and pretty well perfect Primal compliance, I'm down another 3/4 lb to 150.2. No hunger, small portions at all meals, no between meal snacking except about 10 macademia nuts for "dessert" after supper yesterday.

                  Primal eating and SLD are a perfect match. I'm loving this.


                  • Well, a month later, I'm still riding 151-152 lbs. I've been running up until about 10 days ago when I got a wicked head cold, the first one to totally catch me in the past several years. I'm just now starting to feel like I'm 100% back, but the running got sidelined for almost 2 weeks.

                    But today is Feb 1, start of a new month. I'm committing to 4 weeks of real commitment to eating and exercising right, with a goal of getting my weight below 145 by the end of the month, getting my running up to a 5 mile long run, and adding in some bodyweight stuff. Our big renovation project that consumed the entire month of January is just now completing (new hardwood flooring, baseboards and some repainting through the entire upstairs of my house - 3 bedrooms, walk-in closet and hallway - all done by hubby and I).

                    My plan involves daily SLD oilshots, 90% compliance to Primal eating, 3 runs per week - 1 incorporating sprints, trying IF (meaning skipping B twice a week for a 18 hour fast), and adding planks and push-ups. I need to stop between meal snacking, especially in the afternoons. It's more habit than hunger. And I need to stop following the clock so slavishly for meals - I feel that I often eat when I'm not really hungry yet.

                    So today is Day 1. Starts with good coffee and a Primal breakfast of bacon and eggs. Then a run on the indoor track at the Y (it's -13C and windy with new snow everywhere, not a good outside day), grocery shopping to restock the veggie supply. I'll do some bodywork this afternoon.

                    Here goes!


                    • Good luck getting back on the oil bandwagon - keep us updated.

                      Yeah on the floors! I'm sure it looks beautiful!


                      • Hey, if you are interested in checking out the EMF thread here is the link.

                        She just started it today, and the first post is a nice compilation of information from our January Challenge thread.

                        Good Luck!
                        "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It is about learning to dance in the rain."

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                        My "Program": doing my version of a 4:3 - 3 day fast diet with real food every day, with a little twist of anti-inflammatory mixed in.


                        • Great Day 1. I skipped lunch!! And I ran 2 miles at the Y, followed by half mile of sprints and a 40 sec plank. Took ELOO oilshot this afternoon.

                          Bought myself new running shoes when I realized how worn down the old ones were as I was putting them away at the Y. Big expense, but a good investment in my exercise future. I love running and am so glad to be back at it after over a year of very little running. And for the first time ever, our new Y facility in my town has an indoor running track. Perfect for deep winter.


                          • Supper Day 1. I scored a bag of 7 yellow peppers, still in great shape, for $2.49 on the tired vegetables rack, so I made stuffed peppers tonight. Leftover cooked rice and broccoli from last night, 2 chicken breasts, a cup of mayo with curry powder added and sundried tomatoes in oil. Baked for close to an hour. Amazingly yummy, but I could only eat half of one. I was stuffed. Love Shangri La!!

                            The leftovers are piling up around here. I shouldn't have to cook for days, at the pace I'm going!


                            • Day 2. Weight 151.0 this morning, down about a lb from yesterday. Didn't eat much yesterday, so feeling thinner, which is not likely much more than reduced stomach contents and reduced bloat, but I'll take it.

                              It's snowing a wild thing here today - can hardly see the trees in my back yard. It's a sure thing that Wiarton Willie won't be seeing his shadow this morning. I had toyed with the idea of doing the Groundhog Jog 5k this morning, but after last week's head cold, I didn't get the runs in to get my mileage up to 5k yet. And with this weather, I don't think I can even make the drive to Wiarton (about 25 minutes on a good day). So plan B is breakfast at the local farmer's market (an egg "parfait", created by my friend who runs the breakfast booth for the gluten-free/primal/low carb crowd.) It's a delicious cup of 3 scrambled eggs, chopped peameal or side bacon (your choice), spinach dip, salsa and grated cheddar cheese - all layered in a coffee cup, hot and gooey and so very yummy.

                              I signed up for MyFitnessPal yesterday and adjusted the macros to reflect the goals of the Eat Moar Fat group. Still waffling about whether I want to try for ketosis or not. When I was doing Whole 30 last year and eating very low carb, I found my sleep getting more and more disturbed as I went along. As soon as I finished the 60 days and added more foods back in, my sleep quality improved immediately. Makes me a bit leery about trying super low carb again.

                              For now, I think I'll stay with 90% Primal, Shangri La oilshots of ELOO daily, work on my running and start some core work, maybe push-ups. And try daily tracking to see where that puts me in terms of macros. Yesterday was 938 kcals, 30% carb, 45% fat, 15% protein and 10% alcohol (for my usual Friday night martini with hubby). Without the martini, I was at 37% carbs, 55% fat, and 18% protein, a better split, but not yet enough fats. Of course, I ate nothing but grapes from the bag in my car all day, so that impacts the figures...

                              Counting the days in 30 day increments (ie: monthly) seems to work for me in keeping me on track with goals and focus. So I'm going to try to post daily for the month of Feb. Maybe no-one is following my progress but me, but that's OK. Keeps me accountable.


                              • Day 3 - 150.5 this morning. Made a huge veggie and shrimp stirfry for supper last night. Today has been leftovers all day, curried chicken/rice mix (leftover pepper stuffing) cold for breakfast, sort of like a cold chicken rice salad. Then part of the last stuffed pepper, plus leftover stirfry for lunch. Oil mid afternoon and I have an enormous (7 lbs of beef!!!) eye of round roast in the oven and company coming for supper. Primal appetizers, red wine, dark chocolate and orange wedges for dessert. It should be good! Portion may be larger than usual, and the wine is definitely extra, but overall, pretty good for a celebration meal.

                                I'll likely freeze some of the leftovers, but I forsee a lot of roast beef variations in the next few days...