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  • 138.5 this morning, up a bit from not "going" yesterday. Otherwise a perfectly primal day. Ate my wee ribeye for supper. At half the size of a normal ribeye, it was still too much, but I worked my way through it all. Delish! Fresh steamed, buttered green beans and cauliflower on the side. I was stuffed.


    • Stable at 138.5 this morning. I feel bloated, though. Not sure what that's about - maybe the 3 days in a row of flaxmeal in Rivven's Angry Bread? Was gassy last night, though I've had no wheat at all. I played it safe and made bacon and eggs instead this morning.

      Plan to sprint tonight!


      • I've been staying in the 130's all week, taking my SLD oilshots and eating pretty well primal. My energy and enthusiasm are down, though, related to other crap going on in my life. In early July, when DS was at camp and DH off on his big motorcycle adventure, I revelled in living alone in my house. This week, with DS at camp and hubby delayed from returning from China, I'm just cranky. Thing are falling apart at our rental property that need hubby's attention, but I know that between jetlag and the visitors, he won't be up to, or want to, do anything much for a while.

        Yesterday, our visitors arrived from Germany (they were supposed to be arriving the same day as hubby's return from work travel, but he got delayed - POOP!), and our friend made mention of the fact that he has gone vegetarian about 6 weeks ago. ARRGGHH!! My house is so NOT vegetarian-friendly anymore, nothing much in the way of breads, legumes, pasta. Each meal planned around meat, chicken, eggs or fish of some kind. And I have to cook for us all for the next three weeks, at least on a part-time basis. He splits his time between our house and another friend's place, and they are vegetarian. Just last night, I pulled out two part loaves of spelt breads from the freezer to thaw for breakfast today. Then I ended up toasting a small nub from each to make sure they had survived without freezer burn and still tasted OK. (At least that's the excuse I made to myself). I had two small pieces of toast, making up about 1 slice between them. Heavily buttered. Late at night. Would not have happened in a million years if I wasn't pulling the bread out for the company. Can you tell I'm frustrated??


        • Yesterday was hard. I have the German visitors, plus I had a 5 hour car trip to pick up my son from camp. I had market breakfast of egg parfait at about 11, ridiculously late for me, but my visitors are not early risers. Then I ate rice chips and an apple in the car going to get DS. Then supper at Wendy's, where I had the spicy chicken caesar and diet soda. Late night snack with the visitors was macademia nuts and dried apple rings and prunes. A high carb day for sure, but not a ton of food overall. Despite yesterday, I did not bloat up and weight this morning remains at 139.5. Go figure!

          I'm aiming for better macronutrient balance today, though it's another crazy mixed up day. Hubby gets home from China by suppertime, but we want to go to the last night concert of the big folk music festival tonight, so I won't likely be cooking supper. More eating unusual foods at possibly unusual times of day. Oh, well, I guess that's what makes life interesting, eh?


          • 9.35 miles in 1:48:30, a 11.6min/mi pace. Slow running for the first 5 miles or so, then more of a run/walk pattern. More walk the last 2 miles, then steady run the last half mile. I was well carbo-loaded after a feed of sushi last night.


            • 10.3 miles in 1:58, an 11.4 min/mi pace. Well carbo-loaded after almost 2 weeks of visiting vegetarian friend. My weight has remained stable at 141 lbs x 3 days, despite the breadfest. Oh, well, I'm aiming for high carb until after the race in 2 weeks, then back onto the more strictly primal wagon. I really gotta get off the bread again, though!


              • 3 miles in 34:19, including a significant climb up the escarpment and a very steep run/walk back down it. I had to slow to a walk for a couple of parts as I ended up in wooded areas with trails. I was in unfamiliar neighbourhoods and the streets would keep running out on me. It was fun. Just over 11:25 min/mi.


                • 10.25 miles in 1:57. one minute faster than last run. But a totally different route than last time, down quiet country roads through horse pastures and farmers fields. Lovely. Last long run before the half marathon next week. I think I'm on track to finish in less than 2:30, beating last years best time.


                  • Well, I've been pretty much totally off the Primal wagon for the past month. German vegetarian visitors arrived Aug 18th and the house developed a severe "bread and pasta" infestation. Then they finally went home about 2 weeks ago, and I continued to carb up for my half marathon 10 days ago. Which went great BTW, with a finish of 2:24, 12 minutes faster than last year's time, perfect conditions, lots of moving slowly.

                    So now I'm back! Started back to good control on Monday. I was a bloated 146.5 lbs after a weekend of indulgences and feeling gross. I have some goals for the next month (until the end of October). I'm going to try to keep carbs at about 50 g/d, no more than 100 g. I'm going to finally get off my duff and get going on the PBF program, now that the half-marathon is behind me.

                    To that end, I found and bought a great little iPhone app called Carb Manager that allows me to monitor my carb intake all day, plus gives full macro and micro nutrient profiles for each day. The bloat is dropping off and I'm down to 143.0 this morning, despite a late supper of take out sushi (hubby's choice - I ate moderately, carbs remained at about 100 for the whole day). I'm feeling better already and it's only 2 days in!

                    I"m fairly stressed right now. Working full-time, just in the process of buying a rental property (part of it is to be the future home of my disabled teenaged son), multiple meetings and activities each evening, and all in a rush as hubby heads off on another business trip to China on Sunday, gone for 2.5 weeks minimum. Multiple big things happening at church, too, and I am in a leadership role there as well. I know that the exercise will help me deal with all this stuff, but finding the time and the energy to get started is hard right now.

                    At least the food thing is getting into a better place. The little iPhone app is a great tool for monitoring that.


                    • Time to revive this thread. I stopped posting when I fell off the wagon with a thump after last summer. Lots of stress during the fall and winter. And a strong desire to hibernate on the couch with my knitting. All added up to over 15 lbs weight gain.

                      I started May's Whole30 with an average weight is 154.5, almost the highest I'd ever been in a decade. I was down to about 2 pairs of pants that fit comfortably. I'd had to buy new bottoms for my trip to Guatemala in Feb as NOTHING in my closet fit my bottom half. I've been in the high 130's to low 140's for several years now. It was bad!!

                      I'd had a major feed of my homemade lasagna the night before starting Whole30, plus birthday cake and wine, so started at a bloated 157 lbs (YIKES!!!). As of this morning I weigh 147.5, down 9.5 lbs (though I count only 7 lbs of that as real weight loss for the month). I have more clothing options now, but many of my summer things are still out of reach. My abdomen is slimming down, so I feel better about wearing my summer tank tops without such an obvious bulge.

                      But I want to get back into the 130's where I feel so much better. It's not an "after" weight for me, but I still feel great - strong, sexy, energetic - at that weight. And I want to get there by my birthday at the beginning of July.

                      So, I signed myself up for the Whole30 in June, but with a few minor variations. I'm allowing myself stevia on occasion, mainly so I can enjoy the fresh rhubarb from my back yard. I still have one Martini on Friday evenings - an unwind thing with hubby. And I use small amounts of soy sauce in cooking, as we enjoy Asian flavours. Other than that, no grains, dairy, legumes, sugar, artificial sweeteners.

                      I discovered this weekend through talking to friends that there is another dietitian in the area who is fed up and frustrated by the profession and what we are expected to spout to people in terms of diet advice. I'm really excited to find that out and have sent her a Facebook message. Hopefully we can get together and support each other.

                      So, here I am, back on the wagon. You are welcome to ride along. All support welcomed!


                      • Today, being the first of June, I will give up counting Whole30 days for May (ended with 32 days) and start recounting. So today is Day 1 of Whole30 for June. Weight is 147.5 this morning. Goal is the upper 130's at the very least. Ultimate goal is 135 by my birthday (52nd) on July 3. What a gift for myself!

                        The diet is pretty well on track, but I plan to add some exercise. Though I seldom sit down, all my exercise in the last month has been functional - meaning gardening, renovating, moving heavy things (like boxes of flooring materials), wielding a paint roller. I really enjoyed my one attempt at sprinting and want to do it weekly. And start my slow run/walking again. I am signed up for a half marathon in mid-Sept. Time to start the training.


                        • Day 1 has gone well. Bacon and eggs for breakfast, BAS with avocado and tuna in olive oil for lunch, with black berries for dessert. Shot of ELOO, SLD style in the afternoon. Guys had pizza for supper, I cooked two boneless chix thighs in ghee, with 1/3 red pepper in slices and a big handful of baby spinach, wilted in the frying pan. A few herbs and mixed up salt, garlic powder and pepper over top. It was delicious. Now I'm having my Friday night martini - one of my intentional cheats.

                          It's raining like crazy (finally - it's as dry as mid-July here), so no gardening, running, outside work. And it's cold - feels like I could pull out the knitting!


                          • Day 2: New low this morning (for this go around) of 146.5 lbs. Wahoo!! 130's, here I come!

                            I SOOO love never feeling low-blood-sugar hungry. That's got to be one of the best effects of the high fat diet. Off for a breakfast at the farmer's market, followed by a day of hard-core renovating... Lunch will likely end up being a Subway salad, and supper is supposed to be out at a local Chinese restaurant with friend. That is going to be a challenge! Everything breaded or with sweet sauces. I'm planning to stick to beef and broccoli to minimize the damage.


                            • Despite eating all three meals out in restaurants yesterday, my weight has remained at the new low of 146.5 this morning. Amazing! Shows that it can be done. Farmer's market breakfast, all-you-can-eat sushi at lunch and German schnitzel house dining for supper.


                              • Welcome back Marthat!
                                I wondered what had happened to you.
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