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Primal journaling to get me through the holidays: AMY

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  • Primal journaling to get me through the holidays: AMY


    So I have been primal for about 2 months now. Things have been going well, but I feel off the exercise wagon, and had a few too many cheats over the past weekend.

    I have decided it was time to get SERIOUS again, and have committed to journaling my eating and exercising to get me through the dreaded holiday season. Feel free to join me. I would love the support and company!

    a little about me:

    38 yrs old/female/5'7"/144lb/22.2% bf

    I am looking to add some muscle definition and to lower my body fat, and just feel healthy and comfortable in my skin. I would LOVE to be around 135/18%bf, but will be happy with any improvements in the right direction.

    I have been living a gluten free life for about 2 years, so some parts of primal living is second nature to me!

    Really looking forward to learning and getting to know other primal success stories!


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    Week 1 10/26 - 11/1:


    1. lift 3x/week: HEAVY

    2. walk 2miles or more at least 6 days.

    3. IF when it feels right.

    4. carnivore 1 day.

    5. carbs under 50g all week: limit to one serving of fruit and one of nuts for the week only!!


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      Monday 10/26 DAY 1

      wo: chest/back p90x and 2.75 mile walk


      1 c coffee/.5 stevia

      3 eggs/3T cream-cooked in bacon grease/6 pc bacon

      chicken breast/garden salad/8 olives/2T vinegarette

      2T coconut oil

      Carbs: 19g

      I am sore from all the pushups and pullups: a good sore!!


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        Good sore is nice!

        Have you been done p90X previously?

        Nice job yesterday of keeping carbs low and sticking with your plan.

        Those last 10 pounds are the hardest..seems we have similar goals..trying to drop 10ish pounds of body fat and get in the 15-18% range.


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          Hi Biker.

          Yes I have done the x previous (1 full round and then about 60 days). I may make the workouts a bit shorter. Some days and hour+ is just too long.

          I had pretty good results with chalean extreme (all about lifting heavy and slow), and may add that to the mix too.

          Are you a X girl?

          I hear you on the last 10. I lost 5 and quickly gained it back: uuuggghhh!!


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            Day 2 Tues 10/27

            wo: 2.5 mile walk (hills)


            1 c coffee/.5 stevia/1T heavy cream

            3 eggs/3T heavy cream/1t bacon grease/4oz ground beef

            IF 8-11am

            bumble bar /2oz ground beef

            coconut chicken lime soup

            1T coconut oil

            Well, the day did not go as planned. I had the munchies, and really never felt satisfied. Managed to keep the carbs at 25g, but really should have made an egg or something instead of the bar.....

            The bumble bar will be my one serving of nuts for the week: boo!!

            Had a great workout this morning. Ready to get my day started.


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              Great idea to journal through the holidays! I'm about to end my 30 day challenge and was thinking of stopping the daily posts.


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                Day 3: WED 10/28

                wo: shoulders/arms/abs


                2c coffee/1 stevia

                3 eggs/3T heavy cream/5pc bacon-cooked in bacon grease

                asian pepper steak/asparagus/butter

                2T coco oil

                Carbs were at 28g.

                I woke up today feeling extremely tired and with no voice. I hope I am not coming down with something.....

                JieJie: I have been feeling in a rut, and was hoping a journal through the holidays would be what I needed to stay focused.