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    Here we go...
    Started the Blueprint in December 2010. After 3.5 months - cutting out grains is more of a challenge in terms of habits rather than cravings. It's just easier to grab a sandwich. But, overall, really not a problem. I've never had the "carb flu". I have not cut out alcohol; I love margaritas and martinis with the buds. Counting calories using Fat Secret has been most successful - it's fun to make my protein requirements, then eat vegs, and add fat to round up to caloric reqt. So, I've lost weight and inches, but still too high percentage of body fat. I attribute that to cheating on weekends (corn chips and salsa!), and alcohol.
    I work in a gym as a massage therapist - and have always followed CW for exercise. Ok...(surprise), quit all that, and followed Blueprint. Then...I found Body by Science, and the P.A.C.E. method. All almost universally supportive of each other.
    Current plan: follow Blueprint more closely; decrease alcohol much more. Follow Body by Science for muscle building, and P.A.C.E. for cardio 2 days/week. All this through end of September. I'll be measuring body dimenstions and weight. Stay tuned!