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Wine and Cigars: HTownGirl's Primal Journey

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  • Wine and Cigars: HTownGirl's Primal Journey

    Day 18, time to start my Journal and hold myself accountable to the Primal World:

    Feeling a bit tired this week--I guess the honeymoon phase is over, but I don't have any serious cravings. Everyone in my office is into Jolly Rancher candies this week, so I am overwhelmed by smells of Sour Watermelon and Sour Apple--lovely smells. To my co-workers' credit, no one has tried to sabotage me by offering one to me.

    I think I'm smaller. I seem to be encountering a few bones that I didn't feel before, and my gut has definitely diminished.

    Mediterranean Scramble - a diced tomato sauteed in EVOO, fresh oregano, garlic and 2 eggs, topped with feta crumbles.
    Diet Rockstar Energy Drink

    A handful of cashews
    Monster Lo-Carb Energy drink (see a pattern here? I'm totally addicted to diet energy drinks)

    The express lunch from Thai Spice. Some kind of chicken soup in a fish sauce broth. Plus a sort of ground beef sauteed with peppers and onions, and a pork disk with squash and other vegetables, all topped with chili oil. Funny, they always ask me what kind of rice I want, and I always say, "One spoonful of Jasmine", even though I don't eat it (but I have to confess, I LOVE Jasmine rice)." For some reason it totally disrupts their routine if you ask for no rice!
    Iced tea w/lime, no sugar

    Spring Greens tossed with 2 hard boiled eggs, 1/2 avocado, about 2 TBSP grated artisan cheddar cheese, tomato, a few chopped hazelnuts and vinaigrette.
    2 glasses Chardonnay (another pattern you will see repeated)

    1 Rocky Patel Edge Maduro (cigar) - probably technically categorized as poison, but it's a daily indulgence I won't even think about giving up right now--so relaxing and something I look forward to all day.

    Exercise: None--my neuroma in my left foot is acting up. However, I did have to sprint for the bus this morning, neuroma or not, so that I wouldn't be late to work. Considering I had to park practically in another county at the Park 'n Ride lot, I would definitely consider this a true sprint.

    Evening entertainment: American Idol and the continuous pet parade of dog and cats, In and Out, In and Out, In and Out....could I count this as exercise?

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    Welcome. I hope primal goes well for you. Yeah, eventually you gotta give up the energy drinks and cigars. But some people have to ease into primal. I did.
    Ancestral Health Info

    I design websites and blogs for a living. If you would like a blog or website designed by someone who understands Primal, see my web page.

    Primal Blueprint Explorer My blog for people who are not into the Grok thing. Since starting the blog, I have moved close to being Archevore instead of Primal. But Mark's Daily Apple is still the best source of information about living an ancestral lifestyle.


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      Well, I'm considering the Energy Drinks, but the cigars are a no go. I was never a smoker until a couple of years ago, and I completely understand them now, as far as how satisfying it is to relax with a smoke. I don't feel too guilty, because you don't inhale, the tobacco is pure and they are very relaxing. I can't think it could be any worse than pot, which I've noticed a lot of people here indulge in.


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        Day 19 was probably my most challenging day (so far).

        The stress at work was completely off the charts. I am amazed that I show up and do this every day, but my salary is good and pays the bills.

        I woke up with a sugar craving and ended the day with one, so it's been a battle all the way today.

        My foot is still killing me, far worse today than yesterday. I know I need to lay off of it for a couple of days, but I have not been able to do so. With everything going on this weekend, I'm hoping Sunday will be that day.

        1 sausage patty with two eggs scrambled in butter. Topped with a little grated Artisan Cheddar cheese and just a wee bit of Shrirachi sauce (God, I love that stuff--need to find a recipe for a primal version of this)
        1 Diet Rockstar Energy drink

        I was starving and stressed, so went downstairs to the little gift/snack shop to see if I could find something Primal and the best I could come up with was some Wasabi Soy Sauce almonds. They tasted great, but were roasted in soy oil and the spices had some sugar. Usually I have my own primal snacks handy, but I haven't had time to go to the grocery store this week.
        1 Monster Lo-Carb Energy drink--I was going to not do this today, but with the stress I caved. :-(

        Mixed salad (variety of lettuces and spinach) with eggs, bacon, a bit of grated swiss cheese, onions, red and yellow bell peppers, yellow squash, zucchini, cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes, pepperoncin and balsamic vinaigrette.
        Iced tea w/lemon, no sugar

        I made the Reader's recipe Pork Tenderloin with Cilantro Pesto
        Roasted Cauliflower w/Olive Oil and Thai Seasoning
        At first when I tasted the Cilantro Pesto, I didn't like it. It tasted to me like a wheatgrass shot in coconut milk (yuck). Then I decided to warm it a bit and the flavors really melded together and it was lovely.
        1 Glass Chardonnay

        Rocky Patel Edge Cigar and another glass of Chardonnay

        Still had a terrible sweet tooth, so I had an apple and nibbled on two squares of a 92% Cacao chocolate bar with it. (I feel much better now.)

        Upset I haven't been able to start the fitness plan, but the pain in my foot was really bad today. I did walk (limp) during my lunch break though. I'm hoping I don't end up at the podiatrist.

        Not my best day, but overall I feel like I've been doing pretty well. I haven't yet succumbed to a sugary high-carb meal and hopeful that I won't.

        Tomorrow will be a big challenge, with a friend in town--my first real meal out plus seeing my stepson and his band play tomorrow night at a bar.

        I hate to say this, but my new lifestyle felt very much like a diet today. Hoping for better tomorrow.

        But ending on a positive note, seeing two new dents in my stomach!


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          Oh, almost forgot. Had a discussion today about Pork Cracklins'. One of my co-workers regularly brings them to the office for everyone and we have all gotten quite addicted. I used to feel guilty, but today we were talking about them, and I piped up, "Oh they are so good for you!"

          And another co-worker asserts, "Are you crazy, they are loaded with fat!"

          I tried to explain about saturated fats and they all thought I was nuts. We'll see who laughs last....


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            HTG, Welcome!

            I love your vices. I think they're as good as any to have. Remember the 80/20 rule... you can go 80% Primal, 10% cigars, 10% wine.

            I came to enjoy cigars last year... a co-worker of mine (an Eastern European fellow) keeps offering me them at work. Yesterday he comes to me and says (imagine a Borat accent), "You want big one or little one?" Ummm, "Big?" With that he draws a Cohiba Siglo VI from his coat pocket... nice way to finish the work day, eh?


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              [QUOTE=outlaw48;413867]HTG, Welcome!

              I love your vices. I think they're as good as any to have. Remember the 80/20 rule... you can go 80% Primal, 10% cigars, 10% wine.

              Yeah, that's what I'm thinking, LOL!


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                Day 20 - Yesterday

                Oh, I started out so well, I really did, but I finally blew it in the evening. Urgggh!!
                Another unbelievably stressful day to end a long stressful week at work, and social activities afterwards, when I was tired and not really in control of myself--that's my story and I'm sticking to it. :-)

                Mediterranean Scramble (olive oil, tomatoes, oregano, garlic, eggs, and feta)
                Diet Rockstar energy drink

                Diet Monster
                Vinegar and Salt almonds (not the best since they had soy oil, but filling)

                Korean spare ribs
                Kim Chi
                Spicy Cucumbers in Sesame Oil

                OK, here it comes. This is where I blew it!

                Prime Rib
                Mixed vegetables

                Sounds OK so far, right?

                Then an entire bottle of red wine! Yes, I said it. An entire bottle!!!!!

                Let me explain. I was with my hubby, a friend in town from England, and another friend. We went to a higly rated restaurant in town, but the service was slow. This place encourages you to bring a bottle of wine with you as they don't have a liquor license, but the table is all set up for your wine with beautiful glasses when you sit down. I brought a bottle of Beso Vino and it was really really good, and my friends each brought their own bottle--hubby doesn't drink. Then we ordered and waited and waited and waited. Meanwhile we are all talking and enjoying ourselves and somebody kept pouring me wine. I wasn't really paying attention. By the time dinner got there, the bottle was almost gone.

                Now the reason I wasn't paying attention is because my friends were telling me how fabulous I am looking and I was going on and on telling them about the Primal Blueprint and they were very interested.

                But here's where it gets really bad. Obviously, after an entire bottle of wine, my judgment was a bit clouded.

                Went to a bar to see my stepson's band play and drank 2 beers and 1 Jagermeister!! Believe it or not, I wasn't rip-roaring drunk like you would think as this all spanned several hours, and I didn't feel too bad this morning, mostly just dehydrated and GUILTY. I can't seem to get enough water today.

                Oh well, I'm going to move on from this one. On the positive side, i didn't have a cigar.


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                  Day 21 (so far)

                  This is going to be another challenging day. Bad news that a relative has terminal brain cancer, and today my Dad (who is 77) was admitted to the hospital with possible pneumonia. He just got out of the hospital (after two months) in March after a bout of pneumonia, then got a terrible C-Diff infection that destroyed all the flora in his colon (add COPD and Diabetes II to that mix, too), and we almost lost him. He was saved by Probiotics! However, he hasn't been feeling well the last couple of days, and the home nurse had him sent to the emergency room because his oxygen levels weren't good.

                  Still committed to this though, and not going to let personal stress detract.

                  Ultimate Omelet at Denny's (no hashbrowns and no toast)

                  Made the Pork Radish Hash from the Primal Blueprint Cookbook and it was YUMMY)
                  Topo Chico mineral water (I'm still dehydrated so have had 3 today, so far)

                  Dinner out - not sure where yet, but will not be having drinks.

                  Here's the real challenge. Another bar to see my stepson's band. I have friends and family coming too. I gave my husband permission to come down on me hard if I drink anything more than a glass or two of red wine and club soda. He made me promise not to let him drink Cokes. So, let's see how it goes.


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                    Day 21 (cont.)

                    Cabana Bowl at Taco Cabana (iceberg lettuce, chicken fajita, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, pico de gallo). Boring and tasteless!!!
                    Iced Tea w/Lemon

                    Bar (seeing my stepson's band, Collateral Damage)
                    2 glasses Chardonnay
                    Several club sodas with lime
                    2 Punch London Club cigars (small cigars)

                    OK, I'm glad I got through this minefield of a weekend. Now I need to re-focus here. A few slip ups this weekend, but I don't think I did too much damage.


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                      Day 22

                      Not a terrible day, but I did have a few carbs.

                      7 slices of bacon. Scooped up homemade Pico de Gallo with the bacon (diced tomatoes, jalapenos, chopped onion, cilantro and lime juice)

                      Salad of spring greens, 2 hardboiled eggs, tomatoes, a bit of grated artisan cheddar cheese, a sprinkle of hazelnuts, some crushed pork cracklins' and tossed in vinaigrette
                      Topo Chico mineral water

                      I had a sweet tooth today, so had some strawberries and two squares of a Lindt 99% Cacao Lindt bar. I thought about putting a little Stevia on them, but tasted one before and they were so sweet and amazing tasting that it would have been a crime to mess with them.

                      Dinner was so yummy!
                      I prepared the Butter Chicken with Silky sauce from the Reader's Cookbook. OMG, the flavors were incredible. Hubby loved it, even though he did have some Basmati Rice with his. This is the man who sees food as just food--he usually just says it tastes fine, tonight he was wowed.
                      Raita - made with Greek yogurt, cucumbers, garlic, mint, cumin, paprika)
                      Kachumber (tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, olive oil, red wine vinegar, pan toasted cumin seeds)
                      A glass of Chardonnay

                      A CAO America Bottle Rocket cigar. Probably my all time favorite.

                      So far I am really loving the food! I feel like I'm eating way too much, but my portions have been relatively small since eating this way is so satisfying. And my body is responding--I can tell I'm losing weight even though I don't weigh. I haven't weighed since December 2009 and the only reason was because I was involved in an auto-pedestrian accident (I was the pedestrian) and I was weighed in the emergency room. Shocked is the only way I could describe my reaction. I lost a quite a bit of weight on e-Diets, but put a bit back on (as you always do after a "diet" since you can't do it long term), but not all of it. But this lifestyle is really working.

                      LOL, I'm realize there are so many posts here that I'm probably the only person reading my journal regularly, but putting it all out there is a big help to me.


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                        Originally posted by outlaw48 View Post
                        I came to enjoy cigars last year... a co-worker of mine (an Eastern European fellow) keeps offering me them at work. Yesterday he comes to me and says (imagine a Borat accent), "You want big one or little one?" Ummm, "Big?" With that he draws a Cohiba Siglo VI from his coat pocket... nice way to finish the work day, eh?
                        Absolutely! I know it's unusual for a girl to smoke cigars (though you'd probably find more Texas girls doing it than anywhere), but I can't tell you how many men tell hubby that they wished their wives were more like me in that regard.


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                          Day 23

                          Gonna keep it short! It was a long stressful day, lots of family issues, etc., but I was pretty good.

                          Sausage patty
                          2 scrambled eggs with a little Artisan Cheddar and Srirachi sauce

                          A few pork cracklins'

                          A scoop of chicken salad
                          A small Taverna salad (cucumbers, feta, olives, onions, oregano, olive oil)

                          Arandas Special from Taqueria Arandas (a thin beef skirt steak, some lettuce tomato, avocado, nopales (tender cactus) with pico de gallo and dipped the steak in yummy Green Poblano Sauce
                          2 Glasses Wine

                          A Mosaico cigar (an everyday smoke but really decent--can't afford the high end stuff every day)
                          Blackberries (au natural)

                          That's it. Need to get some sleep--I don't get enough!


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                            Wow, Day 27!

                            It has been a very good day today, even though typical of Friday night, I've had 3 glasses of wine! Oh well, feeling really good right now.

                            An interesting day at work today--my co-workers are noticing weight loss, and all of a sudden they are interested in the "Primal thing". Everyone was going to MDA to check it out.

                            I've been mostly Primal today and the two days I didn't post. Trying to get more sleep so not staying up as late as usual, which is when I usually post.

                            Mediterranean Scramble (olive oil, diced tomatoes, oregano, garlic, 2 eggs topped with Feta

                            Snack 1
                            A Blueberry Trail mix--had to ditch all the peanuts, but it also had walnuts and cashews

                            Snack 2
                            Pork Cracklins that a co-worker brought in. I ate the whole bag.

                            Not very hungry after pork cracklins' but I managed 2 small Taverna Salads from Murphy's Deli (cucumbers, feta, olives, onions, oregano, olive oil)
                            Unsweetened Tazo Black Tea with Lemon

                            Pheasant Soong Chicken from T Jin China Cafe (ground chicken, water chestnuts, peppers, and ditched the fried rice noodles on top) in iceberg lettuce cups topped with lots of Hot Mustard and Chili Oil
                            2 glasses Chardonnay (Becker Vineyards, a Texas winery--very buttery and oaky, probably the best Chardonnay I have ever had, and I LOVE Chardonnay)

                            2(!) Mosaico cigars
                            1 glass Jacob's Creek Shiraz-Cabernet

                            What can I say? It's FRIDAY night--woop woop!


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                              Day 28

                              Had a good day today! Got up fairly early and had for breakfast

                              4 pieces bacon
                              Scrambled eggs

                              Then took the dog to the Dog Park, got some Vitamin D and a little low impact exercise and play. Came home with a carb craving to end all carb cravings so I had:

                              1/2 diced apple
                              A few diced strawberries
                              Chopped pecans
                              Topo Chico Mineral Water

                              Then a bit later:

                              Celery stick with almond butter (yummy)!

                              Then had an early dinner so we could go to the movies.

                              1 Korean-Style Blackberry Rib (they were so good!) So far I love all the PB recipes.
                              Glass of Red Wine

                              I went to the movies with hubby and even though the popcorn smelled good I did not succumb.

                              After the movies, I had a cigar and another Topo Chico mineral water.

                              Then I got hungry again and had another Korean-Style Blackberry rib before bed. The dog was happy to get a bone to chew on.

                              All in all a good day! Getting so close to 30 days--I'm very excited! I've notice weight loss in my back, abdomen (stomach and rib cage) and face. And I feel like I've been eating like a pig!