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Journal: Yogi Goes Primal! (tanyayogi)

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  • Day 2: July 14th (CHEAT DAY)

    I decided to make the 2nd day a cheat day because it was the Harry Potter premiere and I knew I'd be having popcorn...the problem was of course that I took it as an excuse to binge!

    I had 4 small brownies for breakfast, a small baguette with prosciutto and gruyere for lunch, 3/4 of a small popcorn, and then another 2 small brownies.

    A terrible day. I think my "cheat" days should be like 50% Primal and still aim to be under 150-200g carbs. Like ideally, today could've been: 3 eggs for breakfast, the sandwich for lunch, the popcorn, and some salad or soup for dinner. I guess I'll have to monitor my cravings on my cheat days from now on. Not feeling too guilty though. I did 30 minutes of ashtanga yoga.


    • PLAN FOR Day 3: July 15th (95 Primal)

      1: 3 eggs, scrambled with some cream
      2: carrot coconut milk soup
      3: some protein with veggies/salad?

      Snacks: blueberries
      Exercise: swim and/or some yoga/HIIT on treadmill or elliptical and/or LHT


      • Day 3 was good primal-wise (swam)
        Day 4 fucked it up completely, so I am adding another day before I can "cheat" again (walked)

        Day 5: July 17th
        1: greek yogurt with a few blueberries (20-25g)
        2: 12 oz NY strip steak with a baked potato goddammit (50-60g)
        3: a few onion rings, 3 chicken tacos...crap not primal at all! (30-40g)
        4: some homemade dark chocolate hazelnut ice cream (20g)
        TOTAL: 140g ish
        Exercise: ran 5.5 km in 45 minutes on an incline, with two 2 lb weights in hands
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