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    I Figured if I shared my experience I might help or inspire someone else in some way and keep myself focused. Who knows? When I read the other journals I gain knowledge as well as a little pick me up here and there. One disclosure: I am not an expert. Not even close. I know very little about diet. Just trying to follow Marks book PB. With a goal of 80/20 or thereabouts. So here goes.

    I started on or about Feb 1 and weighed 254 fully clothed. There was no way I would get on a scale while not hiding whats under there. Or at least not turn on the light. Much less take a picture ( face is making that i smell s look). I have always been muscular under it all and at 5-9 most doctors put it as "well nourished". Since then I have lost about 18lbs in ten weeks without really trying! At all. Except for the initial salivation for cabs the first two weeks its been painless.

    Ive read PB and followed most of the 80/20 principles as far as diet goes. The PB cookbooks are fun and easy. I have impressed my three boys with they call the "caveman diet" as well as my wife who's culinary skills are famous around here, albeit a little grainy for now. Seeing the attitude change in me has change my families attitude about carbs. How many hungry 16,18 and 20 yr old athletes do you now of eat a big burger with bacon and cheese and all the fixings no bun or fries and really like it? Sure we have gone out for pizza a couple of times but its a far cry from twice a week. Actually its just not that satisfying anymore. Im beginning to develop a sensitivity to grains. The after dinner sweets thing rears its ugly head now and then but that's when I know its time for sleep. I can really say it feels like we were always supposed to eat this way.

    I have yet to sprint every seven days for fear of some stupid injury. At 52 years of age and a couple knee surgeries I decided I want to lose thirty pounds before I push it on land. Going fast on a motorcycle, no problem. But I haven't heard the wind in my ears from running for while now. I have sprinted in the pool but its just not the same. The move slowly part Im really enjoying and so are my rat terriers. Im blessed with a good 45 minute loop of varied terrain without anyone giving grief about the dogs. (Why can you bring a horse on a trail and not a dog in CA???) Im using trekking poles because it works my arms and the downhills are a breeze. The real challenge is keeping the heart rate low enough because it feels so good to get the pump going. Ive always been sort of an adrenalin junky and any buzz I can get doing outdoor things I enjoy. But still I need to remind myself of life's responsibilities and watch overdoing it, avoid stupid mistakes

    Overall Im healthy. Or at least I feel that way. Right now Im thinking I should loose another 25lbs. At the rate Im going it may take four or six months. Maybe year. I really dont care as long as the trend is downward. For me the plan and the process is really fun and satisfying. The charts say Im obese at 200-205 but Ive come to grips with not weighing what I did when I was 16 yrs old. Besides when one leg weighs 40 lbs how is all of me going to weigh 171?. Im really shooting for feeling light on my feet, excellent balance and minimal aches.

    The minimal aches are the biggest improvement Ive notice so far. I am grateful and stoked to say most are gone and the Ibuprofen intake has really decreased. From several a day to occasionally only. The decrease in inflammation I think is due to not eating grains. But whatever reason is OK by me. Im still a little stiff after a long car ride or laying a tile floor but only till I shake out the cobwebs and get a little circulation going.

    The wife says my skin tone has improved. Well OK, didn't know it was un-improved. What I really notice is my sensitivity to the sun . Building my whole life I always felt like a vampire hiding from the sun under wide brim hats and long sleeves. Now I can work a few hours and my arms aren't stinging the way they used to. I can drive without sunglasses and not hate life. But I hereby promise myself I will not overdue the exposure thing. A few hours sure feels good lately.

    Im looking forward to new discoveries along the way. Thanks for checking in. Good luck and catch ya later.