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    I started Primal a week today but the weekend completely derailed me. Sat morning I had plans and I needed a fast breakfast. I was unsure if my breakfast casserole would still be good (6 days old at that point) so I caved and had cereal (Hubby buys it).

    I had planned to eat an early dinner before a movie night with friends (to avoid non-primal eating). Well I got home later then expected and ran out of time had pizza with friends for dinner, Blech.

    Sun morn I woke up groggy and low energy so yay more cereal. Stopped for a tea and had a croissant with cream cheese (FAIL!) by evening I was SO hungry and irritable. Got back on track with BBQ'd Artic Char, asparagus and bacon.

    Today however I have had 2 bowls of cereal, three hard boiled eggs, a smoothie, pork roast with veggies. I am so frustrated with not sticking to the plan. It's a vicious cycle. The crappier I eat the more tired I am, the less energy I have the more frequently I turn to the convenience of SAD.

    Tomorrow is a new day. I will be back on track!

    On the plus side, Sat consisted of 4 hrs of slow walking, and Sun consisted on a 1 Hr walk and 20-30 second sprint (I didn't time it, but man it felt like it lasted FOREVER!)

    Tomorrow I start again!!!

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    Ugh, just wrote a reply, hit the wrong button and lost it.

    I had scrambled eggs, bacon and a smoothie for breaky and now I feel like throwing up. The smoothie isn't sitting well. It consisted of baby spinach, strawberries, coconut cream, vanilla, cinnamon, then I had to add some homogenized milk b/c the smoothie was too thick. Tasted awful so I added some honey. I managed to drink half but it wasn't very good.

    I haven't had luck with smoothies lately. I HEART Avacado & strawberry smoothies but yesterday it was grainy (don't think my Avacado was ripe enough). I made another one later with banana and strawberry and the banana was actually too sweet!

    Guess I'll take a break from smoothies... *curls on the couch clutching stomach*


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      Do you know how to make egg muffins? They freeze well and are great for popping into the microwave for quick and convenient breakfasts.

      Just take 12 eggs, a half pound of your favorite meat cooked and broken up, 1/3 cup milk or cream if you do dairy (not needed if you don't), shredded cheese (ditto), and whatever veggies you want. Mix them all together, pour into well-greased muffin tins, and bake at 325 for about 30 minutes. I've done them with sausage and sun-dried tomatoes, bacon spinach feta, and this week's are sausage with peppers and onions. Two of them are a nice filling breakfast. I put them in ziploc baggies and stick them in the fridge and freezer to use throughout the week.


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        I have made them, but freezing half for later in the week is a great idea! I think I'll make some tomorrow with rutabaga, spinach, peppers, feta and herbs. Yum!!



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          Day three and I'm faltering. Last night we had celebratory ice cream cause we "graduated" from our marriage conselling. We are officially healthy lol. Sigh, one ice cream
          Oreo and 1/8 of a tub of Ben & jerry's later...

          Woke up this morn and nothing seemed appealing, ate cereal 1.5 hrs later cause I was starving and just got home from work. A lol ice cream in the aft, snack of an apple and cheese.

          My niece and nephew turned one today yay! Enter the pizza, cake, cupcakes, sigh.

          On the plus side, I've only had water to drink.

          I watched Food Matters yesterday and My GOD it is good. A must watch for sure!

          Apparently my mantra is becoming "tomorrow is a new day." Sugar addiction sucks!!


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            This isn't who I am, this isn't who I want to be. Ive been mostly non-primal this week and it SUCKS! I haven't been getting enough sleep, so morning I roll out of bed, stumble to work (I own a pet grooming business), groom my client, stumble home, inhale cereal, nap for a couple hours and spend time online until my evening clients. Blargh, that is pathetic, it isn't me. I'm done being lazy, junkie, non-primal and sleepy.

            After this post I am going to season my chicken wings and prep my broccoli and bacon sale for this evening, walk the dogs, then groom my evening clients, come home, eat, do some cleaning and go to bed EARLY!!!

            The worst part of SAD is my irritability, I almost broke some dishes because I got so angry that they wouldn't stack properly. On Primal I am soooo calm it's amazing. Clearly my body know what is good for it. My mind just needs to catch up!


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              I hate this lack of energy and motivation. It's not low-carb flu because I haven't cut down my carbs enough for that, it's just laziness and lack of proper sleep. My body is messed up, I wake in the morning and I'm hungry (stomach feels empty) but nothing seems appealing. I had eggs for lunch and felt nauseous. After the eggs I had an apple and that helped. I just don't know what my body wants. It's frustrating.
              I want my body to look a certain way by June and that is stressing me out. I'm trying to forget about that and just let my body change at it's own pace but it's hard.
              I guess I'll make another breakfast casserole (or maybe two) for next week, I have dinners planned. Lunch just never seems appealing eventhough I am hungry. Snacking is also a problem.

              Sigh my last time on PB was so much easier because I was depressed and desperate for a solution. Now I'm clear-headed and healthy which is good, but makes in hard to go primal cold-turkey.

              I need will power, I need to find meals that taste good and make me glad to be primal, I have to get creative, and prep and I'll get on track again. Sleep is also very critical to my motivation level.


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                Ughhh I binges and I binges hard. I've been feeling so frustrated and restricted and overwhelmed, I haven't wanted to eat ANYTHING. I was just immobilized out of fear of eating the wrong thing.
                At a birthday party today I had egg salad sandwiches a cookie and s piece of cake and a couple veggies. I came home and went nuts. Ice cream oreo, cashier chocolate Easter eggs, a bowl of cereal, a cupcake, ugh I feel SO sick. The funny thing is nothing really tasted as good as it used to, but I ate it anyway. I'm really hoping I can start fresh and make clean choices starting tomorrow. Water tastes SO good right now! As my best friend quotes "the solution for pollution is dilution"

                As crappy as I feel physically, mentally I feel a but clearer. I ate total crap today and did not enjoy it at all. So rather than worry about the carb content of veggies, or freak that a few cashews will de-rail my progress, or feel disheartened because I have a tea with sugar twice a week I'm just gonna eat clean, indulge in little ways that make me feel GOOD and go from there.

                What a lesson, I may pay for this tomorrow, lol.