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  • Primal Journal - David - Comments Appreciated

    Okay, I started my primal journal last Monday, April 4th and I'm beginning my Journal today so that I can see if there are any suggestions regarding my diet. I'm doing the Primal Fitness and think it is awesome and have no problem with it. My only issue may be my diet. I started at 5'10", 190 lbs but want to get to around 185 with single digit body fat. I am someone who is not a "foodie". I eat for purpose and not pleasure so eating the exact same thing every single day does not affect me. That being said, I've attached a pic of last weeks days of diet. Any suggestions as to if I'm on the right track or what I need to tweak are greatly appreciated. David

    P.S. The images are screen captures of my days April 4th - April 6th.
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    Original Post continued - April 7th - 9th

    These are screen captures of my diet from April 7th - April 9th.. David
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