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Oat Bran - Dukan diet

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  • Oat Bran - Dukan diet


    I have been "primal" for a while, over a year with some times more primal than others. Just getting back on track after a long hiatus full of wheat. I felt the effects ten fold.

    I was looking at the "Dukan diet" which is basically paleo - protien, low fat, low carb. The diet also has this one strange component of eating 1.5 tablespoons of Oat Bran every day during the first phase, and upping that to 2 and then 3 tablespoons in the subsequent phases.

    I know Oat Bran is a grain....but all the literature out there says it is so good for us, lowers LDL cholesterol, helps control insulin spike etc. and that it helps make you thin.

    Can I eat the oat bran????? I have had a great Primal day,

    Coconut flour pancake, strawberries and hazelnuts

    tuna salad with lot sof celery and greens, olives, pesto, sheeps milk cheese ( small amt), olive oil

    flank steak, sauteed spinach and onion.

    I just had the "oat bran" mixed with a couple of small kiwi's and a spoonful of yogurt as a "dessert" will I regret this?