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  • Sparkle's secret diary

    Age: 22
    Height: 5' 4"
    Starting weight: 157Ibs

    Hi everyone,

    I got interested in the primal/paleo lifestyle after I got 'The 4-Hour Body' by Tim Ferriss and read an extract from Robb Wolf's 'Paleo Solution' on the 4HB website (the chapter about grains).

    Since then I've been trying to change my diet, exercise and general lifestyle. I've been finding the diet part really tough, so I thought I might start a journal to draw all my efforts together.

    Things I've done so far:
    - Given up most cosmetics, and everything with dubious/harmful chemicals in it. This was a big change for me as I used to have/use boxes and boxes full of toiletries that I was told I needed by ad men (what a gullible fool!). I'll put what I now use in a future post.
    - Started taking vitamin, mineral and EFA supplements (again, details in a future post).
    - Started doing weights at the gym (mostly for recreation) and the C25K running program.
    - Cooking my own meals from scratch. I'm aiming to completely avoid: processed food; grains; dairy; sugar, its substitutes and artificial sweeteners of all kinds; Diet Coke (this one is hard!); legumes. As I am trying to lose weight/fat, I need to limit carbs (including fruit).
    - Using the best-quality meat (organic, outdoor-reared etc. when available) and eggs I can find/afford. You guys in the US don't know how great you have it compared to the rest of us.
    - Bought a pair of Vibrams, despite the rip-off UK prices (see above)!
    - Somewhat controversial: I go to the tanning salon for 5-minute sessions every 3 days - attempting to build up a base tan so I can run around freely in the sun (during summer) without getting burnt.

    I only have one real health problem: depression, for which I've been taking anti-depressants for about 3 1/2 years (though I've taken them twice before in the past too).

    Anyway, I'll be making notes on my progress and putting a bit more information about myself in subsequent entries. I don't suppose anyone will read this, but just in case I'll try to keep it short and to-the-point!

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    I would look into getting vitamin D-3 supplements and fish oil (omega 3's) And I think you will be pleasently suprised how much of that depression may level off. I know I have had my share of depression and the meds that go along with it, and I have never been seriously more happy and content with life after starting this way of eating. I am so much more even tempered as well. Good luck to you!


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      Day 1

      10:00am - Week 1, Day 1 of Couch-2-5k running program + stretches.
      11:30am - The biggest omelette of my life, made with 1/2 handful of smoked pancetta pieces, 300ml (!) egg white and 2 organic eggs, paprika, smoked paprika, black pepper and salt, cooked in olive oil. 1 mug green tea.

      Rough macros for that: 420kcal, 60g protein, 16g fat, 3g carbs

      Tip I've found: if you're watching calories and therefore using a lot of egg white (and not so much yolk) in your omelettes, smoked paprika brings back the lost taste and colour, making it taste bacon-y.

      4:15 - 130g sliced Mexican chilli chicken breast

      170kcal, 33.6g protein, 3.4g fat, 1g carbs
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        Thanks for the support! I'm taking D-3 and omega 3's ('strawberry flavour', yeah right, it's like licking a trout) but I've only just begun. I feel better for cutting out grains, and cutting out aspartame should help. I shudder to think how much of that stuff I've ingested over my lifetime. I even found it on the ingredients list of my vitamin-C supplements today. Chucked the bottle in the bin.


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          Well, you can probably tell from my silence that it hasn't been going well. Each day I start out OK, but at some point in the afternoon I cave in to carbs. I just feel so desperate for sweet things, and also so unhappy, so I binge on crappy food, and then I feel so guilty I make myself sick. This has happened every day for the past couple of weeks of trying to go primal. At the very beginning I held out for 3 1/2 days by sleeping a lot, but I failed eventually, AND I gained weight even while sticking to it strictly. I have gained about 4 pounds for my trouble (even while throwing up most of what I eat!).

          I went to the gym again today, but my heart wasn't in it. I bought some goddamn expensive organic SLS-free shampoo to be 'kind' to my hair, and it has just made my hair into a dry, frizzy crappy mess. I feel that I look terrible, and I don't get anything done because I am worrying all the time about diet, exercise, etc.

          I'll have another try tomorrow.


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            Same pattern again.

            I think I'm going wrong because I'm doing that typical n00b think of making it too difficult for myself. Trying to cut out processed food, sugar, grains, dairy, soy, fruit, AND keep carbs very low AND keep my overall calories down AND try intermittent fasting, all at once? I just can't hack it. So I think I need to make the diet a bit more enjoyable by letting myself have dairy and more fat, and letting myself eat when I want and not get scared by the quantities. Also maybe I should put my scales in the cupboard and stop looking at them for a while.

            I still went for a run yesterday (skipped to week 2 of Couch-2-5k, and that seems like a good level for me - certainly not too easy), and went to the gym for an hour this morning (at 7:30!) to do weights with a friend.

            Last night I was feeling very blue but still tried to get tasks done like tidying up. Fact about me: I've already lost 45 pounds (well, I've put at least 3 back on since trying Paleo/Primal and exercise!) since October, but I haven't been healthy. I got ill and started throwing up a lot, and lost weight as a result, and now I do it on purpose when I eat too much. I don't think my eating has ever been normal (I think I've been a compulsive overeater for a long long time, and a binge eater), but now that has developed into making myself sick too. So the primal lifestyle is important to me for getting healthy in that respect, too. When I stick to the diet I don't make myself sick, so that's a good thing. I don't expect it to magically make my relationship with food normal, however. I'd just like to stop abusing my body.

            Anyway, later on I'm going to the butcher's to see if they have any pork scratchings ('pork rinds' to you guys Stateside) without MSG, hydrolised vegetable protein, and all that crap. Also to the cheese shop for some unpasteurised cheese (cheese is one area in which we are spoiled for choice in the UK) for my omelettes.