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    Hi everyone;

    long time lurker, posting here for the first time.

    sometime lastyear, a work mate who is also a RKC certified instructor was talking about Paleo diet, and lot of us were joking about "paleo" little did I know at the time.

    earlier this year, I came down with bad case of Purtussis (whooping cough) that laid me out. For many years, I had gained weight and I was hovering at unhealthy weight of 250+ for 5'7" guy who is 47 year old Asian. . My Cholesterol was high during last bloodwork in december, and I had to go on low dose of beta blocker due to high bp early last year. (mostly stress related though) had bruce protocol and heart came out clean and strong, but poor conditioning. I've been on omeprazole since I got married 12 years ago (LOL, stress of marriage)

    My lovely Wife (who is 120lb but thin fat) and myself decided that we need to change our body before it was too late, and we decided to go do the P90X in mid feb. Started the p90x, and while taking with my workmate, we came across MDA. I had started a P90x phase1 based nutrition (which is high protein, low carb) and Primal Nutrition made lot of sense to me, so we adapted it. My wife also decided that it was good thing for us to do.

    For asians who are used to eating rice daily, it was a challenge, but we managed pretty well into a plan that allow us to have less than 100gm of carbo as well as be grain free as possible. Since we are continuing with the P90X program, we did make some compromise in using protein whey powder and high protein bar.

    In early march, (about 1 month into the program) my blood work came back with all good numbers. I had also lost 15lb or so. at this point, we also started our 2 sons to be more primal. (not as strict though we are keep to under 150gm carbo for them)

    Currently: we are doing modified p90x (with 5week phase 1 and 2 instead of 4 week) we are on our 8th week. (about half way done through this round) we will be done on memorial day weekend, for the camping trip.

    I eat about 1500-1800 cal a day. target 150gm protein, 50-100gm carbs, which works to 40% protein, 45% fat and 15% carbs.

    wife eats about same amount as me, but she does not need to lose weight and need to build muscle. (already seeing outline of 6pack)

    I am feeling so much better with lot of energy. our work out is very intense, but I am keeping up with it pretty well now. my conditioning has improved a lot. but I am not measuring except for pictures at each phase. I would guess, I have lost over 25lb so far, but I have ways to go.

    our typical meal for the day:

    breakfast: 6am
    2 eggs, 2 bacon, side of sauteed cabbage(mmm, do not miss hash browns), small protein shake with berries. (about 6oz) about 500 cal total breakfast

    lunch; 11am
    BAS (various meat)

    snack 2-3pm this is my carbo loading for workout.
    high protien bar (30gm protein, 23gm carbs) 290 cal

    dinner 5pm
    light dinner of 400 cal (various meat and vegetable dishes) lots of lettus, broccoli and cabbage though.

    p90x workout 7pm-8:30
    protein shake (120cal) post workout drink.

    so far have not been hungry, and I can maintain energy for my workout I love the fact that I am gaining lean muscles, sleep well at night, stopped snoring, and life is good. My goal is get down to 10% body fat. may take a bit of work, but I got a good start and I feel very optimistic.