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Primal Blueprint Health Challenge (ChiGirl)

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  • Primal Blueprint Health Challenge (ChiGirl)

    This should be fun! I've been eating primal for about 5 months. However, I've always allowed myself a free meal every 5th day, and it simply puts me over the edge on carbs. It's time to try without said free meal.

    Will start tracking tomorrow!

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    Today is rainy, dark and cold. I was literally soaked by the time I made it to work. Slanted rain does a number on ones' commute. There were broken umbrellas in every trash in the Gold Coast. Gotta love Chicago weather! LOL! I seriously need to get a pair of those rain boots I see everyone wearing.

    During this time of year I love walking to work. Due to rain my little plan has been foiled. I'm on vacation next week so I'll try again in November. The two mile walk is a great way to start my day.

    Tonight I'll probably do an upper body workout. Nothing crazy. I'm a little tired so I don't want to push it. 4/5 exercises sound about right. Some friends want to go salsa dancing tonight, but I just don't have it in me. Maybe tomorrow.

    On to the food . . .

    Day 1

    B: 7 bacon, 1 c venison Stew with carrot & onion, and 1/4 c brown rice

    L: 1 c venison stew with carrot & onion, 1 chicken breast, 6 romaine leaves, 2 tbsp olive oil vinagarette, 1 tbsp goat butter, 1 Zevia root beer soda

    D: IF

    My goal this upcoming week is to only do two meal. My evening meals feel a bit useless at this point, and they only make even more hungry in the mornings. I'm sure I eat them too late, but I end up having to prepare them later in the evening due to my schedule. I've already prepared a weeks worth of dinners for the BF so he should be good to go without me.

    Looking forward to seeing how not eating in the evening makes me feel. Just hope I don't get hungry.


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      Well, today is my 37th birthday so eating primal has taken a bit of a hit. Not a HUGE one, but a hit none the less. Condidering it's my birthday I feel I've done pretty well.

      Today Melly Mel's mom and I went to see Coco Avant Chanel. Very good. It's rare when you you get to see the humble beginnings of very famous people. Audrey Tautou is always a joy to see in film as well.

      B: 1 egg, ground elk meat, 1 slice gluten free bread

      L: 1 burger with bun and fries (birthday dinner ), 3 glasses white wine.

      All in all, the day was fine. I don't noramlly drink so much wine or eat beef, but today was happy 37 for me so I celebrated with my favorite things. Looking forward to tomorrow.