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  • I choose NOT to be a couchpotato.

    Note: this post, in its original form, is hella long. So I'm splitting it into parts. Long. Long. Long. Long. I warned you....

    Ok So I decided to start a journal after being a MDA lurker for a good while. So I guess this is my first post, yay?

    The reason that I’m journaling here, at this second, in lieu of other first posts is that it’s either journaling or bread. Journaling. Bread. Journaling…. Yeah. I’m on day…. Hmm, 6? 7? I don’t know actually I just started eating primal and forgot about marking the calendar. Not important for me to know, anyway. Back to the problem.

    Bread. Need I say more? I’m not really a bread eater but I think my body is finally “Fuck man, carbs please.” I haven’t had any cravings previous to this late night bread hunger… A late night bread hunger that pretty much sent me on a scavanger hunt to try and find something to satisfy it. I can hear it already: fat! meat! Yeah folks, I get it. Guess what I ate? Right, fat and meat…. After a couple squares of dark chocolate, 90% yeah man! And some peanut butter slathered on it.

    Yes. Peanut Butter. It’s a vice. But I dropped grains, have almost dropped dairy (except eggs and a bit of cheese and the heavy whipping cream in my coffee), and am down to half the amount of sugar that I normally eat in a day. Big accomplishments for less than a week, no? I’ve done the cold turkey thing before and it ends in cheese puffs, cookies, and fast food.

    I’m feeling better about not eating the bread now, though it was pretty touch and go there for a while. I’m full, which helps. I thought my stomach couldn’t handle any more food but I was wrong, apparently. I think it might be the cry for nutrients from my poor body. ... Which leads me to the story of my life. Enjoy.
    I journal cuz I can: My Primal Journal of Super-ness

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    I Grew up in Alaska, am and always will be Alaskan. Had a lovely childhood, got good grades. College in Oregon. Am still in Oregon even after finishing school last year. Degree in Art. Am unemployed so am writing a novel. Yep.

    Freshman year someone forgot to mention that there’s this thing called the “freshman 15”. For me it was the “freshman 25” and it culminated about the middle of October. So, for those interested in numbers. I went from about 115 pounds to 140 pounds in like 2 months. I stopped exercising, wasn’t getting enough sleep, was eating cafeteria food, caving to peer pressure ice cream runs, and etc. The good thing of all this is that it made me aware of fitness and health and the three of us are well on the way to having a nice life-long love affair.

    It hasn’t been easy. College, for me at least, pretty much sucked for health and fitness. I had one problem after another… first the 25 pound gain. Then the summer before my junior year I had chronic appendicitis. What? “chronic?” you ask. Yes, folks, chronic. Apparently your appendix can be in various stages of failure without really being a problem. I went through the whole summer feeling like crap, losing weight… My doctor thought I had an ulcer or something. I was given meds. I didn’t take them. Then, in August, after eating a soft boiled egg, toast, and cranberry meal I was vomiting into a toilet, in pain, dry heaving, and so on.

    My mother veritably rushed me to the emergency room after a few long conversations with my doctor at 11pm (Man, I loved that doctor. He was my GP for 21 years, and started before I was even born because technically he was a pediatrician.) I was dehydrated. The nurses hydrated me. One CAT scan later and they thought that maybe I might have appendicitis but weren’t sure. I got an appendectomy. Apparently I did have appendicitis.

    It’s funny, and this is a bit of a tangent, but I think normally people stay a day or so in the hospital after an appendectomy. Not me, however. My summer had been so crappy, my body starving for health and nutrition, that as soon as they let me have breakfast I was sitting up and eating. My grandmother had breakfast with me and we talked about stuff. Doctor came in and was super surprised to see me sitting up, chowing down, and smiling… seriously she did a double take… and they let me go home that afternoon.

    The bad part of this story is meat and eggs became my worst enemies. I just couldn’t eat them. So vegetarian for 6 months. Than an excursion to Ireland for 5 months cured me of that (except the eggs) and I found a love of bacon again.

    Fast forward to this year. After college pretty much I was planning on being gung ho, and living my life to the fullest. Yada yada, yeah. But that was the goal. The last three months have pretty much been couch potato hell, for me. No drive to do anything. No motivation. I’d have good days, go to the gym, eat “properly”, but never really felt on top on my game, as it were. Fatigue. Headaches. In March I think I had like 6 migraines. That’s a record for me.

    Then I sucked it up this past week basically had a “fuck this shit” moment. And here I am. Besides a bit of carb flu and untimely PMS (this might contribute to the bread craving) I am feeling SOOOOO much better. Seriously. I don’t have super energy yet, but it’ll get there. I think the past few years have been a decline for me, looking back. And I think the culprit is wheat/grains/gluten. How I got to this conclusion is a mash up of a lot of things, but I’ll digress here.
    I journal cuz I can: My Primal Journal of Super-ness


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      I went off birth control February 2010 (I was on it for acne control, had been since I was 15). By May I had the acne (on face and back) of a teenage boy. I figured it’d go away, because heck, I’m 23, but it just has been getting worse and worse. At this moment, after only 6 days without the offending foods, my skin feels like it might already be healing and my face acne, while still there, is going away. Harder to tell on my back. I think I’m simultaneously getting rid of toxins, so more acne, but getting back into hormonal balance, thus less acne. But more acne at the moment, because I am a woman and it’s that time of the month… but I am a pretty goddamn fine woman, if I do say so myself, in this area at least. (yeah, be jealous. My periods last 4 days and I only have mild cramping on day 1).

      I blame grains for my woes.
      I’m also back on meat and eggs (I mean obviously!)

      Why Primal, Aphrodite?
      Well let me tell you.

      I don’t need to lose weight. I think if I lost weight I’d disappear. I’m at a nice around 120. 120 +/- 4 . This makes me happy. I feel happy at this weight. What I’m not happy with is the ratio of fat to muscle that’s happened over the last 6 months. It’s gone from less fat and more muscle to the opposite. I want to change that, especially since I plan on getting my personal training certification here in May.

      So: More muscle. Less acne. More Energy.

      The muscle bit will be easy because I’m blessed with super genetics and my muscles go “Oh yeah! I remember how to be strong” and they become strong. Seriously now. No joke. Over the course of the week here I went from, eh, 30 pushups, to about 40 in a go. And these are proper pushups, none of this knee stuff. Just to be clear, I haven’t worked out since Dec. I am a super Amazon Woman… A super Amazon woman who happens to be a very petite 5’4”.

      I am strong. We all are strong.

      And this is where I leave you for tonight. I talk a lot so I'm sure there will be abrupt endings to a lot of these posts because if I don't step away from the computer, like now, I'll start talking again.... night night!
      I journal cuz I can: My Primal Journal of Super-ness


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        Giving up dairy might be fine but why give up eggs? They're chickens.


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          Hi There Tapper47. Come in and have a seat:

          Comfy? You asked:
          Originally posted by tapper47 View Post
          Giving up dairy might be fine but why give up eggs? They're chickens.
          My first response (the sarcastic bitch side of me, I apologize) said:.......

          My diplomatic side's response to above response of my own: I haven't, but I can see where maybe you get that impression.

          The Egg(s) and I: The Not-so Dramatic Retelling

          Once upon a time there was a girl growing up in Alaska who had a thing for her dad's cheesy scrambled eggs. She om-nomed them like no tomorrow. Delicate, tangy, full of cheddar, they were the bonding glue between father and daughter.... that may be an over-egg-sageration (hahahahaha, pun! hahaha). *hem*

          Then, one early autumn day, the girl went and got severely sick and barfed up, for many painful hours, the remnants of an egg dinner. She couldn't look at an egg again.

          One day, many years later, while wandering around the long, overgrown paths of the internet, she came upon a strange tower. A sign at the bottom read : The tower of Mark and his Apples. The girl climbed the tower and found a wonderful, enlightening book, and a wonderful enlightening cookbook... She rediscovered eggs, meat, and fat. She also discovered something called "Fat Guacamole Devils: by Tamara Baysinger." (these eggs are like egg crack, btw... I make them in the afternoon and add in the yum-yums from the bottom of my morning bacon pan... OMG!)

          Needless to say this girl is not going to be going off eggs anytime soon.

          I said in the first post of my long life story that I had almost given up "dairy". I think this might be where it is implied that I'm trying to give up eggs. Yes, Tapper47, eggs are chickens, not cows. But on the CW pyramid that we, of course, had in elementary school eggs and dairy were brothers on their little "dairy" triangle. I call eggs dairy, though they aren't. I'm not fully giving up dairy ever. I still eat cheese, heavy whipping cream (*drools*) and eggs... and yogurt though I don't have any in the house at the moment. You have to understand that this is probably one of the hugest changes that I made to my diet over the past week. Before going primal I was drinking a gallon of milk a week. Yeah...

          Thanks for stopping by Tapper47! come back again please! I like visitors.
          I journal cuz I can: My Primal Journal of Super-ness


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            Well I think this is the about the end of my first week going primal. Since I don't remember the exact day that I started this so I'm saying it's today. This has been a pretty good week for the most part. I think every Tuesday for the next month or longer I'm going to try to do, here in this journal, an assessment of how my body is reacting to primal life.

            Week 1 Primal Assessment

            Skin: is doing amazing things. It's in the process of healing: both expelling toxins and making acne (bleg) but also healing the acne that I already have. The skin that was chapped on my face is now super soft without lotion. Yay. On the negative front I'm having some weird eczema on my legs and some normal eczema on my hands. I think this will pass.

            Body: Um, not very much change here. I'm not expecting this for a few weeks anyway. I'm just shooting to change body composition, rather than weight. THOUGH I have not been bloated at all this week.

            Energy: So much better. I'm having problems sleeping... but this is a good thing. My body has been into this 10+ hours of sleep thing for a loooong 5+ months and now I think it's saying, "Hey! Get your ass out of bed!" It's taking some time to get use to this and actually get out of bed, but tomorrow I'm going to make a concerted effort to go for a walk before 9am.

            Food Consumption: is up. I am definitely eating more calories, generally, than I was before. But I don't think it's too many (I've been keeping a general eye on this.) But I had some inadvertent IF periods over the week because of my volunteer job coupled with the fact that fats make me sooo full that sometimes I don't need to eat. This is empowering. No grains... mostly.

            Here's where I have a little confession moment: Today I slid a little. It was a bit of an intentional slide, in that I knew what I was doing. There is no blame. There is no guilt. But, damn, I'm going to feel it tomorrow. I had more sugar than I ever want to eat in my life again, and I caved to a tiny slice of cake... Yes, yes this was a party. But a good thing from this: I feel like crap so this little sidestep won't be repeated again. And also, I had a whole table full of grain filled creations in front of me and it actually made me sick to think about eating them. I had ice cream, vanilla. SUGAR RUSH!! Woohoo!!!

            I'm really wanting me some chicken skin dripping in fat now. Sugar. Bleck.

            Exercise: This area is not going as well as I wanted because of carb flu, but I have been doing body weight exercises when the mood strikes. I could do better. I will do better.

            The future holds:
            This week I want to stick to eating primal and completely cut out sugar. I think this is the source of my cravings and the angry, whip bearing lion tamer behind the need to graze on EVERYTHING. Where last week was to get the food thing underway I think this next week's theme is going to be exercise. I want to get out into the wild, man. Tomorrow it's going to be an AM walk... it may just be around the playground outside my building, but it may progress into going down the road, up the hill, down the hill, and back again. I want to mix that up with some "play" sessions, also in the AM of Martial Arts on the playground lawn. MA in the morning. Sounds enticing. I'm sticking to body weight exercises for "move heavy things" because I'm poor and a gym membership is not required to keep/get me fit. I have enough heavy things around here to move when I get to that point.
            I journal cuz I can: My Primal Journal of Super-ness


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              Today's Discovery: Almond butter is a dangerous substance.

              That is all.
              I journal cuz I can: My Primal Journal of Super-ness


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                Originally posted by Aphrodite View Post
                Today's Discovery: Almond butter is a dangerous substance.

                That is all.
                Agreed. That stuff is dangerous. I can easily go through a jar if left to my own devices.

                As a fellow petite but strong person (5' 1"/96ish lbs) I can relate to your posts. I'm working on the body comp thing as well :P
                I'll definitely follow this with interest I have a journal as well that you can feel free to read
                My Journal!! (but start at page 10 lol) -

                Weather weenie and bacon-addict who wants to get back to looking and feeling fabulous.


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                  Originally posted by climbergirl View Post
                  I have a journal as well that you can feel free to read

                  I'm already reading your journal. I am a super journal stalker, lol. I'll stop by and break my stealthiness and leave you a comment.

                  The Butter of Almonds

                  For though it sits idle
                  Forever it pulls,
                  Like the moon on the tides,
                  My thoughts.
                  Wherefore? A new magic,
                  Content to tempt
                  The undisciplined mind?
                  Strange stirrings deep,
                  Primal urges
                  Hasten forward feet,
                  To that place,
                  Where it sits waiting.
                  No more it’s existence,
                  No more does it bait.
                  Almond butter,
                  Safe in my stomach.

                  --by me

                  The Plan for Today:
                  I have to get some writing done. I've been wishy washy on this and pretty much I need to have this whole book thing wrapped up by next Wednesday. Can anyone say "panic?" I can. I also need to get those dang query letters out and about so they can sit in computers and in mailboxes. Yes I procrastinated: we Aries are good at that, I think (I won't bore you all with a run down of my astrological chart....)

                  I'm a super procrastinator. I had a month-long class last year that we had to write a 5pg paper for every week. Due at the beginning of class, which was at 10am. I wrote the first paper the first week over the weekend: I got a sucky grade. I wrote all the other papers between the hours of 5am and 9am on the day they were due and got 100% on all of them. That's how I roll. Not really a good life plan, though, so I'm trying to get better at it... and failing, but that's part of the journey.

                  Also planned for today: I'm re-reading the Mists of Avalon and am taking my time with it. I last read it in high school. The weather is thinking it's February and is 34 degrees. Supposed to be 50 by noon-time and I hope that it's still sunny because I'm wanting to walk in the sun. Didn't walk yesterday because it was frigid out and did some Martial Arts and exercises inside instead. So that's what's happening in my head at this moment. Ciao.
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                  I journal cuz I can: My Primal Journal of Super-ness


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                    Hey, sorry to creep in here without being invited, but creeping on others' journals is a hobby of mine. Glad to see that you're already experiencing a couple benefits. Myself, I've been struggling to get into the full-on primal lifestyle for a couple weeks or so now but my willpower and motivation is kinda pathetic. I'm getting better, though.

                    Fat guacamole devils are among some of the best things ever, as is almond butter. One of my biggest troubles going primal was that I'd eat my way through half a jar of peanut butter daily for some insane, depraved reason. Raw almond butter got me off peanut butter for good.

                    Hope things keep going well and you see some real body comp changes in a couple weeks.


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                      Originally posted by Bacchanal View Post
                      Fat guacamole devils are among some of the best things ever, as is almond butter.
                      What are fat guacamole devils?? They sound awesome just for the reason that they have the words "fat" and "guacamole" lol
                      My Journal!! (but start at page 10 lol) -

                      Weather weenie and bacon-addict who wants to get back to looking and feeling fabulous.


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                        Originally posted by climbergirl View Post
                        What are fat guacamole devils?? They sound awesome just for the reason that they have the words "fat" and "guacamole" lol
                        Best if you see 'em for yourself: Fat Guacamole Devils | Mark&#039;s Daily Apple for the kind of 'basic' recipe and pictures but I'm sure there's a lot of variations out there.


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                          I put bacon bits in my Fat Guacamole Devils.... I think I know what I'm eating now for lunch, lol. Ah, the anticipation is going to be killer.

                          Bacchanal, I welcome creepers on my journal with open arms. If I did not, I'd be a total hypocrite because I totally creep on everyone's journals in my spare time.

                          I take the stance: small steps forward, in regards to any major lifestyle change. Like Primal living. Sure I know where I want to be: totally primal, on top of the game, etc etc, and so on. But it's not going to happen over night (though that would be nice and save me some trouble.) If changes, no matter how small, are happening and are propelling me in increments forward towards that end super duper Primal lifestyle of awesome, then there's no need to stress.

                          A Bit of A Rant:

                          Many people see the word "failure" as being negative (I know you didn't use this word, Bac, nor do I think you think you failed.) But it's not really negative. Failure just means lack of success in something. Like I've "failed" in eating no white sugar this week. Maybe I'll have success tomorrow, or next week. In regards to lifestyle changes there are all sorts of failures, but if you recognize what these failures are, why you were unsuccessful in whatever, then you are enlightened about the situation and can make a positive step forward.

                          I have a previous roommate (I moved to my own place, away from this individual, in January) who excels at living in negativity. She owns a crafting business and was recently having a sale. I commented on how good she was doing, and she told me that it wasn't going well at all, blah blah blah. I said, well it's not a failure because you don't have a sale to make money, but to make contacts. She instantly snapped at me, "Failure is a bad word." I then launched into a long philosophical debate with her, me really just talking to the wall that she is, and she didn't move forward. I said, at the end of the conversation, "So you agree the sale was unsuccessful in X ways?" "Yes," she said. "So you failed," I said and left.

                          Failure is just an enabler for positivity. Without failure we wouldn't know what it is to succeed.
                          I journal cuz I can: My Primal Journal of Super-ness


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                            I think this journal is going to be sort of random most of the time, judging by how things are going so far .

                            Update on Self

                            I came to the realization a few minutes ago that I am HAPPY. Happy as I haven't been happy for a long time it seems now. I thought I was happy before but now I think I was utterly depressed. I'm sort of, you know, bubbling inside. I feel like me: my sense of humor, my sarcasm, my wit, my desire to do things; I have renewed faith in my skills (I think that almond butter poem was a turning point.)

                            The only thing that's changed recently: what I am eating.

                            At this point in time, the minute, second, millisecond.... I really don't give a fuck about grains anymore. If they're responsible for what I've been for the last six months (at LEAST!) then they can go to hell (if I believed in hell).

                            We'll see how things continue to go in the future, but the future is looking a little brighter now; and TODAY is exceptionally bright.
                            I journal cuz I can: My Primal Journal of Super-ness


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                              Friday, April 8th, 2011

                              How's it going?
                              I had weird dreams last night and I think some of them sapped a bit of my energy because I slept in some this morning. Though! I did initially wake up at 6am without an alarm, and have been doing this for the past week, but I fell back asleep and proceeded into a weird Harry Potter type dream with a house elf/pixie named Turnip. I think there might be some significance behind this and I'm making a mental note to actually write down the dream.

                              I woke up to frost today. 32 degrees. Oregon meet April. April is supposed to be warmer than March. Thank you.

                              How's the Primal living goin'?
                              I think I had too many carbs yesterday... *cough* read: "bananas". I think my body needed them for some reason because I was really craving them. Better banana's than brownies. I finished off my dark chocolate . BUT I do have some 100% baker's chocolate around here somewhere and I might give that a shot. Up until two weeks ago I couldn't stomach dark chocolate. Now I love it. Sweet things are quickly becoming too sweet for me.

                              Went for a walk yesterday with one of my best friends. It was sunny and I made the mistake of taking that to mean warm. I wore short sleeves and was barefoot. My feet, after some initial freezing actually got used to the cold and being able to slog through and play in the mud furrows on the trail was fun. By the end of the walk my arms were freezing and my bones stiff (I think this must be what old bones feel like all the time.)

                              What else? Ah, yesterday for dinner I had chorizo pork sausage, with bacon bits, bell peppers, carrots, and some spinach. Yum. And there are left overs. Was planning a trip to Whole Foods but that will have to wait until next week because I have enough food to eat until then (I only like buying what I know I can eat before it spoils.)

                              Yummy on stir fry, used to be a peanut sauce but I used almond butter and it worked fine. My mother got the original recipe from somewhere and sent it to me recently. You can halve it.

                              Almond Sauce (instead of peanut sauce) Recipe:

                              1 1/2 cups almond butter
                              1/2 cup coconut milk
                              3 tablespoons water
                              3 tablespoons fresh lime juice
                              3 tablespoons soy sauce (the real deal, fermented soy beans)
                              1 tablespoon fish sauce
                              1 tablespoon hot sauce
                              1 tablespoon minced fresh ginger root
                              3 cloves garlic, minced
                              1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro

                              You basically mix it together. Ta Da!

                              Going to go for a walk and try to find me some dandelions (hahaha! "try" they're sprouting up everywhere). I want to make a tincture... Ah that means I need more vodka *makes a note*. But I'm waiting for it to be warmer because I can. There's also a thought going around about lifting heavy things today, so I might do that. It might become yoga instead because I'm in a mood for that and my poor mat hasn't been used in a couple of weeks.

                              Need to do some planting but I've been waiting because the weather has been a bitch. So I might just bring the pots (I live in an apartment so things need to be in pots) inside. Herbs! I might just bring the pots in today and wait until Sunday to plant the seeds because that'd be a better time for it, looking at my calendar... (note here: I'm pagan so that probably explains some things about why waiting to plant things is important to me.)

                              What ever happens today, remember the world is beautiful.
                              I journal cuz I can: My Primal Journal of Super-ness