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    I think it might be time to jump in with the challenge journal to see how I go.

    A bit of background: I'm in the UK, started eating almost primal on 3rd October after reading some information about anti-inflammatory eating. This had been given to me by my personal trainer after we'd noticed that after over a year of doing proper (Grok-type) workouts, my weight hadn't really changed, nor had my body shape, overly much. Time for action.

    So, I started by cutting out all wheat and dairy and the weight began to fall off. After just over a week I had lost 10 pounds, whilst eating really well, but not a great deal of fat. Then I found this site somehow and the magic began. By adding lots of fat and more meat to my diet, I began to lose more weight when, according to my previous way of life, I should have been putting weight on, due to my monthly cycle. A miracle! And no period pains or IBS either!

    I'm a little concerned that calories-wise I don't seem to be consuming as much as I 'should' but I am not hungry, so I'll try not to get obssessed with that part.

    I won't list my foods, but I will list my percentages and also measurements/weight as and when, and also note when I do an IF. If anyone wants to make any comments, please do!

    Here goes:

    20th October

    1,007 calories

    63.2g Fat (54%)

    44.8g Carbs (17%)

    73.2g Protein (29%)

    I managed to cut down the carbs by not having an apple mid-afternoon (I didn't need it) and choosing less carby fruit at breakfast time (with nuts). However, I am finding that all that fruit is really giving me a crash and burn feeling not long afterwards (even though it isn't much fruit) so I may either not have the fruit and just have the nuts, or IF until lunch time. I had A LOT of fish today (salmon and tuna) so at evening meal time, I just picked at some celery, mushrooms, tomatoes, olives and nut butter.

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    So this morning I am up extra early - and I don't have my normal hunger pangs -I wonder if this because I did my first IF yesterday morning and didn't eat until 1.30pm? I think I'll do another IF today - I felt great yesterday! Anyway, here are my stats for yesterday:

    21st October

    Calories 887

    Fat 51.8g (57%)

    Protein 52.7g (26%)

    Carbs 34.4g (17%)

    I know the calories were low - I'm going to see if I can up them today as I don't really want to go below 1,000 each day. I know I shouldn't obssess, but I do think I need more than that. Wow - if someone had told me a while ago I could comfortably eat so few calories and not feel starved, I'd gave laughed in their face!


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      So, stats for yesterday are below - another IF day for me until 1.30pm.

      Cals - 1,128

      Fat - 66.1g (52%)

      Carbs - 10.8g (3%)

      Protein - 120g (44%)

      I had a beautiful piece of fatty steak for dinner last night, together with a tasty fried egg. It seems to me that after fasting, food is much tastier!

      I've decided to go for a full 24 hour fast today, breaking my fast at dinner tonight. It is so freeing to decide this myself, rather than have the sugar highs and lows decide for me!

      Measurements-wise, I was checking FitDay earlier and I've lost 5 inches from my hips, 3 inches from my waist and 2.7 inches from my bust in exactly 3 weeks! I can't believe the rapidity of the changes and how great I feel! I didn't realise that I had back fat until I looked in the mirror this morning and could really see all my muscles for the first time... I did a happy dance, of course!

      Finally, I realise I didn't state my goals at the start - pretty obvious I suppose now, but it was to lose weight!


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        Great work....impressive progress...sounds like you are very attuned in with your hunger so you only eat when hungry. I'm still struggling with with a big family we do family meals and I think habit to eat at certain times. I started about same time as you ~3.5 weeks ago.


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          Hey there and thank you! I never thought I would say this, but I am lucky to spend long days travelling/in the office so I can have more control over my own food. I know I would struggle if I had family meals to deal with - routine and habit are addictive in themselves, I think.

          I do all the cooking (I love it) when I am at home, so its up to me what me and my OH eat. Which is handy, to say the least.

          Good luck with your progress... I am sure your 'hunger gene' will take over your 'habit gene' at some point soon.


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            October 23rd - Day 4

            Cals - 875

            Fat - 56.1g (55%)

            Carbs - 15.2g (7%)

            Protein - 88.1g (38%)

            24 hour fast day today, which went very well - I was so surprised! Felt a bit tired coming through the last hour, but other than that it was a great, cleansing experience.


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              October 24th - 5th day

              Cals - 1,080

              Fat - 64.4g (61%)

              Protein - 72g (31%)

              Carbs - 23.8g (8%)

              Today I did an IF over lunch as I was out and about and busy until mid-afternoon. Again, the contrast between how I would have felt pre PB was amazing. I'd have been really irritable and then spaced out after a couple of hours. Like an addict!

              I also did my workout in a fasting state - by the time I got to the gym I hadn't eaten for over 8 hours. I was quite apprehensive that I'd pass out (that's happened before when I was eating all those rubbish carbs and hadn't eaten within an hour of starting a workout session). But it went really well and I loved the feeling - it felt clean, if that makes sense.

              Dinner was a fantastic roast chicken and I honed in on the skin and dark meat and also scraped up the juices from the pan as well - mmmmm!


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                October 25th - 6th day

                Cals - 1,113

                Carbs - 21.4g (8%)

                Protein - 58.8g (22%)

                Fat - 84.7g (70%)

                Yummy- for the first time in 14 years at least, we ate lamb yesterday. It was a slow roast shoulder and it was so tender, the meat fell off the bone! Needless to say, the fat was enjoyed immensely and liberally! I also unintentionally IFd lunch yesterday - after eating smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, followed by a handful of nuts, I didn't really feel hungry until just before dinner, so I didn't eat!

                This morning, I did my weekly weigh in and measuring - I am definitely shrinking! The local charity shop will be receiving a large donation of trousers this week too, as all but 2 pairs are now way too big and the waistbands are now hanging round my hips!

                More good news is that my OH is also starting to turn Primal. We had a great conversation yesterday morning about what our bodies are designed to eat and then when it came to breakfast, she also had the sane as me, without the bagel!


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                  October 26th - 7th Day

                  Cals - 737

                  Fat - 60.1g (68%)

                  Carbs - 25.9g (13%)

                  Protein - 39.2g (20%)

                  All a bit skewed yesterday as I IF'd until lunch time (over 18 hours, yay!), ate a decent lunch and then went to the gym in the evening. After a tough workout session with my trainer (lots of lifting and then intervals on the rower), I got home and wasn't really hungry. So I had a couple of helping of nuts instead and some herbal tea. Fell asleep on the sofa as well!

                  My trainer did tell me that he had noticed that I was sweating a lot more, which he said was a good thing - flushing out toxins etc. He knows about my new eating plan and is fully supportive of it - as well as giving me great compliments each week as I get smaller! Which is great for a girl's ego!

                  Today, I'm aiming for a 24 hour fast, breaking it at dinner. It's an experiment really, since yesterday I felt really sleepy after I'd eaten. I want to see what I feel like this afternoon. If I feel alert still, I might just start eating once a day, as it seemed to work well last week when I did it for the first time. I'll make sure I have a really good meal tonight though - I'm thinking salmon... mmmm!


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                    October 27th - 8th day

                    Cals - 703

                    Carbs - 20.4g (11%)

                    Protein - 36.2g (19%)

                    Fat - 58.5g (70%)

                    I did a 24 hour fast yesterday, breaking it in the evening with my dinner. I've noticed that I eat less in the evenings than I used to do - I can't even imagine having room for a dessert these days, when I used to have one most evenings. And then followed by a snack later...

                    I topped up my fat by drinking two tablespoons of olive oil last night - man that stuff is peppery! I really liked it, actually. I think I might just do that as a regular thing and then try out different ones to compare the tastes. I was going to have the coconut oil instead, but I mislaid it and really couldn't face searching through the kitchen last night! I remembered where it was this morning when I woke up, though.

                    I'm not sure whether to go for the full 24 hours today, or break it a little earlier. I think what I will do is listen to my body and be directed that way. So, if I get hungry, I'll eat. If I don't I'll wait until after the gym. Simple, really.

                    I'm shrinking some more - this time in the waist. Which is good, since it means I still have an hourglass figure (which I always liked, but it was a bit bottom heavy), but just in smaller proportions!


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                      Isn't it amazing how we eat so few calories, yet we get nutrients and satisfaction abundantly? That says to me right there that cals in/cals out (or whatever it was) doesn't work. I just noticed that, not that it matters.

                      And, hey, excellent progress!!!


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                        Hi Amanda - yes, it is amazing. There is only one day when I felt a bit flaky, probably from not eating enough, but that was at a certain point in my monthly cycle, which I guess is to be expected. Every other day, I have been absolutely fine! And thanks for the thumbs up!

                        October 28th - 9th day

                        Cals - 773

                        Carbs - 9.7g (5%)

                        Protein - 48.2g (26%)

                        Fat - 60.8g (70%)

                        I ate twice yesterday, as I was actually, properly hungry at around 2pm. That was around an 18hr fast for me, not that it really matters!

                        Gym work last night - lifting heavy things, some bodyweight work and then HIIT on the bike and the rowing machine. I hadn't been on the rower for months until this week, now I'm back into it again and love it. I also upped the weights I was lifting on my 'stand on one foot' bicept curls by a few kg, just since Monday - I was very pleased! I've also noticed that some of the bodyweight work I did is proving much easier too. It's all so rapid - very gratifying!

                        I plan to do a 24 hour fast again today, but let's see how it pans out. If I'm hungry, I'm hungry.

                        Life is good.


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                          October 29th - 10th day

                          Cals - 826

                          Carbs - 31.5g (14%)

                          Protein - 43.8 (21%)

                          Fat - 64.1g (66%)

                          I did the 24 hour fast yesterday, no problem. I've also found that doing this allows my body to concentrate on other things too, like sleeping. Because of my long days, I don't really get the chance to get in much more than 7 hours a night if I'm lucky during the week. But this IFing, especially the 24 hour stint, means that when I'm on the train home, I'm relaxed enough to steal another 45 minutes sleep, which is brilliant. A good way to get the cortisol levels down!

                          I did something really stupid last night, though. I cooked dinner, which for my OH included pasta (the last we have in the house, yay!). Of course, when cooking pasta, it's best to taste it to see if it's al dente, or still like rock. Without even thinking, I did that very thing - and me with a gluten intolerance! Oy! It was just automatic (on auto-pilot, I guess!).

                          This morning, boy, am I paying the consequences. Just from one small piece no bigger than my thumb I have awful stomach pain and, er, wind. Proof if ever there was that pasta is wrong on so many levels. I can't wait until that's out of my system....

                          Today, I'll IF until a late lunch, I think, and sooth my body with some proper, healthy food. Until then, it's peppermint tea for me to aid digestion!


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                            October 30th - 11th day

                            Cals - 1,229

                            Carbs - 37.3g (11%)

                            Protein - 51.9 (16%)

                            Fat - 104g (73%)

                            I IFd breakfast only today, breaking my fast at lunch - because I was hungry! Really struggling with sciatica over the past few days, but I'm pleased to say it's not derailing my eating.


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                              October 31st - 12th day

                              Cals - 889

                              Carbs - 36.1g (14%)

                              Protein - 33.1g (13%)

                              Fat - 75.9g (72%)